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Not much time to sightsee on this trip, except as noted below (visit with Jiliece). Happily, just being in San Francisco is its own sightseeing. (Disclaimer: this is only the second time I've ever been here!) Trip Basics, Day 1 Flight: Alaska Airlines 324 SEA-SJC (737, 7B middle/front, wifi). After we loaded up and closed all the overhead bins, we were allowed to use our electronic devices for a suspiciously long time. Then a maintenance manager came on the PA with the news that our aircraft wouldn't be going to San Jose after all, and apologies to "those of you who have already built your nest". We all packed back off the plane and caught the SeaTac subway from Concourse C to our new gate at North Satellite. Almost no one ever gets on the subway ... read more
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This morning we set off bright and early to ride the famous cable cars of San Fran (so to avoid the queues which can be up to an hour or longer later in the day). They were really cool and the girls and I stood at the back so we could see the streets of the city including Lombard street (the crookedest street in the world). We then headed to the airport and flew to Vegas by Virgin America. Even thought it is a domestic flight they suggest you get there 90-120 mins before due to all the security checks. We made it in plenty of time and even managed to head to the yoga room and the girls and I did our own little yoga session. VEGAS!!!! Well it is everything you imagine but BIGGER!! ... read more

San Fran was cold...about 16 to 18 degrees most of the day with a cold wind blowing almost constantly. A perfect day in some respects to take a trip across the bay to the Rock: Alcrataz. The tour itself was very well done in terms of facilities. It also was well received by all of the grls including Greta. The audio tour was particularly useful and I even think Greta took in some of what was being said. She was keen to understand that it was a jail and was also keen to relate it to the Monopoly game. Madi as expected probably got the most out of it from the kids perspective but I also think Lola understood what the place was all about. The pictures on the day's blog relate to the Alcatraz tour. ... read more

Well all I can say is that we are staying in a bigger version of Plymouth....... Plymouth has Tamar Bridge & Laira Bridge V's SF has Golden Gate (which I still haven't actually seen yet!) & Bay Bridge - just theirs are bigger & prettier Plymouth has The Sound V's SF has The Bay - just bigger Plymouth has Home Park (Home to football team) V's SF has AT&T Park (home to Baseball team) - just bigger & a lot nicer Plymouth has Drakes Island V's SF has Alcatraz Island - just slightly bigger & a lot more interesting Both Plymouth & SF has held the Americas Cup Plymouth has hills V's SF has hills only a lot bigger & steeper Plymouth has The Barbican V's SF has Fishermans Wharf - Plymouth wins this as the ... read more
Tasty Salty Pig Parts !
Big Tomatoes
We found 'Pasties' ?

Saturday 28th of July Have a guess to how we felt when we woke up on this morning. Yes as per usual we were hanging, I am scared I am turning into a raging alcoholic. Never the less we soldiered on like the troopers we are. Whilst fighting through the pains pulsating through my brain. I managed to drag myself to our communal bathroom and reacquaint myself with an old friend. I destroyed that toilet and once all of my bodily fluids had been depleted it was time to shower. I didn't however realise that Europeans were so liberal when it came to bathrooms I had just turned on the shower and removed all my clothes when in came the first European. Hmmmm... This was weird I was butt naked and about to have a shower ... read more

The last blog of this trip, some of you may be relieved to hear. After a disturbed night, mainly because of the noise of the cable car track running in front of the hotel, stopped at 1am started again 7am, resonating through the building structure. Morning at last then an 8am breakfast at Sears a short walk away. Breakfast at Sears was splendid and to be recommended if you want to fill up for the day. So on the last day the Darks are honoured to contribute to the blog! It has been our travelling companion along with Bob and Dinah and a very good time has been had by all. No doubt we'll all be referring to it in the future to see what we did! Bob's 70th next year so who knows what trip ... read more
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Our all you can eat bbq was as tasty as expected, however unfortunetly they ate so late we were already halfway to being drunk by the time it was served and therefore did not take full advantage! There wasnt much on this evening so Amelia headed for an early night thinking Lily would be following shortly.. she turned up hours later very drunk! Our next few days consisted of more sunbathing, and a very exciting trip to the cinema and pizza hut with Rossa as it was tipping it down with rain! We enjoyed several more nights out, (a favourite moment of ours being when George, an english boy, started boasting as he thought he had got in the club for free, not realising you pay on the way out and ended up having to use ... read more

LOS ANGELES, SANTA BARBARA OG SAN FRANSISCO Hei alle sammen! Vi er nå ferdige med denne reisen – og det med en kanonslutt! Først landet vi i Los Angeles, where the sun never ends! I LA bodde vi et kvartal unna “Walk of Fame” og vandret rundt langs stjernene daglig. En av dagene dro vi til Universal Studios får å se hvor og hvordan de ulike filmscenene blir filmet i regi av Universal Studio. Vi besøkte den kjente gaten Wisteria Lane der vi så alle de flotte husene fra “Frusterte Fruer”. Tenk at serien er over L Gaten er like fin som den ser ut som på TV, bare litt mindre enn vi kanskje hadde forestilt oss. Vi kjørte også inn i mange andre ulike filmsett. Plutselig var vi inne i en undergrunnsbane og fikk oppleve ... read more
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Sorry travelbloggers - i've been away for a while. I have realised I havn't 'Dropped a Blog' for some time. Not that any of you lot noticed of course. Good, because that means you been out travelling and getting away from it all, and not reading my rambling attempts to deconstruct my global ramblings. Just in case you were worried about where i had got to, the last year, I have gate-crashed Hollywood celebrity parties... spent a month in the backwaters of an Australia no-wheres-ville town... rescued a damsel from a sea monster attack... went snowboarding in Death Valley....avoided the Sicillian Mafia... got guestlisted into raucous London gaybars (despite being straight) and ruined Glastonbury for a lot of people. Some of which i will eventually write about, some of which i will forget. Not writing ... read more
Faded Memories of past glories
Just Keep Drivin'
The Queens House

Woke up to sunny weather although many thunderstorms were forecast, we saw none!! Had a late breakfast 9am!! and after waiting what seemed like an eternity for our laundry to finish we finally left the hotel at 12pm still in sunshine. We headed over to S.F. and Pier 39 taking a trip on the Cable Cars from Fishermans Wharf to Downtown. The kids held on the rails preferring this method rather than the seats as it was more scarey, especially when cars and other cable cars went past! Kids grabbed a bite to eat while we enjoyed Starbucks and a muffin. Bought Luke a baseball mit and ball for birthday so after we arrived back at the hotel we headed for a 10 minute walk to a park to play ball. Ellie had a little go ... read more
Fishermans Wharf
Mia holding on!!
Ellie on the cable car

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