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Now this is just crazy! What is wrong with us? I am guilty of this too! Number of minutes each day, sixty one, that women in the United States spend eating and drinking. (American men spend slightly more time). The U.S. was dead last among the 30 major countries surveyed in the Organization for Economic Co-Operation & Development’s Time-Use Database. The French spend more than twice as long—eating and drinking for a good 130 minutes each day. Obviously, this is not the case in many countries, like many European and South American countries. Eating tends to be very social, family time, and a great chance to catch up on each person's activities. Busy, hectic countries England, Japan, and China tend to have even quicker meals than here in the U.S. Adding alcohol to the meal obviously ... read more
Funny meals, laugh and relax!
A romantic meal is slower?

After about sixty years of air travel, airports, and airplanes, I have seen many crazy things. Here are just a few: Poor hygiene-well, first of all, most men do NOT wash their hands after using the men's room. That in itself is as disgusting as it gets. But some other culprits will clip their toe nails on board, file their nails, clean their ears, or place their stinky feet on the back of my seat!!! Or how about the amateur dental hygienists on board who must floss their teeth after EVERY meal?? Don't even get me started on dandruff, acne pickers, and nose hair trimmers. Pet stuff-you can guess what happens when a "therapy" dog has to poop while on the plane, even in first class. Not fun!!! Worse yet, how about a pet snake? Yes, ... read more
Eat your kim chee elsewhere!
Stay away from cheap perfume!
Barf bags!!!

Today starts yesterday, but bear with me. After a free burger dinner, finding out that my bus leaves at 11:59 not 11pm and being bored with every aspect of Chinese politics from a new friend it was finally time to abandon Isabell with him and get my Uber. I get a $15 free first ride, so I figured why not, especially after today's incident. You pay if it waits for you, so I grabbed my shit and headed down stairs to retrieve my main backpack from storage. Everything was going perfect, until I clicked confirm and then the Uber app kept sending me error messages, I turned my phone off and on, I shut the app, I logged in and out, I tried removing my free ride code, literally everything and nothing worked. It was already ... read more

4 attachments (836 KB) Download all Save all to OneDrive - Personal I read a great article today about ten things that suck about airports. I found it on a website I have started to read and use called Godsavethepoints. After all, is flying not about collecting all the frequent flyer miles you can before you die? Not really, I firmly believe in using them once yo... read more
I love upstairs in the 747, very quiet.
This says it all!!!!

Lento oli lähdössä klo 19. Kun luovutin huoneen klo 12, jätin tavarat säilytykseen. Kävelin kirjakaupalle, löysin sieltä tähtitieteellisen vuosikirjan. Turistineuvonnasta kävin kysymässä postilaatikosta. Niitä ei ollut sattunut silmään. Söin lounaan hotellin ravintolassa. Hain matkatavarat klo 14.25. Automaatista junalippu ja ehdin klo 14.45 lähtevään junaan, joka saapui perille klo 15.15. Klo 17 menin makaamaan puoleksi tunniksi jotta saatoin vaihtaa jalkaan lentosukat. Kentällä oli aikaa päivittää nämä blogit.... read more

Heräsin klo 6. Lähdettiin lentokentälle klo 8. Lento oli klo 11-13. Menin lentokentältä San Franciscon keskustaan paikallisjunalla Bart. Hotelli on ihan Powellin aseman lähellä. Oli kiva nähdä rollikoita ja vanhoja ratikoita kun nousin asemalta kadulle. Kävin lounaalla hotellin alakerran ravintolassa. Pääsin lähtemään kävelylle vasta klo 18. Reitille osui vanhoja cabel car -vaunuja (kaapeliraitiovaunuja), mäkiä, Union Square, China Town. Söin vielä ostoskeskuksessa japanilaista ruokaa. Ostin lähikaupasta vähän syömistä ja jääkaappiin maitoa. Kassajonossa oli edelläni espanjalainen nainen, jonka kanssa todettiin tämä maa kalliiksi, ja perässäni saksalaisia nuoria. Etukäteen luin hotellista että netti on surkea ja että lähettyvillä on paljon kodittomia. Netti on toiminut - tosin kuvien lataaminen on hidasta - eikä kodittomia ole ollut paljon. Osa... read more

Someone once told me that flying is the way to travel - as long as you have time to wait at airports! How true that is especially these days with heightened security and endless queues. I think it took almost as long to get through customs at departure and arrival airports as the 12 hour flight itself. Two meals, two wines and 3 movies later (not easy to sleep) we arrived in San Francisco where the sun shone and the wind was blustery. The shuttle bus to downtown SF was our first introduction to the friendly locals. Chatting to the other shuttle passengers passed the time whilst the driver negotiated the twists and turns of the freeways and the steep city streets. Our bags safely installed into our poky 5th floor hotel room (at least there ... read more
Did you hear the one about.....?

On 12th April Achim and I arrived in Anaheim, CA, for the 31st Annual Conference of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology. I was really proud of myself since we had managed to get two posters and one symposium accepted, but don’t worry, I won’t bore you with the details of the conference. Those who want to learn more can do so on our ScienceBlog.Of course we took the chance to explore the area. Since we were in Anaheim, we definitely needed to go to Disneyland. It was within walking distance and I did my morning runs in Downtown Disney (no admission required for this part of the resort). It is amazing how you dive straight into this world simply by the design of the street and by the m... read more
Disney California Adventure Park II
Disney California Adventure Park III
Disney California Adventure Park IV

The next morning I checked out of the hostel, said goodbye to my Kiwi room mate and took my bike into the outskirts of the city to get repaired by a company contracted to Fuji who I thought may be able to do a free warranty fix on it. My front bearings were becoming an issue again, as well as my chain which was stretched, my rear axel was coming loose and the bike itself just needed some professional help. I couldn't explain why at the time but I just felt good that morning, excited at something that I couldn't perceive. It was like something good was happening at that moment but I wasn't consciously aware of it. As I rode into the town I saw the true face of San Francisco, all the disaffected people ... read more
Myself, Nicole and Tim
Our engraving on the sand

We arrived in San Francisco late that evening, and got a cab to our hotel just off Union Square. After the relaxing, quiet atmosphere of Maui, it was nice to be in a bustling city again. We dropped our bags at Hotel Rex and headed straight to the hotel bar to grab a free glass of wine. Dave was up at the bar ordering, and the man behind the bar asked him where we were from. He said "Ireland". The guy said "I know. Where in Ireland? I'm from Howth". This was a different kettle of fish to Hawaii where Irish people are so exotic. In San Fran, we noticed every second person was Irish! After our drink we headed next door to Hogwash for some food. We had loads of different kinds of sausages and ... read more
Coit Tower
Transamerican Pyramid
Columbus Tower

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