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We were up at 7am, after about 10 hours sleep. Felt so good!!! We had our free donut and went for a walk...the walk ended up being a 7 mile wander from Market Street, all the way from one end of Haight to the other, and on to Golden Gate Park. I love the architecture in San Fran - every house is unique and really interesting. We stopped in Whole Foods to buy some food for a picnic in Golden Gate Park and emerged with plastic cheese, tomatoes, baguette, crisps and bananas for $14 - Whole Foods prices, but not Whole Foods quality as far as I was concerned. The hills are tiring (but not for the 80 year old man who ran past me as I stopped to rest). Golden Gate Park is huge and ... read more

We got a cab to the airport at 8.30am, picking up Zoe en route. It took half an hour, which was fab timing and meant i had more time in the bar at T5! After faffing about trying to find a Boots store, I didnt have much tiem for my wine, so almost ran to the Giraffew Bar, downed a galss an d ahalf of nasty Chardonnay and we had to run to get to our gate, which was a shuttle ride and 15 minute walk away. took 2 Valium, a sleeping tablet and motion sickness tablet as we boarded and for th first time ever, fell asleep as soon as I sat in my seat. I dont remember take off anfd woke up in a slumber an hour and half into the flight, which I ... read more

So the last 24 hours has been somewhat eventful! after our mega long day of cycling yesterday we all decided to get an early night, well 1am. so was brushing my teeth by the sink in my room with the door slightly open so i didnt have the light on to wake the peeps in my room! suddenly a guy runs in and chunders everywhere in my room! the floor is literally coated with rice and bile! all over the door as well proper james athawes styly (hed obviously started as he thought he was there, oh and btdub my rooms next to toilet hence the confusion). i came down adn told reception then sat in the bar in my pyjamas in disarray! was worried the swedish girls in my room would think it was me ... read more

Whatup! im pretty much american now, i really do say gas! will try and stop when i leave tho so dont worry! so last night was wicked, met a couple who are engaged from bristol (been engaged for 2.5 years) and we went to a bar, got checked for id every round, which was confusing youd think they would remember...... then came back had loads of free beer and played beer pong! the main hostel guy is insane and shouted woooooo after every thing he said! Dan from bristol got smashed and was sick in the toilet and came out with loo roll wrapped aroung his head for some reason! was hilarious! he woke up on 6th floor stairs! i wasnt quite so bad but was a great night! then got up this morning and stuck ... read more

hey guys!! just got back from walking all around san francisco! had a lovely sleep last night as was in a proper bed, after the night of sleeping on the concrete floor in paris with loads of dogs barking, then losing 8 hours! haha but yeh was nice to have a proper sleep! so set off to walk to the fishermans wharf, forgetting my camera coz i am a duffus! went via china town and tried to be really traveller by finding a nice small little place to have cheap noodles but they overcharged me and filled my plate with noodles oil and pack choy then microwaved it so that was rather entertaining! then sat by myself with loads of chinese people! felt slightly out of place! next was the big hill to see the whole ... read more

This weekend was a bit of a happy accident I suppose. I went out with my coworkers to San Francisco expenting to spend the day at the Golden Gate Bridge then to go to the Chinese New Years Parade with them. Well, through a series of events, it ended up being more informative on the working of some persons minds than I could have imagined. We started the day off arriving at the Embarcadero which was great! I got my Korean Tacos and had a great time. So, we were going to catch a bus to the Golden Gate Bridge. Well, one of the girls didn't want to switch buses 2 or 3 times to get there. Taking a taxi was only $15 and there were 4 of us, so about $3.75 a person. Well, she ... read more
Heading to the Chinatown parade
Super Yummy Japanese Dessert Shop

Hi everyone, have been in US a few days now, stayed a night in downtown LA and Hollywood (walked down the avenue of stars) before setting off on the drive to San Francisco. A bit far to go in one day so had a night over in Monterey and had some very nice seafood!! Great to be driving and independent after so long sticking to bus timetables, only annoyance is paying tax (anything from 7-15%) on top of every listed price whenever you buy something, which you always forget to take into account. What a stupid system!!!! Now in San Francisco, going to see the Goldengate bridge today and a tour to Alcatraz tomorrow before heading off to stay a few nights in Yosemite national park and do some walking amongst waterfalls, mountains etc. Internet access ... read more

What a fabulous city, and what a shame I can't stay for longer. They are not kidding about the fog though, although happily I also got to experience San Francisco in the sunshine, and what a treat. The trip to San Fran from Cancun was a long one, not helped by the six hour stop over in Houston on the way. I was excited however to discover somewhere to get a massage, and I had lunch at the delicious Pappadeaux on the recommendation of the Texans when I was in Cuba. They did a very good deed, it was great, bless their hearts! On my first day I decided to take the hop-on hop-off bus. Taking more recommendations from friends I chose the blue bus outside Macy's on Union Square, a very short couple of minutes ... read more
The painted ladies and the San Francisco skyline
Union Square's heart
The banker's heart...cold, hard, unfeeling!

My last days in San Francisco were memorable to say the least. I spent them walking the city from one area to another, visiting friends in Sausalito, as well as visiting parks and Lombard street as well as catching up with friends in Powell and other central areas. Ofcourse a trip like this did not end without a big bang night out in true Levis style, so I organised a final get together with my dear friends who I was soon to leave behind in California, before heading back to Europe to to the reality check of what was waiting ahead! All I can say is for those who have been following me on this blog, this kind of a trip is definitely something to reccomend and a must do, if you ever get the chance ... read more

After a long flight we arrived in San Fransisco to a beatiful sunny day. We checked into our hotel in China Town and then had a wander around and a chinese meal before we crashed out for 10 hours as we had been up for 24 hours. On waking up on our first day in San Fransisco we had a wander and found ourselves in Union Square which brought back memories of when we were here before, some 23 years ago. There was a made up ice skating rink in the centre of the square right opposite Macy's. We stood for some time watching the skaters before we caught an open top bus for a tour of the city. We were shown a number of interesting sights and stopped at Golden Gate Park which is bigger ... read more

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