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Someone once told me that flying is the way to travel - as long as you have time to wait at airports! How true that is especially these days with heightened security and endless queues. I think it took almost as long to get through customs at departure and arrival airports as the 12 hour flight itself. Two meals, two wines and 3 movies later (not easy to sleep) we arrived in San Francisco where the sun shone and the wind was blustery. The shuttle bus to downtown SF was our first introduction to the friendly locals. Chatting to the other shuttle passengers passed the time whilst the driver negotiated the twists and turns of the freeways and the steep city streets. Our bags safely installed into our poky 5th floor hotel room (at least there ... read more
Did you hear the one about.....?

On 12th April Achim and I arrived in Anaheim, CA, for the 31st Annual Conference of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology. I was really proud of myself since we had managed to get two posters and one symposium accepted, but don’t worry, I won’t bore you with the details of the conference. Those who want to learn more can do so on our ScienceBlog.Of course we took the chance to explore the area. Since we were in Anaheim, we definitely needed to go to Disneyland. It was within walking distance and I did my morning runs in Downtown Disney (no admission required for this part of the resort). It is amazing how you dive straight into this world simply by the design of the street and by the m... read more
Disney California Adventure Park II
Disney California Adventure Park III
Disney California Adventure Park IV

The next morning I checked out of the hostel, said goodbye to my Kiwi room mate and took my bike into the outskirts of the city to get repaired by a company contracted to Fuji who I thought may be able to do a free warranty fix on it. My front bearings were becoming an issue again, as well as my chain which was stretched, my rear axel was coming loose and the bike itself just needed some professional help. I couldn't explain why at the time but I just felt good that morning, excited at something that I couldn't perceive. It was like something good was happening at that moment but I wasn't consciously aware of it. As I rode into the town I saw the true face of San Francisco, all the disaffected people ... read more
Myself, Nicole and Tim
Our engraving on the sand

We arrived in San Francisco late that evening, and got a cab to our hotel just off Union Square. After the relaxing, quiet atmosphere of Maui, it was nice to be in a bustling city again. We dropped our bags at Hotel Rex and headed straight to the hotel bar to grab a free glass of wine. Dave was up at the bar ordering, and the man behind the bar asked him where we were from. He said "Ireland". The guy said "I know. Where in Ireland? I'm from Howth". This was a different kettle of fish to Hawaii where Irish people are so exotic. In San Fran, we noticed every second person was Irish! After our drink we headed next door to Hogwash for some food. We had loads of different kinds of sausages and ... read more
Coit Tower
Transamerican Pyramid
Columbus Tower

The final leg of our trip saw us in San Francisco.Our San Francisco itinerary included: 21 Aug - evening arrived in SF. It was amazing coming down the 101 under a perfect blue sky and 90F degree weather to crest a rolling hill and see off in the distance the famous August fog bank of SF. The drive over the Golden Gate Bridge behind us we valeted the car and checked into our hotel. After a long day of driving and car charging we had a lovely Indian dinner and then called it a night.22 Aug - We started off with a walk down to the old ferry building for breakfast and the market stalls. After a worrying ... read more
Golden Gate - the first sight
Golden Gate
Golden Gate

Well, we passed our first full day in San Francisco - so many stories and so much to write!!! We passed an indifferent nights in our hotel - it was late when we got in and there was a lot of movement and noise. We were later getting up, it was after nine when we got moving. Breakfast was interesting... I'm thinking tomorrow we'll give the orange juice a miss and go straight to the waffles and coffee... no jam just butter. :) Then we got ourselves back to the room, collected purses and backpacks and went for the first walk (we've already done a bit of that this holiday) and found a Walgreens (pharmacy) and collected our clipper cards (they allow us to use the public transport for 3 days and cost $US26 including the ... read more
The view from Macy's
Clock on Market Street

North America » United States » California » San Francisco » Union Square September 13th 2014

Olás, faz tempo que eu não posto... Bom, esses 14 dias que eu passei na Califórnia + Vegas foi de muita diversão, risadas... Nada como estar com amigos + irmã! Já estive lá há dois anos, mas sempre temos coisas novas a ver, visitar, fazer... Bom começamos por São Francisco, uma cidade que eu particularmente adoro! Lá pude recordar alguns lugares que estive e também ir a lugares novos... Passamos por Outlet, Best Buy, WalMart, REI... Epa, chega de compras, né? Fomos na Lombard astreet, Ghirardelli Square, Fiseherman's Wharf, pier 39, China Town, Japan Town, Little Italy, Castro, Union Square... Tudo isso em 4 dias. Passamos 2 dias na Natureza, Yosemite National Park, fizemos uma trilha para ver o Half Dome, o outro dia fomos no Sequoia National Park, vimos o General Sherman, foi bem proveitoso. ... read more
Golden Gate Bridge

North America » United States » California » San Francisco » Union Square September 12th 2014

Il nous aura presque fallu 24 h de trajet et d'attente et 3 correspondances pour pouvoir enfin nous reposer a l'hôtel. Le dernier trajet restera le plus long : 4 h dans un avion inconfortable et totalement fatigué. Mais le Trivial Poursuit , les films et autres jeux nous auront fortement aidé a passer le temps lors des 12 heures de vol du 2 eme trajet. Tout ca pour dire que nous sommes sains et saufs et que nous sommes bien arrivés. Joris aura fait un 2 sur 3 pour les fouilles a la douane ( Dommage qu'on ne puisse pas filmer ^^ ). Maintenant il ne reste plus qu'a améliorer notre anglais ( Américain pour les plus pointilleux ...) car nous avons de grosses difficultés à tout comprendre quand on nous parle ^^ Le repos ... read more

Nous avons commencé par faire un plan de notre trajet afin de nous retrouver dans nos déplacements et prévoir un minimum ce que l'on fera sans enlever le plaisir de faire ce que l'on a envie. A l'aide de Google maps vous pourrez voir un visuel de notre itinéraire. Le lien est ici ou on peut aussi visualiser via les photos. Le tracé est vraiment aléatoire vu qu'on ne peut pas faire grand chose de détaillé sur Google maps. En gros cela donnerait ça avec les dates, mais il n'y a rien de fixe. 11 Septembre : Arrivée a San Francisco 12 Septembre : Départ de San Francisco. En route vers San José , Santa Cruz, Monterey, Pfeiffer Beach et pour finir Big Sur. 13 Septembre : Big Sur vers Paso Robles, ... read more
Carte 2

I have been fortunate to attend many great and famous sporting events over the years. I decided to make a list, just in case I forget, in my later years. I wish my Dad was still alive so we could go together. Here they are, in no particular order. I did complete for my personal sports-fecta a few years ago. It consisted of Wimbledon (All England Lawn Tennis Championship), the Indianapolis 500 Auto Race, and the Kentucky Derby, often billed as the most exciting two minutes in sports. 1984 Summer Olympics, Los Angeles I saw the tennis and boxing, where Evander Holyfield was disqualified. My friend Brad and I polished off several Heinekens and Carlsbergs on this hot summer day. The UCLA Tennis Center was the site of the tennis matches. We saw the boxing at ... read more
Kaepernick Leads 49ers to Super Bowl!
SF Giants=World Champs 2010 and 2012

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