Unique and Weird in San Francisco

Published: July 8th 2021
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As you know, when I travel around this great world of ours, I always am asked, "Where are you from?" I say California, or San Francisco, and they go crazy, almost bonkers!!! Why? It is a state, and city EVERYone wants to visit. They know the City is a special place. I started visiting on a regular basis back in 1961, as a lowly freshman on an honor society trip. My how things have changed!!! Numero Uno of course, the food is fabulous, whether seafood, farm to table, "California" cuisine, and nouveau food truck. Second, is the wine, whether Napa, Sonoma, Lodi, Central Coast, or Temecula. Third, is the geographic diversity, the Pacific Ocean and the Sierras. What else can I possibly tell them? First, the fog, since the City has its own microclimate. We have many interesting and diverse neighborhoods, like North Beach, the Mission, Dogpatch, Sunet, Richmond, Presidio, Noe, Cow Hollow, downtown, SOMA, and many more. Yes, the city is expensive. When I tell Europeans that a 2 bedroom apartment in the city rents for $4500, they think I am kidding. The City is only 7 miles by 7 miles, hard to believe. The Bay to Breakers is the largest footrace in the world. I must have run it a dozen times. It is legal to be naked in the City. We love to dress up, whether Halloween, Opening Night at the Opera or Symphony, New Year's Eve, Bay to Breakers, or ?? Treasure Island is a real place, formerly home to a Navy base, and before that, the World's Fair. There is a BIG difference between Mexican food and Tex-Mex!! Never, ever say "Frisco!!! I repeat, NEVER!!! We call it "The City" for good reason. Yes, we hate LA, and they hate us. Oh well! They stole our water, and we never forgave them. BART and Muni are always late. Oh well!!! San Franciscans are always fashionably late. The homeless are a BIG problem. Oh, and not enough public restrooms. Golden Gate Park is simply fabulous, and large. The ocean here is cold, even in the summer when it is HOT! The City is constantly evolving. Before the pandemic, it was out of control. Now, it is rather nice! Chinatown is a great place to grab a meal. I would rate it above Fisherman's Wharf, Clement Street, the Mission, or Dogpatch.


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