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North America » United States » California » San Francisco » Mission October 4th 2011

Up early, our next stop is San Francisco, as we travel through the winding mountains and the sun glistening through the trees, we see more waterfalls and are sad to leave this beautiful Park! As we travel into San Francisco I cannot believe all the buildings and there stunning architecture, they have a quaint appeal about them. The weather is like an autumn day back home in Melbourne, Victoria as we arrive at our Motel, the room is lovely and after checking in we decide to do some sightseeing. We go for a leisurely stroll down to the Marina and after 30 minutes we arrive at the Marina promenade, the atmosphere is great and there are people everywhere..... street performers, cable cars running up and down, double decker tourist buses, its fantastic. We decide to get ... read more
Lots of trams

North America » United States » California » San Francisco » Mission September 29th 2011

Today was our free day in San Francisco, and Mark and I took advantage by going for a bike tour of the city. From our hotel, we tried our best to locate the location of the bike tour shop, in the end walking in all directions around the block of the shop before finding it. When we entered the shop, one guide had just set a couple on their way, before we were seen to. After putting our deposits down, the guide arranged the appropriate bikes for us. Then a route was recommended for us to take, and pretty soon we were on our way, cycling down the block into the traffic, and it was then down to us to suffer amongst the cars, buses and trucks. At one point, one road suddenly split into 3 ... read more

Not really sure where to start, as we did so much and stayed for a long time in our terms; we got quite settled in the bed bug ridden minging hostel we were in for 9 days! Slight exaggeration as we got moved when I found the bugs although they put friends we met in the same room without sorting the problem out. Anyway less of that and more about San Francisco; We were excited about seeing this place; Liberalism, freedom of speech, quirky people, cool coffee shops and lots of homelessness was what we expected and we got this and a lot more thrown in. Initially, we thought the people we were encountering were a bit bolshy and rude, but after talking with a guy who had lived in San Francisco, our opinion quickly changed, ... read more
China Town
Where are we?

I guess yesterday was our first proper day in San Francisco and we didn't want to do anything too much so we spent our time walking around near the Mission, where we are staying. Came accross a couple of little shops on Valencia that where so cool my heartbeat went into overdrive. First was Paxton Gate which was basically a shop dedicated to weird curiosities..think glass eyes, stuffed animals (mice dressed as the pope and the devil), a giant unicorn, many different shaped terrariums, books about mutants, and a range of animal skulls amongst other things. My favourite piece was a stuffed crocodile holding a light bulb between his jaws - viola! a reading lamp! If I ever got married in San Francisco, Paxton Gate would be the first place I'd register for gifts let me ... read more

Its 10.07am here in beautiful San Francisco and after taking full advantage of the hostels breakfast situation (bagels and coffee plus ice water in PLASTIC RED CUPS) Lucy and I feel just about ready to start the day. Getting through customs was pretty traumatic, and included rapid fire questioning, body scans and a little intimidation thrown in for good measure. "HOW CAN YOU AFFORD THIS" "DO YOU GO TO SCHOOL" "WHAT DID YOU HAVE FOR LUNCH" well maybe not that last one but you get the idea. Dinner consisted of peanut M&Ms and mint choc chip flavoured gum and I am pleased to report an abundance of Owen Wilson films were shown on the plane. Including 'Hall Pass'. Yep. First Royal Wedding related question came before we had even touched down in the USA by a ... read more

My worst travel blues hit me before I had even gotten home. I blame it on aeroplane travel. I had spent the last 6 months traversing entirely by buses throughout South America. Every kilometre I travelled, I felt. It was tangible. But then, all of a sudden, within 7 or so hours I was on a whole different continent. And instead of the beautiful lilt of Spanish accents peppering the air, there were the thick drawls of Texans. Instead of the fluid disregard for rules and bureaucracy, there were just lines and lines of grumpy people, squabbling with overworked employees, and I could understand every painful word of it. As I sat in that plastic airport chair, waiting for my connecting flight to LA all I could think of was how much I wanted to go ... read more

San Francisco was a lot of things – warm wasn’t one of them! We arrived expecting to be greeted by the famous California sun, and found ourselves shivering in the chilly winds that whipped across the peninsula. The locals have the insight into the weather though, and we heard many times from rugged up, beanie wearing San Franciscans, “Yeah it’s cold here in May”, but like us, many other visitors arrived underdressed and we spotted many tourists with thick touristy “I love San Francisco” hoodies. Clearly not a fashion statement but an impulse buy designed to keep oneself warm - we only narrowly avoided the same purchase. San Francisco has a really cool arty and mellow vibe, it’s blessed with historic architecture, the public transport is extensive, loads of people are out pounding the pavement, and ... read more
The Painted Ladies of Alamo Square
Bay to Breakers
On the Pacific Coast

Visited Countries Map Week voor vertrek De tickets zijn binnen, ik maak een start met mijn dagboek en natuurlijk speur ik websites af en kijk ik in reisgidsen om me voor te bereiden op de vakantie! Bert zoekt de koffers op en ik maak een lijstje met de spullen die we niet moeten vergeten! San Francisco here we come... read more

Heute sollte es endlich auf die Insel Alcatraz gehen. Pustekuchen. Als ich am Hafen ankam und Tickets kaufen wollte, sagte man mir, dass nur noch Tickets für Samstag übrig wären. Selber Schuld. Wäre ich einen Tag vorher hingegangen, hätte es geklappt. Aber es ist auch nicht so wichtig. Die Hauptsache war, das ich über die Golden Gate Bridge gegangen bin. Hab den Rest des Tages mit Bummeln verbracht und noch mal die Seelöwen besucht. Aber heute waren die zu träge. Am Hafen führt eine Straßenbahnlinie vorbei, auf der alte restaurierte Straßenbahnen fahren. Viele sind über 60 Jahre alt. Dann bin ich noch die Lombard Street runtergegegangen. Die Lombard Street ist auch in vielen Filmen die in San Francisco spielen zu sehen. Sie ist eine der steilsten Straßen und führt über Serpentinen nach unten, aber nur einen ... read more
Lombard Street

Heute war eigentlich ein Besuch von alcatraz geplant. Leider hatte ich Probleme mit meiner Kreditkarte. Ich konnte kein Geld mehr vom Automaten abheben, da anscheinend mein Limit für diesen Monat erreicht wurde. Aber ich habe ja noch meine EC-Karte, dachte ich. Ich war schon auf dem Weg zur Fähre und wollte nur kurz Geld holen. Aber am Automaten wurde meine EC-Karte zwar angenommen, jedoch wurde mir mitgeteilt, das mein Konto leer ist. Ich hab zuerst einen Schreck bekommen und bin gleich zum nächsten McDonalds um mit meinem iPod mein Konto zu prüfen, aber es war alles in Ordnung. Ich habe es dan bei drei verschiedenen Banken probiert, aber bei allen das gleiche. Erst als ich nur 100 Dollar statt 200 eingegeben hatte, bekam ich das Geld. Das heisst, es lag nur an dem Betrag, komischerweise. Ich ... read more
Cable Car
Night Out

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