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Packing and preparation are complete. Taking off this afternoon for a 10 hour flight to London, followed by a relatively short hop to Lisbon. We should be there by late tomorrow afternoon local time. The trip started nicely with a weekend in San Francisco, staying with Alex and Jeff. On Friday, we had lunch in the Castro, with our Windsor neighbors, Jim and Stan. Friday evening, we travelled out to Berkeley for dinner and to attend a concert at the iconic Freight and Salvage coffee house with Alex and Jeff and Steve and Jan, more Windsor friends. It was great to see our good friend from Maryland, Dudley Connell and his bluegrass band, the Seldom Scene. Nice too, to catch up with him for drinks following the concert. Good music, friends and family. Happy Easter to ... read more

North America » United States » California » San Francisco » Mission August 26th 2017

Keitin huoneessa aamukahvin. Sen kanssa banaani ja keksejä. Olin ostanut edellispäivänä kolmeksi päiväksi lipun San Franciscon joukkoliikenteeseen. Siinä riittääkin eri kuljetusmuotoja. Ensinnäkin on tavallisia busseja ja niiden lisäksi johdinautoja eli rollikoita. Raideliikenteen puolella löytyy vanhimpana muotona cabel car eli kaapeliraitiovaunu. Niitä on keskustassa kolmella mäkisellä linjalla. Vanhanmallisia raitiovaunuja kulkee linjalla E (rannalla) ja F (rannalta pääkatua pitkin Castroon). Uusimmat raitiovaunut kulkevat keskustassa metrotunnelissa ja jatkavat sitten kauempana raitiovaunuina kaduilla. Suurin osa raitioliikenteestä oli korvattu busseilla, koska kaupungissa oli joitakin mielenosoituksia. Ajoin bussilla F-linjalla ensin pohjoiseen satamaan ja sitten takaisin toiseen päähän Castroon. Loppumatka piti ajaa metrolla. Castrossa söin lounaan, otin... read more

On Monday my parents dragged me through San Francisco to MOMA where I saw dozens of people gathered around these brightly coloured squares painted on the walls. Apparently they are famous because they were painted by someone called Matisse 100 years ago! I've only been alive for 4 months - I wonder if everyone will come to see my pictures in 100 years. The next day Mummy and Daddy and Mamie coughed all over me! They slept a lot so I think they must have been very tired! That evening, we went for a drive to the Cliff House, with wild seas and a freezing bride getting photographed. I stayed in the car because it was too cold and Mamie and Afi played me some lullabies in French and English. I think they all want me ... read more
Tummy time!
Sleeping in with Daddy :)

North America » United States » California » San Francisco » Mission October 21st 2016

Arrived in San Francisco Friday around 1pm after a great drive up the coast from Paso Robles. Checked into our hotel, we are staying near the Airport as the accommodation in CBD is so expensive it is unbelievable! Homewood Suites by Hilton is a great place to stay, two bedroom two bathroom for around $330 AUD night, really good value when a hotel room in CBD around $500 a night, they have a great happy hour from 5-7pm Mon-Thurs including food, wine and beer thrown into the price of your room, as Aussies we love this! Definitely need a car here though, unless you have plenty of time they do have a shuttle to the airport then you can get the BART (train) to CBD but very easy to navigate around SFO with car unless the ... read more

North America » United States » California » San Francisco » Mission October 5th 2016

Yes. Packed and ready to go. After a full month of nerves around this trip, I'm set. My head is in this. No more fucking around. Hell, I even sprayed my clothes with Premetherin in a perhaps futile attempt to ward off Dengue Fever. No matter; this is the blog where I can hopefully feel free to follow my every bout with flight delays, dysentery, challenges in third world countries, and me developing a hopefully strong and new relationship with an engineering team in Bangladesh. I look forward to a new found joy in encountering people from a so completely different world from me, it breaks me down and brings me back again. Because that's, let's face it, what travel should do. Next post...the departure from San Francisco to Dubai...and then 8 hours later to Dhaka, ... read more

To z założenia blog złożony z minutek kradzionych morfeuszowi. Dzieci i J śpią, odsypiają jetlag i chorobę, a ja spac nie moge bo środek dnia wd mojego zegara, no i jak tu spać na skrawku lozka 5 cm wygięta w chińskie rz, zeby rozpalonemu L było wygodnie. Dzien przed wyjazdem M dostala gorączki i wymiotowała, a dzis w nocy L cały jak piecyczek. Pytanie, czy to wirus i czy to ten sam wirus? Gdy 19 lat temu leciałam pierwszy raz do sf, samolot był overbooked i nie dostałyśmy sie na pokład. Tym razem słyszeliśmy, jak obsługa naziemna pyta, czy wyładować juz nasze bagaże, w sumie na pokład weszliśmy jako jedni z ostatnich, bo z lotami United jest jakas komplikacja i boarding mozna dopiero przy samolocie dostać, a ten z internetu drukowany ewentualnie wymienić. Tez był overbooking, ... read more

Hello, my dear friends and family Where do I even start!?! Honestly, I spent every spare second of my summer thinking and planning for this trip. But what I didn't think about was how much I hate goodbyes! I don't think Madi and I have ever been so nice to each other for such an extended period of time! (minus the eyeliner + bus incident... sorry about that madz). It was nearly a week ago now that I spent my last sleepless night in New Zealand, packing my bags at 3am with my 5am flight looming ever closer. Tearful goodbyes behind me, I boarded my flight to Australia where I immediately proceeded to film a boring, 7 minute long video of us taking off in pitch darkness. Typical me really. Australia was a good time, with ... read more

North America » United States » California » San Francisco » Mission October 2nd 2015

I took my students from my Culture of travel class to one my favorite Nicaraguan restaurants in San Francisco, CA. The food was delicious as always. After eating we went to Dolores park and had a great time. ... read more

San Francisco If you're going to San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair... read more
Golden Gate Bridge
Golden Gate Bridge
San Francisco / Golden Gate Bridge

North America » United States » California » San Francisco » Mission February 26th 2015

The journey from Portland, Oregon, to the Bay Area is further than I had expected: more than 630 miles if you take the briefest route possible along the boring I-5. That's Land's End to John O'Goats plus a few detours for cheap coffee and Ginsters Pasties. We hired a big American SUV (Toyota Rav 4) for two days, enough time to visit some iconic landmarks en route - or so I thought. After stopping overnight in a motel whose rooms reminded me of that scene in the film of No Country For Old Men where Llewelyn stashes the cash and almost making it to Crater Lake (the off-road route was a dead end and the on-road route was closed due to snow), we parked up in a supermarket car park in Arcata, north California, and tried ... read more
Hard at work.
How to recognise different trees from quite a long way away. No 7: The Redwood.
Radiant smiles.

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