Here we go To Dhaka, Bangladesh

Published: October 5th 2016
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Yes. Packed and ready to go. After a full month of nerves around this trip, I'm set. My head is in this. No more fucking around. Hell, I even sprayed my clothes with Premetherin in a perhaps futile attempt to ward off Dengue Fever. No matter; this is the blog where I can hopefully feel free to follow my every bout with flight delays, dysentery, challenges in third world countries, and me developing a hopefully strong and new relationship with an engineering team in Bangladesh. I look forward to a new found joy in encountering people from a so completely different world from me, it breaks me down and brings me back again. Because that's, let's face it, what travel should do.

Next post...the departure from San Francisco to Dubai...and then 8 hours later to Dhaka, Bangladesh for the three and a half week work stay. Then onward to Cambodia and Thailand. No return date or flight has been set yet. I like that...


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