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Heute schien, entgegen den Ankündigungen, die Sonne. Also ging es direkt zur Golden Gate Bridge. Die Brücke sieht sehr schön aus. Die Überquerung der Brücke dauert ein bisschen, da sie fast drei Kilometer lang ist. An beiden Seiten sind Aussichtspunkte. Auf der Brücke sind Telefone verteilt, für die vielen Lebensmüden, die von der Brücke springen. Das Schild darüber war etwas komisch. Darauf stand: "Das springen von der Brücke hat fatale und tragische Konsequenzen". Aha, sehr aussagekräftig. Von der Brücke hat man auch eine sehr schöne Aussicht auf die Insel Alcatraz und die Stadt selber. Hab die Brücke dann überquert. Hin und zurück sind fast 6 Kilometer. In der Stadt habe ich dann die Cable Cars gesehen, bin aber noch nicht mitgefahren. Dazu ist noch genug Zeit. ... read more
Die Straßen von San Francisco
Golden Gate Bridge

Gleich heute morgen bin ich zum Flughafen gefahren um meinen Mietwagen abzuholen. Ich wollte von Los Angeles nach San Francisco fahren und habe mir dazu einen Ford Mustang Cabrio geholt. Ein schöner Wagen in blau mit beigen Ledersitzen. Mit dem Auto erst mal zum Hostel und meine Sachen geholt und dann über den Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills gefahren, wie die Reichen das so machen :) Dann kam noch ein kurzer Abstecher über die Route 66 nach Santa Monica zum Pier. Und dann ging die 500 Meilen Reise nach San Francisco los. Gleich bei Santa Monica auf die Coastal Route 1, die fast immer an der kalifornischen Küste längs führt. Gleich bei Santa Monica sind am Strand die Häuser der Reichen und Schönen und Wichtigen. Das Wetter hat zum Glück mitgespielt und die Sonne schien, so ... read more
Dicker großer Seelöwe

North America » United States » California » San Francisco » Mission February 17th 2011

While our transition back to the States was made easier by family and friends in Seattle, three months in Southeast Asia caused noticeable reverse culture shock and major jet lag. It is hard to describe why we adapted so easily to such a distinct set of cultural norms; however, upon return to our home, we were feeling a little out of place. There are two things we can pin as being part of why we felt this way. The first was how we were living. After months away on our own, we were back around others we knew, making plans and coordinating schedules. We had come down from the high of our honeymoon and being able to spend such amazing, quality time with just one another, without much responsibility to anyone else. It was a simple ... read more
Hanging with Nolan
The baby
Sup guys!

North America » United States » California » San Francisco » Mission November 9th 2010

Day 1: I spend the better part of my day applying the last of the finishing touches to packing up my belongings and cleaning my soon- to-be deceased and departed room; a room that would soon be occupied in the form of my friend a successful Chai tea business owner. One might even go so far as to call him a chi-coon in brewing. My cleaning and packing of the day is followed by some much-needed SF Mission goodbye burritos. After some delicious life won’t be the same without them burritos, the events shift to watching Ryan, my roommate and driver for my moving excursion use the utmost limit of Tetris skills available as dictated by the ratio of amount of my belongings divided by amount of truck available. Needless to say the truck is so ... read more
First gas stop
Duct taped up
Some Klamath Falls character

Had an amazing day in San francisco. What a lovely place. The day started well with breakfast in the hotel with amazing waffles that you make yourself and pour maple syrup over, they were delicious. Only just made breakfast though so we are going to get up early tomorrow to do it justice. Walked to Lombard Street which is the worlds most crookedest was insane as Nick would say. Walking round the streets, Steve thought he was in Grand theft auto and Andy thought he was in Bullet with Steve McQueen! Tried to catch the cable car but they were all full up so walked in the end to the cable car museum. That was interesting. From there we went to Chinatown and i got my pearls for our 30th wedding anniversary. We sat and ... read more

Had a great journey. Couldn't fault the flight, plenty to eat and drink and it all tasted good. Had a chicken tikka and rice with a delicious raspberry and white chocolate mousse for desert. Watched three films and read some of my book. Landed 4.20pm which was 11.20pm our time. Picked up our hire car - a huge 7 seater dodge, the boys thought they were in heaven in the huge back seats. Took Andy a while to work out the automatic but found the hotel ok. Felt amazingly awake but by the time we got to our room we were all pretty tired so we went to bed. ... read more

We woke the next day again to an overcast sky. Ads instructs us to dress for warm weather and prepare for the cold - apparently it is always cold in the city. We hopped the BART to Mission again - this time our 'mission' in Mission was to track down the so called 'world's best breakfast burrito'. We found it. It was good. I can't say it was the best in the world because I have only had one other on the island of Korcula in Croatia and I don't think that gives me the burrito experience I need to make a judgement. It was pretty damn good. And pretty damn big. I only ate half. Lots of cool cafes, crazy bright murals with sad scenes of oppression in central and south america where many of ... read more

'On a plane about to fly to San Francisco!' I updated my Facebook status and sat back in my seat. Thank god! I had been waiting for this holiday for months. First stop San Francisco - my friend Ads from a previous life (we worked in a video store together back home a long time ago) had invited me to stay with him and his lovely partner Nat in Berkley. They wanted to say thankyou for me having them stay in London a while back and I had always wanted to wanted to see San Fran. They call it Sydney's sister city. Sydney is my home town. I remember many moons ago when I worked in Tokyo as an English teacher, I was secretly in love with my Japanese/American friend, colleague and neighbour. He was fresh ... read more

Circolo San Francisco, CA April 15, 2010... read more

There is something about that first beer of the morning, the previous night Speck had run into the liquor store and purchased a sixer of Sapporo. After all, breakfast was not included in the room rate and he gets thirsty first thing in the morning. So with a beer in hand and every one else still asleep he heads back to the hot tub for his morning boil and brew. Returning to the room an hour later every one is as they were, so he sat outside and read until the rest of the party rolled out of bed. Showers were taken, plans were roughed out, and we headed to the car. There Speck found his missing cellphone, still mid text... "Hey Speck, how many beers have you had already? One?" and they tossed him the ... read more

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