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Published: June 7th 2012
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My host medical weed. I insist, this is not mine or my mateMy host medical weed. I insist, this is not mine or my mateMy host medical weed. I insist, this is not mine or my mate

Only purpose is to illustrate part of the culture of San Francisco.
If you are under 18 years old. Please don't read. For all lawyers out there, this blog is purely descriptive. My purpose is to show the world a specific situation. By no mean I am doing something illegal... Please do not be offended by my tone or the topic, I am expressing an opinion and I sure hope that I have the right to do so.

Sitting in that damn car I had no idea of what was about to happen. Anyway, all I was thinking about were my knees. I had not felt them for the last 30 minutes. We had spent the afternoon at the At&T ball park. What a beautiful stadium. I really think the stadium is a bigger attraction that the team playing in it. Baseball is the boringness sport in the world. I don't know all sports, but there is no way something is worse. Even Cricket is better. We had those cheap tickets, you know the ones with no seat number print on them. Yup! No place to sit and don't even think about standing in the shade. No, no, no you can't do that. You will disturb the people who paid to sit. You have to stay out under the Californian sun and make sure you don't fall asleep. And, if you need a wake up call, it will cost you 10$ the pint.

About 15 minutes later, I am sitting outside in my host garden. My host lives in the Mission district. It is a great neighborhood, but quite unique. You will see all sorts of people dress a way my mom wouldn't let me. You see amazing graffities alleys, restaurants from all over the world, nice pubs where you will see people have a joint and sample the new beer flavor of the week. My host himself is quite a character. He works for google and each time he has to speak to his superior, he has to go down a slide from the 3rd floor to the 1st. His apartment is amazing, there are pictures of some of the greatest wonders in the world covering most of the walls, his room is basically a hole in the wall and to go to the kitchen, you have to go across the house through every room.

So, we are sitting there sampling some beers from the region. He definitely loves a good time and you can tell from the way he describes the beers and the wines he is showing us. Time is passing by and we are taking it easy talking about home, music and the region. He is recommending us some things to do when his girlfriend shows up. She is a good looking blond with a stunning smile. The kind of girl that can turn your head around, but just so sweat, laid-back at the same time. She sits with us and after a while, both of them ask us the question which going to make that night a night to remember.

Are you guys smoking weed?

Looking at our expression he is asking us again.

Are you guys smoking weed, cuz the guys is closing real soon?

He is closing soon, I answer.

Yup, he is closing, we need to call him now, he says running inside.

By the time he is back, we all looked at each other a million time. None of us is speaking. We don't know what to say. His he really calling someone who has opening hours to deliver weed. We are not smokers, but that is kind of why people travel... Don't they. They do it to live something different, see things they would not see at home and well, try or witness something out of the ordinary. People who want to experience something like that most of the time go to Amsterdam, but...

Anyway, he is coming back with the phone still in his hand. He looks at us with the smile of someone who's been in this situation a lot of time before and say:

I know, people always react that way. Put your shoes on, we will take a walk around the neighborhood, the guy will be here at 7.05.

7.05! We answered all at the same time.

Yes! They are never late.


45 minutes later, we are back at his place. His girlfriend his having coffee with a guy with the weirdest hair cut I ever saw. He looks at us with a huge smile and he says:

So there you guys are.

Sorry, we are late. Thanks for waiting. I really wanted those guy to see that, our host answered.

This is only then, I realize what was on the table. There was a least 50 bags full of weed. They all look the same to me, but they were all different kinds. There was also cookies and cakes. When, the weed guy felt he had all our attention, he started describing them to us like he would for a chair. He put some of his favorite in a corner and told us what to do if we buy this or that.... Anyway, it is surely something you have to live to really understand, but it was a fantastic experience. When our host made a choice, he gave us all a business card. Really! The company's phone number is on it and his vendor name too, Mr. Soule Good. He also gave us a lighter with a flashlight and a compass on it, in case we get lost. When he left, our host explain to us that this was almost legal. That it was a real company and that they are paying tax. They should normally ask for a medical weed card when they deliver, but they are not.

Anyway, we slept late that night and we try some of the pubs. We enjoy what San Francisco offered...


p-s. I do have pictures from that night. For obvious reason I cannot post them all online. Thanks for your comprehension.


7th June 2012

We all know he's tried it...but not really...'cos he didn't inhale!!!
7th June 2012

''...'cos he didn't inhale!!! ''
What a waste of money that would be. ;)
7th June 2012

8th June 2012

We get to vote this November...
whether to make weed legal for recreational purposes in Colorado...the first State to do so.
9th June 2012

Didn't California vote last year on this matter too?
10th June 2012

Glad you continue to enjoy SF
Sorry we didn't get to see you.
10th June 2012

just late
I am just late in my blogs. This is from last month when I met you there.
16th June 2012

The thought "only in amercia" comes to mind but having been to Amsterdam where marijuana is in cafes or walking through Bali when people constantly say 'hashish, hashish" to you... i guess they have taken the legal side of it and ran with it! I guess a positive is hopefully he doesnt deal dodgy home made stuff that might poison or kill people!?! And...i completely agree with you on the baseball front :) Not my cup of tea, so to speak ;)
9th July 2012

No problem.
I see nothing wrong with your blog. It actually educated me somewhat! Tha's life anyway.

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