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Hi, we're Steve & Mandy, we love to travel and love life.

"The beauty of the walk is lost when consumed by its destination"

The quote above about sums us up,we're in no hurry

North America » United States » New York » New York » Manhattan October 19th 2011

Home Awaits We awake to rain, have some breakfast and start our packing, we are sure our luggage is overweight, we look around the room, this is it, time for the long haul home. We have arranged a car to pick us up and take as to the airport, we don't want to go home yet, there is still so much more to see! On the way to J.F.K the taxi we’re riding in gets shunted in the rear, the driver hops out, checks the damage, shakes his head at the other driver and off we continue…this seems the norm ??? .We arrive at the airport and wait for our flight to LA then from LA to Sydney then on to Melbourne, and it’s a loooooong flight home We would like to thank the American's for ... read more

North America » United States » New York » New York » Manhattan October 18th 2011

Tiffanys Awaits It's our last tourist day in NYC and we don't want it to end as we head out again on the subway, first stop The Sex Museum..... well that was interesting to say the least, very explicit and interesting, had that, i just gotta look at it thing about it. We make our way to Tiffany's on 5thAvenue and we see people lined up at the Apple store for the new Apple Iphone and not faraway we see the protesters, we find Tiffany'snd I can't believe I'm finally here, 5 levels and I'm in heaven! We leave Tiffany's with little blue bags, and head towards Central Park, we sit at the entrance and notice a Nets Mascot out the front, we see 3 young men come out of the Park, one is carrying an ... read more
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North America » United States » New York » New York » Manhattan October 17th 2011

Manhattan Awaits Another great day in Manhattan awaits us as we travel by subway into Times Square and head to the Rockefeller centre, the view from the top is amazing, we are loving this city! We then head down to the 9/11 memorial, there is a queue at the entrance and because we have our NYC card (definitely worth the money we paid for them) we fast track to the VIP entrance. We book into see the Reflection Pools and visit the 9/11 Museum first, the Museum is heart breaking, we can still remember the day the attacks took place and to see the memorials, letters children have written to there parents, parents to thier children, wives to husbands, husbands to wives, friends and work colleagues, it's heart breaking and one such account stood out and ... read more
Times square
Street Art & Mandy

North America » United States » New York » New York » Manhattan October 16th 2011

We awake early, excited to travel on the subways and enjoy the sights & sounds of NYC! We buy a ticket to travel on the subway & buses a weekly ticket around $30.00 each, excellent value. We grab a subway map and off we go, 1st stop Central Park, it is huge, as soon as we enter the park we see an eagle sitting on a tree, and little squirrels are everywhere, we grab a Map and start our Central Park adventure, there are skate parks, playgrounds, musicians playing, people running, riding bikes, children squealing, families picnicking, what an amazing place for people from all walks of life to enjoy this beautiful relaxing park. Its getting quite warm we buy an ice cream from one of the little food carts, sit and people watch for a ... read more
Central Park Vendor
A yacht anyone

North America » United States » New York » New York » Queens October 15th 2011

We have a little sleep in today, then head off to NYC. This is the last day of our road trip. The weather is kinder to us today, overcast but no rain. As we head down the highway towards NYC the traffic starts to get busier, no longer the lovely country highways we have enjoyed, this is it, we have hit the city, traffic everywhere, cars weaving in and out of traffic, horns honking, welcome to NYC, we return the hire car, we have mixed emotions, excited to be in NYC, but sad that our trip will soon be over, we have been so lucky to see and experience some fantastic sights of this diverse country, the sights, the beauty, the people, the wilderness, its been truly amazing! Steve spent many hours a week planning this ... read more
Manhattan lights
Manhattan lights
Manhattan lights

North America » United States » Pennsylvania October 14th 2011

We awake to drizzle, pack our bags and say good-bye to Niagara, as we head out of Canada through customs it starts to team with rain, it just doesn't let up, we were hoping we would have some photo opportunities of the glorious autumn trees along the way, but no such luck. We are making our way to the Poconos region for our last overnight stop before we reach NYC. As we travel through Pennsylvania we decide to stop and have some breakfast at this lovely little cafe with a Dutch influence, we treated to the best poached eggs and the service was great. This whole area is very much influenced by Dutch architecture even down to the barns, what a lovely countryside this is, one thing we notice is there are there are no fences ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Niagara Falls October 13th 2011

We wake up to sunny skies with just a little cloud, we have organised a bus tour today, we off to numerous historical sites to look at Niagara Falls, the parks are just beautiful, well maintained with green lawns, lovely flower beds, we stop into the Butterflies enclosure, what a magnificent place to be, as you walk through the enclosure, hundreds of butterflies flutter around, some even land on you, the colours & patterns on there wings are majestic. We now head towards the last part of our tour which is a boat ride to Niagara Falls, we now board the Maid of The Mist and head towards the bottom of Niagara falls, to appreciate the beauty and the enormity of the Falls you need to see it for yourself. The tour now ends, what a ... read more
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North America » Canada » Ontario » Niagara Falls October 12th 2011

We are sad to leave Watkins Glen, it was a lovely welcoming city, one we could of stayed for a least a week! We now head for Niagara Falls Canada, we have certainly come the the East Coast at the right time of the year, there Autumn has put on a wonderful show of colour for us. As we head toward Niagara the weather is starting to turn, grey skies and rain are now upon us. We hope that its not hear to stay. We cross the border and arrive at our hotel, our room overlooks the falls, this mist from the falls is thick with the rain not helping our view! We settle in and go to The Keg for dinner, we are lucky enough to have a window seat which overlooks the falls, its ... read more
View from the keg
View from romm

North America » United States » New York » Watkins Glen October 11th 2011

Another glorious day at Watkins Glen, we go for a walk and get some supplies to go for a small hike up to the falls at Watkins Glen State Park , some of the homes we see along the way are magnificent, white weather boards with columns on the verandahs, with glorious planter pots with wonderful colours of white, yellow & lilacs! The beautiful oak trees are loosing there leaves and are on front lawns and footpaths, to feel these leaves crunching under our shoes reminds us of the Autumns in Melbourne when we were kids. We arrive at Watkins Glen State Park ready to catch the shuttle bus to take us up to the top so we can walk down to the bottom,but. "what's this, no shuttle bus today"! We have to walk up the ... read more
Watkins Glen State park
Watkins Glen State park
Watkins Glen State park

North America » United States » New York » Watkins Glen October 10th 2011

We awake early, still feeling a little tired, we now head off to Watkins Glen, the country side is beautiful, the hills are covered in trees of many autumn colours, shades of gold, peach, yellow with glorious splashes of apple red and green! We stop at Taughannock Falls State Park falls and walk to the trail up to the falls, the autumn trees again gather on the rocky hillsides and cliffs leading to the falls, the leaves gently fall like butterflies! We arrive at the waterfall and again it is a beautiful sight, this country side is amazing. We head now to our Motel and as we head into Watkins Glen it reminds me of the township of Ballarat, Victoria in Australia, it has that old worldly feeling.We arrive at our Motel that is on the ... read more
Taughannock Falls

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