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North America » United States » California » Morro Bay April 30th 2018

After leaving our rural camp (in the morning we woken by wild turkeys) near San Francisco we’ve taken a couple of days to reach what is known as slo country - the main city here is St Luiz Obispo. It’s a low key city near a range of volcanic hills that run down to the coast at Morro Bay. We are in need of some exercise so walk up the highest of the hills, though only 1500ft high it’s a steepish walk and feels like a proper hike. We’ve driven the highway 1 south down the coast from San Fran. This is THE famous Californian coast drive but a landslide last year has closed the coast road south of Big Sur so we are forced to detour inland to the Highway 101 and find ourselves driving ... read more

North America » United States » California » Morro Bay July 23rd 2014

Start: Cooks Creek, Ziel: Morro Bay Tageskilometer:109.8 Höchstgeschwindigkeit: 62.7 Gesamtkilometer: 6'857.0. Heute um 06.30 h aufgestanden und nach einem kargen Frühstück los. Die Touristen sind noch nicht unterwegs und so haben wir freie Bahn. Zudem scheint nun die Sonne schon am Morgen und zeigt sich nicht wie in den letzten Tagen erst viel später. Zünftige Steigungen mit kurvigen, tollen Abfahrten sind heute unsere Begleiter. Kommen gut voran und ohne all die lärmigen Autos macht es schon sehr viel mehr Spass! Nehmen dann in einem kleinen Gasthaus einen Kaffe und etwas Nahrung zu uns bevor wir nach ca. 45 km an eine Bucht voller Seeelephanten kommen. Der Strand ist voll von ihnen. Die meisten liegen faul am Strand herum während sich andere im Wasser bekämpfen. Eine Riesenshow! Kurz danach kommt die Abbiegung zum Hearst Castle... read more
See-Elephanten en masse
Am kämpfen
Ah - die Sonne tut gut!

North America » United States » California » Morro Bay October 9th 2013

Danny Writes: Time to leave LA. Personally I wont miss it one bit, it was my least favourite part of the trip which is unfortunate since, along with Vegas, I was looking forward to it the most. In hindsight I'm not really sure why, although I'm guessing Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas probably had something to do with it. I didn't really 'get' LA, it just seemed like a whole lot of fuss about nothing. I'm not particularly the most celebrity obsessed person in the world and so the novelty of seeing "this is where so-and-so overdosed" and "this is where whatshisname got caught engaging in sexual antics" soon wore off and it just seemed like a dodgy area filled with shops selling tourist tack and not a lot really happening; not a lot of substance. ... read more
Morro Bay
Morro Bay

North America » United States » California » Morro Bay September 4th 2013

After checking in .... hang on I just need to tell you this because for me this moment is memorable . I am sat in the Mustang (on an inflatable cushion because I can’t see over the dash) typing away on my laptop listening to Elvis and Martin is driving and singing and he is so happy and I love to see him like this... he is a good guy with a big heart who has worked hard all his life and for today he is living the dream So back to my story., checked in to our rooms, there are just two but they are big with large panoramic windows that look directly over the bay. They are called The Hideaway and The Big Sur Front Street Inn Morro Beach. They are quirky and have ... read more

9am here is California!!! We made it to the Pacific!!... read more

North America » United States » California » Morro Bay February 9th 2013

THE BASICS We drove to a campground just north of Monterrey and stayed there a couple of nights - spent time in Carmel, Monterrey, on the 17 Mile Drive. Then we headed inland (I couldn't muster the courage to face Big Sur, etc.) and after a night in King City, we arrived in Morro Bay. We like this area, and visited a good museum here as well as Hearst Castle. THE FLUFF In Monterey, we walked a lot in town. The downtown is a mix, "under development" after they tore down old buildings with plans to revitalize, then lost steam (i.e. money). Cannery Row is very touristy, but its history of sardine canning is quite interesting. And a delicious caramel apple made Linda's day! Back at our campground, we enjoyed a walk through the dunes to ... read more

North America » United States » California » Morro Bay January 30th 2013

Day 6- Morro Bay Opps. Slept in this morning. Must have been that exhaustive planning and research on the time share yesterday. So we buckled down to finalize the time share business this morning. After what seemed like an hour hold for US Air, we confirmed that flight information that Susan thought Bob wrote down incorrectly (but he didn't), then on the phone with Diamond Resorts to finalize the time share availability. We got it done, celebration time. Two weeks in Kauai Nov. 1-15, 2013. After breakfast, we set off for Morro Bay. Morro Bay is on the coast North of San Luis Obispo. The water front has two distinctive features, a very large rock and a big power plant beside it! Both are landmarks of different typesl See picture. We hit some antique shops and ... read more

North America » United States » California » Morro Bay October 15th 2012

Fought for a table in the breakfast room the headed out to the mall to stock up on some items. Found the local Target store in the nearby town of San Luis Obispo (my favourite) got everything we needed and more! Alex managed to find himself 2 jackets, pants, shorts, t shirts and a A pack of Haynes pants... Back to Morro Bay to take a look around town. This place is really cute, had a busy fishing industry and is famous for its unusual huge rock jutting out into the bay, great seafood restaurants and little gift shops. A family of seals live under the pier, very cute but VERY smelly! Dinner at a seafront "pub" style eatery. Very naughty, shredded pork in BBQ sauce on a sourdough roll...... And no escalators.... read more

North America » United States » California » Morro Bay May 24th 2012

We drove out along the CA-58, through ranches and farmland, watching great white egrets in the fields and swallows swooping in and out of their mud nests on the sides of the overpasses. After passing through some oil fields, we began to climb. We sometimes had to drop to 5 mph around the curves, winding around, ascending, descending. The hillsides were covered in flowers: lupin, indian paintbrush, california poppy, wild mustard, california buckeye, and many others we don't know the names of. Juniper bushes and cattle dotted the landscape. We stopped in the little town of Santa Margarita and ate a lunch of salami, cheese, and crackers in a shady park. Afterwards, we had our first deer sighting of the trip - a young buck, right on the outskirts of town. We drove through a corner ... read more
Grey Day

North America » United States » California » Morro Bay May 17th 2012

We hated to say goodbye to Yosemite, but it was time to go. We’ll be back someday. We drove back out the way we came on Highway 41, climbing up to 6,000 feet, then back down winding and steep roads. Kerry hates steep downhills, hates overheated brakes, stays clenched all the way down. But finally we reached flatter ground between Coarsegold and Fresno. Then it really flattened out, back to mile after mile of grapevines. I understand most of the grapes will become California raisins. We also passed orchards of walnuts, avocados (mmm, avocados,) cherries, and oranges, along with other crops unknown. Once we crossed I-5, and got through the second long construction delay, it started getting hilly again. The coastal mountain range came into view, though it was mostly brown. We were still on highway ... read more
Royal Arches and North Dome
coastal mountain range
adventure road

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