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I am up a bit after 6am local time. Check my email, play some games, quick edit or two on yesterdays journal. Today we head back to LA and tomorrow will be spent mostly getting to the airport and flying to Cincinnati and then driving home. Everyone is moving by 8am and be breakfast for the last time in Verde, the hotels' restaurant. In the room we fill our bags and try to have things organized so that tonight/tomorrow nothing will have to go into or come out of the big green suitcase. All out traveling possessions fit neatly in the trunk of the Elantra and we walk over to Old Town to grab some souvenirs for Caroline's co-workers and to see the blacksmith work. We also toured the saddlery and saw the burros. At noon ... read more

When we were planning this trip, knowing that we were to meet Marian and Juan David in Mexico City on 25 April, we decided to have a couple of nights in Honolulu after the week on Kaua'i. Following our time in Honolulu we flew into Los Angeles where we'd only spent one day and night. Kev decided that he'd like to spend that time on the Queen Mary, the ship which is permanently docked at Long Beach. It took our driver just thirty minutes to drive us to from LAX airport to where the Queen Mary is docked Which was a pleasant surprise as we thought it would take longer. I have to admit that, while I was happy to indulge Kev's wish, at the time it made no difference to me one way or the ... read more
Cunard Line Queen Mary
Queen Mary from the dock
Michelle in our room

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles » Long Beach February 5th 2017

It's my goal to get to every MLB stadium, and I'm well on my way. At the time of this post (Feb 2017), I only have 5 stadiums left. That will quickly become 6 when ATL opens up their new park. Those stadiums are: MIN, TOR, WAS, ATL, TB, MIA. I've ranked them all and eventually would like to systematically score each of the parks, but as of now I just ranked them based on gut feel. Keep in mind my criteria probably varies considerably from what other people would value. For me, the actual ballpark architecture plays the biggest role, but also the food/drinks it supplies, any cool traditions/quirks, and things like that are very important. Additionally, LOCATION for me is huge. If your park is amazing but in the middle of nowhere, that will ... read more

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles » Long Beach October 1st 2016

Week 2: During my second week here I was able to walk and do the chores that I was assigned. Another girl also arrived during this week, she is from Switzerland and is very nice. Thankfully we get along very well and this makes the work a lot more fun as well. We went on some trail rides on horseback which was very cool because I used to ride horse before I went to Windesheim but had no more time to do so one my study started. We went through some mountains and it became dark quite quickly. Also during my second week I managed to roll my other ankle quite badly and this made me wonder if this was the right place to stay. Within 24 hours of making the decision to leave the ranch, ... read more

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles » Long Beach October 1st 2016

Week 3 In week 3 I started off with a karaoke night with a group of people, it was a lot of fun and I even stood on stage and did a song. No matter how bad you were, you got a standing ovation and everybody sang along. The mother in the family is a French teacher in a school in Los Angeles and she’s asked me to help her out by grading papers and logging them into the data system of the school. This is very useful because I get a taste of what will be my job later on. We went out for dinner in a restaurant a little down the road and it was really nice to have a family dinner. It’s so different from the ranch and I really enjoy it here. ... read more

5/31/2014 DAY ONE: We flew on JetBlue from Las Vegas to Long Beach early Saturday morning. The Long Beach airport is so small and easy to navigate. The baggage claim is outside and it was a breeze to walk out to the shuttle pick up area. We braved the shuttle ride on the 405 Highway (crazy traffic) and arrived at our hotel (Renaissance Long Beach) by 8:30am. To our surprise, the room was ready and we were able to check in early. We threw our bags in the room and went out looking for a breakfast place. We walked up Pine Street on our search....and saw a film crewing filming a Lexus commercial. We found The Omelet Inn about 3 blocks away. The food was just ok but in fairness we had been up since 4am ... read more
View from 26,000 feet
Our hotel
Looking up Pine Street

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles » Long Beach January 17th 2014

After seven months ashore, it's time to set sail across the high seas. We enjoyed our home time and took several long car trips; one to South Dakota for a family reunion and the other across country to Florida. We managed to do quite a bit of cruising on our own boat when we were in Sausalito, mostly to San Francisco and the East Bay. We spent the months of November and December soaking up the warm Florida sun and then flew home on Christmas Eve in order to get packed for our upcoming cruise. We drove to Los Angeles on Jan 6 and boarded the Silversea Whisper for a two month Pacific Ocean cruise hosting for Cruise Specialists. This is a big change for us as it will be the first time ... read more

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles » Long Beach January 13th 2014

Yay the day I had waited for had finally come!! I booked yet, another great cruise slated for January 2014. What a great way to start off the year, much like last year. Island drinks by the pool, fun stage shows, karioke on board, and endless endless buffets and ice cream. Who wouldnt love going on a cruise? Plus whatever port you go to is usually a beautiful sunny island with great culture, food and cheaper prices on purses, jewlry and clothes! Not bad for a short 5 day vacation. Anyway, we traveled into Long Beach the day prior, on Sunday. Being a 13 hour drive from EL sort of have to start out a day earlier. And just like last year, we stayed at a seedy, cheap hotel just miles from the port. Only, ... read more
Queen Mary
The Dome

Marry me girl be my fairy to the world Be my very own constellation A teenage bride with a baby inside Getting high on information And buy me a star on the boulevard It's Californication I like to compare California to an amusement park. If god create the world in seven days, he was in a funny mood when he was drawing California x's and o's. It simply has everything. From the ugly to the beautiful, from the beach to the ski, from the wine to the beer, it has it all. Psychic spies from China Try to steal your mind's elation Little girls from Sweden Dream of silver screen quotations And if you want these kind of dreams It's Californication According to James Truslow Adams the American Dream is a set of ideals in which ... read more
San Francisco

We are up at around 05:30 after we have folded away the beds, and shower and dress. It is 06:30 and the train is just stopping at Barstow, it should have stopped there at 03:30, so we are approximately 3 hours behind schedule. Although the tour guide reckons there is an hour of slack in the schedule and we should be only 2 hours late in getting into Los Angeles We eat breakfast in the dining car at around 06:30. The train eventually arrives at Los Angeles Union Station at around 10:00, approximately 2-hours late as predicted by the tour guide.The guide that will take us on a tour of LA meets us. We board the coach and hit the log jam that is the Los Angeles traffic, it was even worst today as there was ... read more
Chinese Theatre - Hollywood
Di in Hollywood
Queen Mary Cabin

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