Oversized Butterflies and Shlepping: Part Deux

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December 31st 2019
Published: December 31st 2019
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This is a quick (at least my original intention was to make it quick) addendum to the previous post.

Because I'm now Car-Less, and because my flight departs from LAX, I and my three ridiculously heavy bags (plus my backpack and hiking boots) had to be transported from my San Diego son's house to my other son's house in Long Beach, which is closer to LAX. Therefore, we coordinated a rendezvous last Sunday for brunch at a convenient midway point--San Clemente. On Sunday morning, because I have very helpful sons, my San Diego son happily shlepped all of my bags into the back of his car for the trip up to said rendezvous in San Clemente. We (San Diego son, my daughter-in-law, my granddaughter, and I) had a lovely drive up the coast. We arrived early, so we even had time to take a side trip up the Avenida Presidio hill to drive by the house I lived in from fifth thru seventh grade, and also my grandparents' house, on the same street, ten doors down from us. After a bit of reminiscing, we drove back down the hill to meet my Long Beach son and his wife, and proceeded to have a delightful brunch in a little place called The Cellar (Side note: I tasted the most delicious French Toast, thanks to my granddaughter who let me, sort of, steal a forkful from her plate. Also....I had a scrumptious bowlful of Chia Pudding with Blueberries and Cinnamon. Seriously--Heaven on a spoon!)

Anyway, I digress.

So we had brunch, then came time for tearful embraces and goodbyes to my San Diego son and his family. Have I mentioned that I'm terrible at saying goodbye? I find them utterly painful and torturous. I dunno, I suppose I don't like the finality of it. I'd been dreading the goodbye-ing all week. But here it was. And there I was, hugging my kids and saying goodbye, my chia pudding doing backflips in my gut; oversized butterflies flapping their oversized wings in the backflipping chia pudding. Some little voice in my head starts screaming, "I do not like saying goodbye! I don't like ...." And then I realize something. I think, "Wait a minute......for cryin' out loud......I know why I don't like saying goodbye.......it's that disconnecting thing! Annnnd, Bingo! (See previous post for discussion of my issue with packing and disconnecting.)

And there I go digressing again.

So anyway, we had the brunch......the chia pudding; the french toast, and then.....you know, that other stuff. But, you see, my Long Beach son had parked his car up the street from my San Diego son's car (where the bags were). So guess what? More shlepping! Great. And as some wise person probably said, somewhere, sometime, probably while traveling, "The family that shlepps together, stays together." Now we come to the reason for this post. Since I'm a sucker for a photographic opportunity, I snuck a quick pic of the family-shlepping-of-the-bags. And this is the photo you see here--all of them, happily shlepping my bags in front of me, up the Avenida Del Mar hill in San Clemente to my Long Beach son's car. It's a photo I will treasure always.

And now here I am in Long Beach.

Departure in a day and a half.

Oversized Butterflies gradually losing their steam as I'm starting to feel more centered.

More importantly, I'm starting to figure out why I'm doing this.

Bring on the shlepping.


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