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North America » United States » California » Bodega Bay June 30th 2017

Today was a low-key day. We had breakfast at this great place in downtown Oakland called Beauty's Bagel Shop. Then we drove out to Tiburon, Sausalito, and Bodega Bay. We had lunch at a place called Fishetarian in Bodega Bay. The best part of the drive was Bodega Bay and the beautiful coast line. Another cool part of the trip was remembering that Rick Riordan set part of his Heroes of Olympus series near where we were driving today (Mount Tamalpais) and the realization that Camp Jupiter is located in the hills of Oakland - very close to where we are staying. Tomorrow we return to SFO. ... read more
Golden Gate Bridge from Marin Headlands
Fish and Prawn and Chips, Fishetarian, Bodega Bay
Sonoma Coast State Park Scenic Overlook

North America » United States » California » Bodega Bay December 13th 2015

R: We arrived in to Bodega Bay quite late at night and just as another Pacific storm was coming in. It's most famous as the setting for Alfred Hitchcocks film "The Birds" - a film based on killer sea gulls attacking the local residents. Cate being from the seaside has a slight fondness for sea gulls, personally, I hate the things. Now I feel a bit ratified. Bodega bay is a sweet little place, more a line of shops and services along the sea front. It's a sheltered bay (but didn't feel so sheltered with the storm coming in) and a headland which is on a different tectonic plate. It was a stormy night, made worse by the sheriff turning up over and over again to deal with a child custody issue at the hotel, and ... read more
Bodega Bay
Harbour Seal
Pelican @ Bodega Bay

North America » United States » California » Bodega Bay March 19th 2015

I am sorry it has been two months since my last post. Even when you are on vacation life gets in the way.....we are in a beautiful spot on the ocean in Bodega Bay, California. We have been here since Tuesday, March 16th. It is a beautiful spot near the California coast. Jason, our son and his girlfriend Jenny are coming to meet us here on Friday for the weekend. Then we have to head towards home..... It has been an incredible is amazing how fast the months go by. The weather has been so great all the way from Mazatlan. The pictures I posted are a collection of the last month on Stone Island and our trip home so far. People always ask "what do you do all day?" Well....some days we just pick ... read more

"The ocean is about 10 minutes from here," Tati informed me that one late morning on the 5th of July as we chilled at her mom's place by the Russian River on a mini-vacation. I think she might have kept talking after sharing that bit of important information with me, but I didn't hear anything she said after the word, "ocean". "Which ocean?" I asked excitedly. I was already recalculating my plans for the day as the still heat of the Villa Grande air was started to get to me. I was wilting. And you know what they say, if you can't take the heat....get out... "Um, the Pacific Ocean," she responded quizzically. I laughed at my error. "I mean, which BEACH?" And that was that. It hadn't even occurred to me to visit the coast ... read more

Geo: 38.3333, -123.047Well it is finally coming to an end. We have to start heading back to Santa Fe. The original plan was to drive back to Berkeley today and spend Monday packing up for an early Monday morning departure from Oakland airport. Robert managed to make a good enough argument to spend one last night with Jerry and Naxdli somewhere along the coast heading down toward Berkeley.We all were breaking down our campsites when suddenly our attention was drawn to the opposite shore where we could see a heron fishing on shore and a otter fishing in the water! The otter began rolling in the mud with the heron keeping a watchful eye on him. Then the heron would walk down the shoreline, and the otter would match his movement in the water! Quite a ... read more
Fishing Buddies -- Otter and Great Blue Heron
Fishing Buddies -- Otter and Great Blue Heron
Fishing Buddies -- Otter and Great Blue Heron

North America » United States » California » Bodega Bay April 28th 2013

I went to the beach yesterday with my BFF Vicky. We went in the water and I tried to swim but it FAILED. After that me and Vicky went to the sand dunes, rolled around and got all dirty like little sand monsters. At the end we walked back to my house and washed off with my hose.... read more

North America » United States » California » Bodega Bay December 19th 2012

FORT ROSS On a clear day you can see Mt Shasta from Fort Ross. Shasta is not an English word, it is not an Indian Word, nor is it a Spanish word. It is a Russian word meaning “shimmering mountain over yonder in the distance thataway”. The Russians, the English, and the Spanish, all had plans for territorial expansion in western North America. The local Indians simply hoped to keep what they already had. “Ross” is poetic term meaning Russia to people who speak that language. The first Russians that came to California arrived in 1803 aboard American ships. They were part of a joint fur venture with American ship captains. When those Russians got back to Sitka they told their boss, Alexander Baranov, that there was plenty of unoccupied land north of the ... read more

North America » United States » California » Bodega Bay November 9th 2009

By melisse: From state to state in the US of A many things are the same, but many are different. Each region has its own flavor; cultural norms, speech patterns, laws, geography, vegetation, weather, industry, and agriculture. That’s what makes it fun to travel around this great land. Sonoma County has its unique flavor, one we grew to love 9-15 years ago when we lived here. It’s fun to reconnect with it all now. We hadn’t planned on holing up here for so long, but many factors have pulled us in and we are enjoying being here immensely. During the past few weeks we’ve been here one thing is quite different from when we were here last. A special aroma has filled the air, literally almost everywhere; taking a walk or driving the highways. It’s been ... read more
sparkling leaves

North America » United States » California » Bodega Bay September 1st 2009

url= There is little hope in my mind. I hear waves. Not calm smooth waves, but a miasmic destruction of breakers crushing one another before steamrolling onto shore. I open my eyes and blink into a soft morning light. Inside my tent, it’s neither bright nor dark. It’s that shade of gray matter infusing all color, dissolving vibrancy like bleach to a load of reds. The rain-fly covers the vents above my body, making it impossible to observe what’s outside. I close my eyes and listen, relaxing into the Therm-A-Rest, feeling the stones press into my spine as if receiving a Jujitsu reflexology massage. I open them again, sit up and unzip my portal. Pacific Northwest—a land of beauty, a land of instability. When you want sun,... read more
The Neptune Mystique
Hobbit Trails
A Wild West

I arrived in Bodega Bay in a cool drizzle. Thankfully the next morning the clouds had cleared and the sky was blue again. The little town of Bodega is tiny; its claim to fame is that it was the location for Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds.” Bodega (pronounced “Bodayga”) Bay is about 5 miles from Bodega. The inhabitants of the Bay are quick to let you know where they are from; some of them even have a car sticker with BB on it as if it’s a country of its own! Needless to say there is a lot of fishing, crabbing, as well as all kind of water sport activities ongoing. I spent a good hour watching some guys windsurfing and kite skiing (I think that’s what it’s called.) I left my beautiful sea view spot for ... read more
Bodega Bay
Coastal Scene

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