Tribute to Momma and Heading West to Visit Drew

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April 14th 2017
Published: April 16th 2017
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Tribute to Momma

I don’t know if everyone has heard…

On Friday March 31st Momma passed. Tuesday April 4th, we laid her to rest next to daddy, it was a good to see all the family and celebrate her life.

I would like to share some thoughts on how Momma influenced my life.

Momma’s Famous saying

Be sure your sins will find you out

Behave! Behave! Behave!

Another depression is coming


Momma was always very giving, I remember one evening after delivering the newspapers she forced me to carry a meal up to this house. I walked up to the door and knocked, as the door opened I raised my head and was met by the girl I sat next to in my 7th grade class. As I carried the meal into her house, I walked past her dying mother.

I believe momma was teaching me to be humble, kind and giving; it worked.

I viewed momma as a very strong woman, only twice in my life did I see Momma crying;

First; When I was bitten by a snake, reflecting on this, I believe she was truly scared.

Second; I walked into our home after daddy’s passing and found her crying by herself, I believe she truly loved and missed him.

She taught me It’s ok to cry, I do that now

Momma’s Flannel Graph mission

I believe I can tell you every biblical story in the bible, in fact therefore I’m always called upon to answer the biblical question at trivia night.

I became her Vacuum Cleaner repair boy, I still hold that title in the Vaughan family.

I have bought, repaired and given away more Electrolux vacuums than I will ever remember.

Momma taught me and many others how a good vacuum makes cleaning the house much easier

Momma and I delivered many newspapers and collected lots of money on the paper route.

It was then that I developed my money handling skills

However, the lesson momma taught me;

Making money was ok;

But NOT the love of money.

1st Timothy 6:10 - for the love of money is the root of all evil,

Riding from KY to Atlanta one year with momma, in her famous yellow VW beetle,

we had some very deep conversations about life and faith, it was probably then she

realized I questioned faith, I’m sure I increased her pray time.

But in the last few years, momma and I would go on rides and continue the same discussions.

We would eat lunch sitting on the banks of the Ohio River many times watching the barges go by.

With each ride, we would venture further out and our conversations drew us closer together.

It was on one of our rides she called me her prodigal son……..

Thinking of you momma as Kirsten and I explore the west coast.

Ok, back to the trip…

It’s Friday morning 5:30 AM the alarm goes off Kirsten is already pulling the covers off me and is turning on all the lights. Hey, you promised me I could sleep till 6 am, sorry I changed my mind we’re on vacation and I’m not wasting a moment of it.

The phone rings around 6:30 and its Omi, are you ready, Opa and I are waiting to take you to the airport. Kirsten is out the door and I’m following her pulling up my pants and buckling my belt.

Wait, wait hold the elevator I’m coming.

Omi and Opa drive us to airport while I’m still dressing myself, we arrive. As were walking into the airport she waves good bye to Omi and Opa and says; We’re on vacation, Wooo Hooo!!

Ok this vacation will be slightly different from our normal journeys’. To start with we’re staying in the continental USA. Second, and this is HUGH, we’re not flying on buddy passes/standby.

I’m hearing a large gasp over the land!

Yep, we bought tickets using the holiest of holies Delta Points from Kirsten’s AMEX. Let me tell you, Kirsten parting with her Delta points is like the first Easter morning.

Yeah, you get it.

We make our way through TSA security with minimal pat down.

As we’re walking into the B-side of Orlando airport. I normally get a cup of coffee from Starbucks. Not today that line stretched back into the tram area. So, I just ease over to the BK and get me a cup of coffee for far less the wait and cost.

Our flight is wonderful the Delta Attendant is GREAT and entertaining. We arrive in Atlanta at

T terminal and make our way to the F terminal. We have a 2-hour layover that wizzes by in no time.

The flight to Phoenix is relaxing and I got to use Delta’s cool streaming of movies into my iPad. How cool is that, I could watch the movie and listen through my hearing aids. I know most folks don’t fully appreciate this and that’s ok.

We landed in Phoenix took the shuttle to hotel with total ease. I texted Drew we arrived and that we needed a nap, Drew texted back take a nap old man as he was busy at work.

After our nap, Kirsten and I walked to the tram and headed towards the Phoenix Brewery about 2 miles away. We texted Drew where we were and in about an hour Drew pulls into the parking lot. WOW, it is great to see Drew…..

We piled into Drew’s car and off to dinner we went. Now Phoenix is 3 hours’ time difference from Orlando and after a beer and dinner Kirsten I are feeling tired. So, Drew shows us his apartment, it looks really nice with all his art work decorating the walls.

It is great seeing Drew WOW! Drew looks GREAT and is so happy to see us. I think he has adjusted to Phoenix very well.

After visiting some more, he takes us back to the Hotel, yep this old man is tired.


16th April 2017

Tribute to Momma & Drew
Dear Steve, dear Kirsten, Happy Easter in Phoenix! Thank you so much for your Tribute to your Mom. I am sure most of the people feel the same as you, but don't have the skills to put it into words. We are glad to hear Drew enjoys living in Phoenix. We look forward hearing your and Kirsten's Travelblog about your adventure travel with The train thru the U.S.A. Have a safe trip and we look forward seeing you n May when we Come back to Winter Haven. Love, James and Maria
16th April 2017

Your Mama Taught You Well
Enjoyed hearing your reminiscing about your mother. She taught you well. Everyone's mama seems to have a list of "teachings," and I'm sure you're glad for those that you learned. How do moms get to be so smart? That is one really, really TOUGH job. I'm with Kirsten on redeeming points. It just irks me to have to use them.... but if I keep telling myself that being able to use them is the whole point, right"?? Enjoy your trip! Hi to Drew! Look forward to reading your postings. Keith / Jim
16th April 2017

Did not know the news of your Momma. My condolences. She would likely be happy to know your trip is off to a great start! Would love to see some pics of Drew's art work. Glad he and Phoenix are a match.

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