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North America » United States » Arizona » Phoenix June 10th 2019

Zunächst einmal will ich Lu und Matthias, die ich von meiner Dubai-Reise her kenne, grüßen, falls sie dies wieder lesen. Gestern haben sie ja meinen Post kommentiert. Der Tag begann heute wieder einmal mit einem guten Frühstück. Ich wechsle ja zwischen Pan Cakes, Waffles und Eggs & Bacon durch. Nur im ersten Hotel in L.A. gab es ein rudimentäres und auch im Preis inbegriffenes Buffet. In den anderen Hotel gab es Restaurants bei denen man à la carte bestellen konnte. Nach dem Frühstück bin ich zur Straßenbahn neben dem Hotel und zum empfohlenen Heard Museum gefahren. Dieses beschäftigt sich mit den indianischen Ureinwohnern Nordamerikas und vor allem aus der Region hier. Eine weitere Attraktion wäre der Desert Botanical Garden gewesen, aber der ist mehrere Kilometer entfernt und die Tram hält auch nicht direkt dort, daher habe ... read more
Im Heard Museum in Phoenix.
Im Heard Museum in Phoenix.
Im Heard Museum in Phoenix.

North America » United States » Arizona » Phoenix June 9th 2019

Heute bin ich die über 400 Kilometer durch die Wüste von Palm Springs nach Phoenix gefahren. Gleich nach dem Frühstück ging es los. Die Fahrt verlief eigentlich ereignislos. In Kalifornien sind 70 Meilen pro Stunde erlaubt. In Arizona 75. Die Grenze bildet bei Blythe auf etwa der Hälfte der Strecke der Colorado. Kurz danach habe ich in Quartzsite kurz Pause gemacht. Aber Strecken dieser Größenordnung bin ich ja durch meine Projekte oft gewohnt. In Phoenix war ich schon einmal 1997 und habe dort in der Jugendherberge übernachtet. Ich glaube, damals war ich auch im Pueblo Grande Museum, bevor ich in die entgegen gesetzten Richtung wieder weiter bin. Ich habe heute nicht mehr viel gemacht. Ich war im Starbucks und im Restaurant in der Hotel-Lobby. Dann habe ich mal wieder Wäsche abgegeben. Und jetzt mache ich die ... read more
All American Breakfast.
Mein Auto auf dieser Reise.

North America » United States » Arizona » Phoenix March 19th 2019

The Desert Botanical Gardens are really pretty in the springtime. The garden is an easy walk and is on the East side of the city close to the airport, Papago Park, and the Zoo... read more

North America » United States » Arizona » Phoenix March 16th 2018

While we are in Sedona and Scottsdale, I visited the Gila River War Relocation Center. Most of my Dad's family (west of Highway 99) were incarcerated in Jerome, Arkansas shortly after Pearl Harbor. My Mom's family from Sanger (east of Highway 99) was sent to Gila River, Arizona, just outside of Phoenix. My Dad stayed behind to make arrangements for the family farm. He met up with some bachelor friends in Fresno, and was shipped out to Gila shortly. My Mom and Dad met there, and were married during their year in the desert. They received a weekend pass to elope to Phoenix. But how much do you know about the "Relocation Camp" in the Arizona desert? The Gila River War Relocation Center was built on the Gila River Indian Reservation, over their objections. Gila River ... read more
Desolate and alone
Baseball was their only salvation

North America » United States » Arizona » Phoenix February 26th 2018

We don’t sleep well, the room is unbearably hot which is ironic as it’s minus 13 outside. I’m tempted to call reception and discuss the environment some more. We give up when the fuel truck arrives at 7 to refill the gas tank opposite our room. Today’s destination is Phoenix, with 3 couple of stops en route. We head out of the Canyon along Desert View Drive for our last view scenic views, culminating in the Desert View Watchtower, where you can climb 90 stairs (quite an effort at 7000 feet) for an elevated view of the Canyon and the Colorado River. It’s a scenic place for our breakfast picnic but it’s still just nudging zero degrees and difficult to eat a bagel wearing gloves. We exit the park and after a brief flirtation with the ... read more
Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon Watchtower

North America » United States » Arizona » Phoenix April 16th 2017

It’s 6:30 AM and I’ve had another great night sleep. Yah, Kirsten is still asleep. Just like yesterday I go into my stealth mode and get cleaned up and dressed. I’m out the door without disturbing her at all…NOT. I get myself a cup of coffee, sit down and begin updating my blog. Once Kirsten and Drew have had their coffee, we are ready to go. We’re out the door and off for a day of exploring Arizona, Kirsten is the navigator and instructs Drew where to go. Flagstaff is about 2-3 hours away if you take the interstate. Well you know Kirsten, if there is a back road we’re going to take it. So, we set our sights on Sedona via backroad AZ Hwy 89. Sort of like route 66. After an hour of cruising ... read more

North America » United States » Arizona » Phoenix April 15th 2017

I wake up around 5 am, I’m still on east coast time. Kirsten is still asleep all curled up in her blanket on her soft mattress. Great night sleep, soft mattress. I turn on my stealth mode and slip into the shower, after dressing I slip out and head down stairs to have some breakfast. Kirsten is still fast asleep. Kirsten joins me after an hour or so. She is smiling and says… I love the bed it’s so soft and cushy. Yeah, I know I felt like I was sleeping a marshmallow. No, it was a cloud and I floated all night. Drew comes in to the hotel lobby/dining area, gets a cup of coffee and sits down. Kirsten pulls out her list of items she wants to explore. After reviewing the list with Drew, ... read more

North America » United States » Arizona » Phoenix April 14th 2017

Tribute to Momma I don’t know if everyone has heard… On Friday March 31st Momma passed. Tuesday April 4th, we laid her to rest next to daddy, it was a good to see all the family and celebrate her life. I would like to share some thoughts on how Momma influenced my life. Momma’s Famous saying Be sure your sins will find you out Behave! Behave! Behave! Another depression is coming Nagh Momma was always very giving, I remember one evening after delivering the newspapers she forced me to carry a meal up to this house. I walked up to the door and knocked, as the door opened I raised my head and was met by the girl I sat next to in my 7th grade class. As I carried the meal into her house, I ... read more

North America » United States » Arizona » Phoenix March 24th 2017

Set off from motel early as had long hard day ahead, 80 plus miles with over 5500 climb. Went well for the first 40 miles and then felt like I was running on empty, my legs just died and I was pushing my cycle up not huge hills. I realized that in cyclists terms. I bonked. This is when you have used up all the stored sugar in your liver and are running on empty. I reviewed my diet over the last few days and I had had a salade as the main evening meal for the last 3 nights and very little bread, potatoes,rice ,pasta or ice cream . You cannot do long distance cycling with out loading with carbs. Our energy output daily is over 6000 calls and I am only eating and drinking ... read more

North America » United States » Arizona » Phoenix March 20th 2017

At last slept in to 7 am and wrote up diary. Went with Frank to get his bike fixed and I bought new saddle to protect my bruised behind. My muscles also need time to recover. This trip is far more demanding than I had ever imagined. I had been slightly concerned about sleeping on the ground every night but so tired I go out like a light. The heat just drains you and although I am drinking litres of fluid it just evaporates . Just about to clean my bike before another long climb of 5500 ft tomorrow.... read more

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