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Leaving Moab, Utah, we headed South through Monument Valley to Paige, Arizona. This whole area is run by Native Americans and we had a great time checking out Antelope Canyon, a slot canyon that we were taken around by Leonard, our Native American guide. Antelope Canyon was worth the journey, a very enchanting place indeed. After Monument Valley, we journeyed on towards Las Vegas but not after first of all checking out the spectacular Grand Canyon North Rim. I'm glad to have made it this time having had to turn back on flooded roads in '07 trying to get to the South Rim. Stunning spot... : ) ... read more
Grand Canyon Detail a Mile Down
Monument Valley
This is Arizona

This morning we were moving on again, we got ourselves ready, packed the car and left Ponderosa Ranch to our next destination, Monument Valley National Park. I was behind the wheel today. It was a nervous experience considering my lack of experience driving on the wrong side of the road. After a few hours driving across the beautiful canyon lands of the South-West we arrived at our Monument Valley hotel called, ‘The View’. Last time Hannah and I came here the hotel didn’t exist and that was only a couple of years ago. We checked in but our rooms were not yet ready, so in the meantime Selina & Ash decided to go on a Navaho Indian guided tour, while Hannah and I would take the 4 by 4 and explore on our own. So after ... read more
Monument Valley
Monument Valley
Monument Valley

North America » United States » Arizona » Monument Valley April 11th 2010

Sunday 11th April Capitol Reef National Park to Monument Valley Yeeeeehaaaaaa, wild west country here we come! Monument Valley has been the backdrop for Hollywood movies since 1924. The film buffs among you may recognise the scenery in the photo's from such classics as The Searchers, Fort Apache (John Wayne), My Darling Clementine (Henry Fonda), Easy Rider (Peter Fonda), Back To The Future III (Michael J Fox) and Forest Gump (Tom Hanks). It was a long journey getting here. We set off early after stocking up on pie, scones and coffee from the Gifford Farmhouse (see yesterday's entry) in Capitol Reef and headed out along our planned route. However, the Moki Dugway and a conversation with a Park Ranger made us reconsider. Imagine the scene, you're driving along a regular Highway, 261 in particular, and you ... read more
A fantastic driving road - just a shame we're not in a Corvette!
Approaching Monument Valley
The left and right "mittens"

North America » United States » Arizona » Monument Valley October 14th 2009

It was a relatively short drive from Chinle to Monument Valley. As we entered the area, the numerous buttes and mesas began to exert their influence on us. While we have seen these enormous and powerful shapes all through our lives in various John Ford films, it is another matter to have them there in front of you. The various shapes loom and brood, changing from minute to minute with the passage of the sun across the sky, but always huge and solid. Monument Valley is also in the Navajo Reservation, and is operated by the Navajo Nation as a Tribal Park. The campsite is "primitive" (no water or any kind of hook-ups for RVs), but that suited us just fine. We were told to select any spot in the campground that we liked. Any place ... read more
At the campground
Growing colors from the setting sun
Light falls across the Valley floor

North America » United States » Arizona » Monument Valley September 30th 2009

Monument Valley!!! read more

North America » United States » Arizona » Monument Valley September 10th 2009

Today's visit was actually a "drive through". The place: Monument Valley. Welcome to the set of the wild west! It certainly does look like in the movies... The land here is red, and the place still pristene... It is not a National Park in fact, because on the Navajo territory. So - no pavement - but good old fashioned ride on the dirt road. The car was full of sand - inside and out - at the end of the ride. We were just happy we didn't get stuck in the sand dune! But, again, another impressive place. The key word here is erosion, but that seems to be the case everywhere around here... We closed the day at the local 'bar with the view'. Just check out the pictures - it certainly is a bar ... read more
JW at Monument Valley
Tajana at Monument Valley
Monument Valley - another view

North America » United States » Arizona » Monument Valley August 12th 2009

Monument Valley is famous for its dramatic landscape, gigantic rocks shaped by erosion for millions of years and also for being the set of many Western movies, most of them featuring John Wayne. Some of you will be familiar with some of our pictures. Monument Valley is located inside the Navajo Reservation in the north of Arizona and south of Utah. The day before we toured Monument Valley we passed by the Navajo National Monument. Because the Navajo Reservation is private property very little can be explored without a guide. We joined a whole day tour with a Navajo guide at Gouldings Trading Post. The morning part of the tour took us to Mystery Valley just south of Monument Valley. This part is less well known because it is treated like an archaeological site and also ... read more
Mystery Valley
Mystery Valley
Navajo Reservation

North America » United States » Arizona » Monument Valley April 13th 2009

The Colorado plateau opened impressively up after we left the Grand Canyon in East direction. We felt a little bit like coming now into the real Wild West and double checked the gasoline level of the car. There is only every 30-50 miles some sort of town. We still remember a small road side village with a Mc Donalds and the advertisement of a Burger King next to it. Distance only 36 miles (60 km)! It took us four hours to reach our next destination of Goulding’s Trading Post at the Arizona-Utah state border. Everything in this village seems to be owned by Mr. Goulding. The saloon, the lodge, the gas station, the store and the camp ground were all displaying the Goulding name. The trading post was founded 1923 as a supply store near the ... read more
Goulding town with mesas behing
goulding trading post at night
table mountains

North America » United States » Arizona » Monument Valley January 27th 2009

En conduisant de nuit du Grand Canyon à Monument Valley, on ne s'était pas rendu compte que le paysage avait drôlement changé en deux heures de route. Avant d'arriver au parc de Monument Valley en lui-même, nous sommes vraiment passé par le paysage typiquement américain: une route qui n'en finit pas avec strictement rien autour si ce n'est des blocs de pierre géants, magnifique! Le parc n'est pas un parc national comme tous ceux que nous ferons pendant notre voyage mais un parc tenus par les Indiens Navajos qui résistent encore et toujours à l'envahisseur. Et comme ils ne font pas payer le prix exorbitants des parcs, ils n'entretiennent pas le parc, ni les routes. Alors quand on a une voiture qui a les lignes d'un SUV mais les possibilités d'une AX, on a bien lutté ... read more
Monument Valley
Monument Valley
Monument Valley

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