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Leave Show Low nice and early so we can be on the road in time to catch the GBC live streaming service. Yay, we made it. Terrific service, this Father’s Day. Pass through a town called Snowflake, with a big solar farm! A huge bridge on the Little Colorado River… Dry! Sad. Holbrook, AZ. Some businesses seen: Petrified Wood Co. Pow Wow Trading Post HopiTravelPlaza Travel through the Apache Reservation into the Navajo Reservation. In the distance, Monument-looking rocks. Enter Utah at 3:30; arrive Gouldings RV Park at 3:45; get set up and enjoy the monuments all around. Back on MDT now we can get up a little later. ... read more
Marge's Pictures From 30miles out to Monument Valley
Marge's Pictures From 30miles out to Monument Valley
Marge's Pictures From 30miles out to Monument Valley

After the Grand Canyon - one might be disapointed with the next stop - but no we were not. When we started planning this trip I bought a huge map of WEST USA and put red stickers on all the places I wanted to go ... then we got real about the distances and time factor and Suzanne said she wanted to go to Grand Canyon and Monument Valley and so we said anything else would be a bonus....well we have had lots of bonuses already. So everyone has probably seen Monument Valley in the movies John Ford westerns like Stagecoach, She Wore a Yellow Ribbon, The Searchers were all filmed here as well as Thelma and you think you have an idea of what it will be like but everytime we come across some ... read more
Gouldings Campsite (4)
Tracie makes the famous eggy bread.
Navajo Tour Fone pics (1)

North America » United States » Arizona » Monument Valley January 5th 2013

One dreams to see the world, and I can say easily that I'm pretty fortunate at touring it for the last 20 something years. My wishlist of places to visit is finally actually getting shorter by the year for the last few years. But Monument Valley, this place has been on my top 10 for years. Today it's done, and what a better way than to share it with Leslie and Tiffany. Don't even try to get me on how many places these two will have seen by the time they are eighteen...I know... You've seen the western movies, Forrest Gump, Mission Impossible, Back to the future....and all the other movies about this place. But where is that land looking like out of this world. Simple, border of Utah and Arizona...truly in the middle of nowhere...must ... read more
Good morning cold Monument Valley!
Monument Valley
Forest Gump couldn't join us that morning...

North America » United States » Arizona » Monument Valley November 11th 2012

There was no emotional reunion with Susan, Lauren's mum, we guess five months is no dramas for many people, but Lauren would have thought it would have been, but it wasn't, just hugs all around and let's grab the bags and get to the car to start the beginning of the end. It had been touch and go since we left if Susan would be joining us, but as we decided a few weeks earlier that the last part was going to stretch our budget too far, Susan stepped in and agreed to come out knowing it would be an unlikely type of holiday she would take again, and bite half the bullet of the expense. That said the three of us now joined forces and set off to pastures new. We collected our ford fusion ... read more
Rocky Mountain national park
Road to Monument Valley
Bear foot prints

North America » United States » Arizona » Monument Valley October 24th 2012

We started Day 3 by heading out to Phoenix airport to pick up our rental car. We had a rather interesting cab driver, who had no hesitation in sharing the troubles in his life. His current predicament being that his son's friend was getting a little too friendly with the wife. This was interspersed with random mumblings that we could not hear and did not follow up. Our car was a little bit of a surprise. All I was really hoping for was something somewhat modern, nothing fancy, and certainly nothing that looks like a giant silver brick on wheels. Rats. I've seen shorter entire cars than the hood of this thing. I get into the car and I'm greeted by a column shift. Awesome! It definitely brought back memories from Mum's old Kingswood. Netherless, it ... read more
Common Arizona scenery
Spider Rock
Postcard making

The next installment of photos! This time it's my Monument Valley experience, complete with off-road jeep adventure and Navajo cultural evening. Enjoy! - Streets. x... read more
Monument Valley.
Off on our off-road Navajo adventure!
Amos running to retrieve his lost hat.

I woke up bright and early to head on over to Navajo Nation! I had always seen Monument Valley in pictures and movies and had wanted to visit. The drive from Moab to Navajo Nation and the Four Corners area was sure to be exciting. I started my morning by driving to Newspaper Rock. This is a rock with a whole slew of petroglyphs. I also learned the difference between a petroglyph and a pictograph. A petroglyph is carved into the rock. A pictograph is painted onto the rock. Pretty easy to distinguish now right? I find both interesting to look at. I often find myself trying to figure out what they could represent or who. Aliens right? Haha! I took a short detour afterwards into Goosenecks State Park close to the border between Utah and ... read more
Newspaper Rock
What Story Are They Telling
Full View

North America » United States » Arizona » Monument Valley November 4th 2011

Our return visit to Colorado was mainly about catching up with people we had missed on our first run through. On that occasion we had scuttled pretty quickly out of Denver up to the Rocky Mountains National Park and points north. This time we wanted to give Denver more of a go and work south and west. We had vague plans of ending up in Utah at Zion National Park or in Arizona at Monument Valley and quite specific plans of not being too caught up with the snow they tend to receive in this part of the world. Apart from our kids, we have seen little of relations on this trip – oh, and of course, Janet who travelled through Africa with us. Catching up with Jeanne in Denver was a special treat. The city ... read more
Keeping watch
Not Central Australia
Unexpected for us

North America » United States » Arizona » Monument Valley October 23rd 2011

Ask many people to imagine the west, and they’ll respond with a vision of red buttes sticking up from a flat desert plain. This particular landscape is iconic thanks to a series of classic western movies directed by John Ford. No matter where they were set, he filmed them in just one place, Monument Valley. I never saw the films growing up, but I did see hundreds of cartoons that used the same landscape. Today I finally see the real thing. Of course, lots of other people want to see that landscape also. During summer, it leads to almost unbearable crowding. Thankfully, most visitors have left by late autumn. The popularity also leads to high prices, which I can’t do anything about. Like other things on this trip (see ), I decided I would enjoy the ... read more
Mexican Hat
Valley of the Gods
Chicken Butte

North America » United States » Arizona » Monument Valley September 27th 2011

Another early morning as we head towards Monument Valley, Utah/Arizona and as we leave the Grand Canyon the scenery changes from glorious green forests and pastures to a dry arid landscape. Along the roadside there are Indian stalls set up selling thier wares, and as we approach the Valley, we site large sandstone formations reaching hundreds of feet into the air. We enter The Navajo Tribal Park and again it is bloody hot, tourist everywhere and the landscape is breathtaking. We arrive just on lunchtime and are unable to book into our room until 3 o'clock, we sit outside and have some lunch while Indian flute music is played in the background, it sounds so peaceful and spiritual and a serene calmness engulfs me, the stress and worry of the outside world disappears and I feel ... read more
The View
The View Hotel
The View

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