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Day 12 - Snowmass to Grand Canyon North America » United States » Arizona » Monument Valley By Nobster NeilJuly 2nd 2007 My apologies for the delay in posting the last few days, but problems with Internet Access and the laptop have meant I have had to wait until I got home to post the remaining days. No your not missing something - Day 11 was really nothing to write about, a full 11 hours in the car around scenery that was boring in the extreme until you pass Denver and head into the Rockies, passing past Vail on our way to Snowmass Village a couple of miles from Aspen not... read more

North America » United States » Arizona » Monument Valley February 20th 2007

On horseback it really felt like the best way to see Monument Valley. We drove to a ranch close to the Navajo tribal park and arranged for a private trail ride with a guide. Andy was on Toby and Kate was riding Frosty - we set off with our guide Shane for a 3 hour amazing ride into Horse Canyon through all the spectacular rock formations. Shane is married to a Navajo Indian so he had lots of stories and information. This morning we went back to the park and drove the public loop. The weather changed to glorious sunshine and we drove the dusty road with the top down. Beautiful. We picked up a list of Movies that have been filmed in the area so we have lots of films to catch up on when ... read more
Andy on Toby
Kate on Frosty
Posing in Tear Drop Arch - the end of our Horse Canyon trail ride

North America » United States » Arizona » Monument Valley October 3rd 2006

The 4:30am wake-up call comes too early for me. But the workshop ends today and we must check out of our motel before leaving for a sunrise photo shoot in Monument Valley. At the park entrance, the ticket booth is closed and parking lot access is blocked. So, we park at the campground across the road. Stepping over the barricades, we walk to a flat, red dirt area that overlooks the valley. Joining a crowd of photographers, our group sets up. Staking out positions, cameras on tripods, we wait for the sun to rise. The purpose is to take a picture of a golden sun peaking over the monument’s buttes and rock formations. The weather is not cooperating. Thick clouds roam the sky giving us a mediocre sunrise. Navajo workers walk through the crowd. “You must ... read more
Alan's view through the tree
The three sisters
Monument Valley in the morning

North America » United States » Arizona » Monument Valley October 2nd 2006

As we leave Page, AZ, the photo workshop stops at one more slot canyon. Upper Antelope Canyon is the slot canyon most tourists visit. If you’ve ever seen a picture of gold, orange and red canyon walls with a shaft of light shining down the center, you’ve seen Upper Antelope Canyon. We pay a $15.00 fee plus $6.00 hiking fee and wait for the truck that will drive us approximately 1 and ½ miles to the canyon’s entrance. Riding on bench seats on the open back of a truck, exposes us to sun and dust. I have to hold my hat to keep the wind from blowing it away. We are the first visitors to the canyon this morning. The tour allows for one hour of exploration and the Navajo guide lets the photography group go ... read more
Alan's artistic canyon shot
The group poses beside a familiar view
My artistic shot of the moon

North America » United States » Arizona » Monument Valley September 23rd 2006

Die Buergerpflicht ruft! Seit Tagen haben wir ein Postamt gesucht, um unsere Wahlkarten nach Oesterreich zu schicken, denn: jede Stimme zaehlt! Man sollte ja glauben, einen Brief aufzugeben, kann nicht lange dauern - hier in Tuba City, Arizona, ist dem aber anders. Nachdem die Angestellte den Brief zuerst fuer Austrialien frankiert hat, dauert die Prozedur des Suchens eines Storno-Formulars und neu Frankierens circa 15 Minuten! Als diese Huerde dann ueberwunden ist, fahren wir durch die Halbwueste ins Monument Valley. Auf dem Weg dorthin kommen wir durch kleine Ortschaften, die von Indianern bewohnt sind . Monument Valley selbst besteht aus sehr beeindruckenden Felsformationen - wir fahren stundenlang herum und staunen und fotografieren. Kurz vor dem Ausgang bemerkt Robert, dass er bereits gestern die Aufloesung des Fotoapparates auf ganz niedrig gestellt hat, also die Fotos eine eher s ... read more
Goosenecks of San Juan River

Four Corners & Monument Valley I was quite excited about this next destination as we were heading further into the desert! On the way we stopped at 4 Corners USA. This is the only place in the US where 4 states meet. The land is on an Indian Reservation and they have set it up as a tourist spot. It was quite an interesting place, the actual point where the 4 states meet had a concrete monument where we had our photos taken. All around the square monument are rickety old stalls where the American Indians sell jewelry, pottery, arrows and other bits and bobs. They also had a couple of food stalls selling Indian frybread, which as the name suggests is a bread-like dough which has been fried. Eager to try a bit of culture ... read more
Nick by the stalls
Stand Off!
A foot in ALL camps!

North America » United States » Arizona » Monument Valley April 23rd 2006

The next drive was on to Monument valley. Anoter spectacular place out in the dessert, and scene of many famous westerns, mostly directed by John Ford who has a section named after him. We did a tour around the valley, which was hosted by local Navajo Indians that lived on the reservation. It again was an amazing place. We camped in the valley that night, and the Indians cooked a fantastic meal for us. We also were treated to some traditional music and dancing, before returning to the tents to sleep under the stars. A brilliant day.... read more
Monument Valley
Monument Valley
Monument Valley

North America » United States » Arizona » Monument Valley February 4th 2006

It took a while for me to work out what destination to pick out of the myriad of things you can do in the South West Corner of the States. I decided to go to Monument Valley, a must I suppose if you are in the vicinity of Utah, and as a last stop, Canyon de Chelly, a much less known site in Arizona. In fact, there was hardly anyone, which was a welcome change from Grand Canyon and Monument Valley. The name Canyon de Chelly is derived from the language of the Diné, the local Indian tribe in this area, “tsegi”, meaning gorge. The Canyon was declared National Monument in 1931 and belongs to the Navajo-Reservation. It’s the biggest Indian Reservation in the States, measuring 55,900 km². It was given to the Diné-Indians in 1868 ... read more
Monument Valley again
And more of Monument Valley
And again

North America » United States » Arizona » Monument Valley December 23rd 2005

Today's primary focus will be the famous Monument Valley, where a lot of movies were made. Details to be provided later. Sorry!... read more
Monument Valley 2
Monument Valley 3
Monument Valley 4

North America » United States » Arizona » Monument Valley October 30th 2005

On Sunday morning, we were off in time to visit an ancient Anaszi/Hisatsinom (descendants of a people whose history dates back to 6000BC and whose ancestors are claimed to be the Hopi and Zumi Indians) site on Navajo lands. Batatkin village is an example of a medieval village (inhabited around 1250AD) built into alcoves in the rock of a canyon's walls. Later in the day, we arrived in Monument Valley in time to meet our Navajo host, Harley, who took us on a 'jeep' tour (a cage on the back of a pick-up truck) and showed us loads of famous film locations including the rock Tom Cruise climbs in MI:2 and lots of John Wayne/John Ford stuff. At one point we stopped and lay down inside a cavern with an 'eye' in the roof whilst Harley ... read more

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