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North America » United States » Arizona » Monument Valley September 24th 2014

Aujourd’hui direction Monument Valley la terre des Navajos et des westerns de notre cher ami John Wayne. Le temps est magnifique et nous arrivons sur place. L’entrée de 20 $ ne nous gêne aucunement. Mais hélas la route de 30 Km est non pavé et les visites en car se payent 90 $. Nous essayons de faire un bout de chemin mais arrivée à 10 km par peur de casser la voiture on fait demi-tour. On aura au moins vu la moitié et rentabiliser les 20 $. On dira que les Navajos ne goudronnent pas leur route par respect de leurs terres ou pour continuer leurs affaires florissantes avec leur balades en bus 4X4 qui te poussent presque de la route … (Je vous laisse le choix de décider ^^). Ensuite nous décidons d’allé faire un ... read more

North America » United States » Arizona » Monument Valley August 14th 2014

Far' West (Monument Valley) Nous aons hésité à y aller car cela nous ajoutait 3 heures de route et le temps était très maussade lors de notre départ du Lac Powell : Des pluies très fortes par intermittence et une visibilité très faible. Qu'allions nous voir du coup de ces paysages mythiques ? Après quelques tergiversations, nous décidons tout de même de partir pour Monument Valley, ce serait tout de même dommage de louper cela... Et on ne l'a pas regretté car on a eu énormément de chances : Dès l'arrivée dans la vallée, le ciel s'est éclaircit ... et nous avons pu nous retrouver dans les paysages de nos westerns préférés ... Geourgous !! "Real courage is when you know you're licked before you begin, but you begin anyway.” Harper Lee ... read more

On a recent trip to Utah I visited Monument Valley as well. I took this iconic photo of Highway 163. Many may notice it from the Forrest Gump movie - Run Forrest run. This is the exact location where he stopped his run.... read more

The mittens! Elephant Butte! Three sisters! John Ford's Point! Camel Butte! Totem Pole! North Window! These are all interesting rock formations you can see along the Valley Drive at Monument Valley in Arizona. The 17 mile gravel road is in poor shape at the best of time. Although I initially tried to drive it myself, I quickly turned around after seeing the state of the road. I would not subject my rental to that road. Fortunately, the Navaho provide guided tours of the route in high clearance vehicles. A word of advice. Tell them the 75$ fee is too expensive. I did, and as I walked away someone came running to me to say that, "for me", I could have the tour for 50$! Go figure. This valley is the site of hundreds of movie productions. ... read more
West Mitten Butte, East Mitten Butte and Merrich Butte
West Mitten Butte
East Mitten Butte

North America » United States » Arizona » Monument Valley October 2nd 2013

Tina Writes: I had slept all throughout the night without waking up to vomit etc so I had high hopes as I awoke that I had indeed had food poisoning and it was now cleared up. If I could bottle that feeling of relief I would be a gazzillionaire! And what a relief it was as today we head to Monument Valley. I have been looking forward to this the most. Due to the shut-down of The Grand Canyon we decided to go and see the biggest meteor crater in the world, something we had taken off the itinerary due to time constraints previously, so not all was lost. The crater is privately owned land and they have built a visitor centre with a museum attached. Of course it costs to get in but $16 each ... read more
Monument Valley
Monument Valley
Monument Valley

North America » United States » Arizona » Monument Valley October 2nd 2013

Danny writes: I have a feeling that this might be a hard day to blog. Although it was our only full day in Monument Valley and the experience of the valley was amazing, there’s only so much you can write about some large red rocks and mesas, you know? However, one of them was shaped like a giant phallus so that might make it a bit more entertaining. Our Navajo guide referred to that particular formation as 'The Three Sisters’. I guess 'The Throbbing Red Shlong’ doesn’t really go with the theme of the place. Anyway, I’m getting ahead of myself so let’s slow down. As I write this I’m actually sat in the back of the DOG Mobile on the way to Morro Bay, California (west side, throw up the dubs, etc) so we are ... read more
Yee Haw
Out on the trail

North America » United States » Arizona » Monument Valley September 17th 2013

Vandaag was weer voornamelijk een reisdag waarop we de weg terug naar het zuidwesten hebben ingezet na een week lang naar het noordoosten te zijn gegaan, van oostelijk Utah naar noordelijk Arizona, naar Page. Dit ligt in de buurt van (maar nog niet bij) de Grand Canyon. Om hier te komen moesten we nog wel bijna de hele dag door Utah reizen waarbij we het landschap geleidelijk zagen veranderen van canyons naar mesa's, oftewel tafelbergen. Het werd geleidelijk ook wat woestijn-achtiger, hoewel het nog altijd groener is dan Bruce het hier ooit gezien heeft. We hebben wel weer geluk want hoewel het veel geregend heeft de afgelopen tijd was het vandaag schitterend mooi weer met veel zon en hier en daar bewolkt, maar dat laatste maakt de landschappen alleen maar fotogenieker. We maakten onderweg hier en ... read more
Voor Ear of the Sun
Landelijk Utah

Så kom den, den sidste hele dag i stempelskylleren, i morgen sætter vi GPS'en på Flagstaff og kører de sidste 300 km til Chuck og Verletta. For at holde et par dages ferie der inden stempelskylleren skal gøres ren og afleveres i Phoenix. Men det betyder ikke vi ikke har haft en god dag i dag, vi vågnede til et fantastisk solskin i Mesa Verde og spiste morgenmad udenfor, ungene bad om at få almindelige bagels og serials, så de var kampklare til Verletta's kogekunst. Første stop var Four Corners, det eneste sted i USA hvor fire stater går op imod hinanden det er, Arizona – Utah – Colorado – New Mexico, så nu kan vi også skrive New Mexico i scrapbogen, dog kun for en meget kort bemærkning. Selve monumentet ligger inde i et Navajo ... read more
Familien spredt i 4 stater
En af de mange boder
Lange veje

A great day seeing all the Monuments, taking lots of pictures. It’s really interesting to see all the shapes and forms they are. The Thumb, Elephant, Three Sisters, The Mittens, Artist’s Point, The Window; lots of fun titles for each Monument. And there was a “Mitchell Mesa”. Of course, after the dirt road trip we had to head to the car wash, lots of red dirt all over the truck. Looks great now though. Had a scary few minutes this afternoon, discovering that our credit card was compromised. We quickly got it taken care of and a new one on it’s way to our next stop. USAA is a great company to deal with, especially in this instance. They caught it because they saw all the usage we had in so many different states, out West ... read more
Nation Entrance
Navajo Welcome
In the Valley

Nicky and I got up at 4.45am this morning (Sunday) to go on our sunrise tour around Monument Valley. When the alarm went off we wondered whether it was going to be worth the effort; however we soon realised it most definitely was. I don't have time to label each of the 20 photos attached, but they generally speak for themselves. This blog entry follows quite closely behind the Bryce Canyon entry that was posted a few hours ago - those photos are worth looking at if you haven't seen them already. As prevbiously mentioned, we may not have internet access over the next couple of days whilst we're in the Grand Canyon and so we may not be able to post. We are taking a helicopter trip while we're there which Nicky is really looking ... read more

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