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North America » United States » Arizona » Mesa November 12th 2017

This is a trip to Arizona with Lou, Patty and I. The trip out was nice. Lou and I got upgraded to 1st class on the first flight and we all watched movies on the 2ndflight. We land in Phoenix and wait and wait and wait for our suitcases. Seems ours, and maybe 2 others, ended up on a different baggage turn style. Ok, at least it came. So we get in the Lyft to our destination (oh for the folks in Raleigh where it was in the 30s, it was in the 80s). We look up info on the “resort” and it says it’s an rv park… huh?? Well, it will be what it is and the Lyft driver had never heard of it. We get here and it’s a little retirement neighborhood with manufactured ... read more

North America » United States » Arizona » Mesa April 1st 2017

What a way to start a vacation!!! Had a tooth infection that started on Wednesday. Hoped it would disappear, but just got worse. Finally told George on Thursday afternoon & he made me call the dentist. They made me an appointment for 9am on Friday morning. I suffered through the last Thursday night dance & the BIG afterparty. Wine certainly helped! The next morning, we headed to the dentist & I was lucky enough to get the services of Dr Holbrook, visiting periodontist & he pulled the tooth & gave his okay for leaving tomorrow on the trip! He even put in a bone graft in case I need an implant later! Stopped by to say bye to Bill & Carol (George gave my love to everyone so that I could keep my chipmonk look to ... read more

North America » United States » Arizona » Mesa January 11th 2016

I was living in Arizona for the last year. I had a rental there I bought in the 90s that went vacant and the tenant had left it in poor condition. I fixed it and and just sold it. During college and law school I was flipping real estate and this is one of the left over places. See the before and after pictures below. Now I feel the urge to travel again.... read more
Street View Before
Kitchen Before
Kitchen After

North America » United States » Arizona » Mesa August 7th 2015

We spent a week in Mesa, making sure that there weren't any issues that we would need the dealerships help with. We saw Al & Chevy both several times during that week. They went above and beyond to make that we were completely happy with our new RV. On Wednesday we went to lunch with our salesman, Al. We were treated like friends, not just customers. I believe that we left a lasting impression on Al, and he on us. We left on Thursday morning, heading to Ruidoso, but stopped in Las Cruces that first night and spent the night parked in Maurine Martin's driveway. Kenisha, Maurine's daughter, cooked us dinner that night and breakfast the next morning. She's a sweetie. Maurine & I stayed up late talking. It's a wonder our jaws did't hurt from ... read more

North America » United States » Arizona » Mesa July 24th 2015

We left Tucson, excited to pick up our Seneca. For those of you who don't know, we ordered a 2016 Jayco Seneca, a 39' super "C" motor home. Upon arriving in Mesa, we met with our salesman, Al, then were turned over to a gentleman named Chevy, who did our walk-thru. We were then turned over to Ben, our finance agent. All three guys were great. Overall our experience with Worldwide RV has been great. We'd recommend them to anyone buying an RV. After all of the preliminaries were completed we took our Seneca next door to the Mesa Regal RV Resort. This park has 2504 RV spaces and countless amenities. It was a great park, but virtually a ghosttown because most people don't visit Mesa in the heat of summer. It was 106 to 108 ... read more

North America » United States » Arizona » Mesa April 11th 2015

Adrian: It all started around 10:30ish PM on 4/10/2015. I took out my contacts ready to jump into bed. Christopher comes rushing into the room saying "let's go now." I don't take him seriously and proceed to get ready for bed. Christopher walks out of the room and because he is SO LOUD with a carrying voice in our house, I hear him telling our grandparents we are leaving tonight. I then brace myself for what is now known as the most excruciating, boring, long, never ending drive I will ever experience. We get in the car and Christopher is extremely hyped up. I lay my head down and fall asleep. 4ish hours go by and Christopher says we just got to Odessa. What was supposed to be a 6 hour drive somehow turned into a ... read more

North America » United States » Arizona » Mesa April 11th 2015

Hey! So last night and today was the longest drive ever. I started driving again in El Paso and drove all the way to Tuscon. There was nothing out there except for desert. We had to slow down and then stop somewhere in the desert for the border patrol stoppings. BP: "Are you an American citizen?" Me: "Yes sir (as we drive off)." It's crazy to me how we have to stop for border patrol in the middle of the United States. We played the ABC game on the long drive and we stopped to take pictures at the New Mexico and Arizona borders. Other than that, it was the most boring drive of my life. Adrian drove the rest of the way from Tuscon to Mesa and he was just as bored driving as I ... read more

North America » United States » Arizona » Mesa January 5th 2015

Just as many of you suffered with the flu this winter so did we while at Cottonwood Thousand Trails Park. And yes it did drag on and on and on. The high points there were the Thanksgiving dinner at the park restaurant which was delishe, and the new friends we made. We did have a true desert experience when I found a dead pack rat in our kitchen sink which was full of water. It had a long tail and ears, different from any rat we’ve seen before. (Keep in mind that we have little experience and expertise and that’s the way we want to keep it!) I guess Mr. Rat was thirsty but apparently did not have an exit strategy. Very poor planning. Enough said for our time at Cottonwood. We arrived at Good Life ... read more

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