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North America » United States » Arizona » Jerome January 24th 2019

Not long in the past, Jerome was one of Arizona's richest town, due to its copper mines. Jerome is perched in the mountains, so it wasn't practical to transport the ore directly from Jerome to a big foundry. Instead, they did a quick transport to Clarksdale below, and then railroad was built to bring copper on long distances. Clarksdale, founded by rich man William Clark is a pleasant small town. You can visit the railway museum and also do train tours of the surroundings. Climbing to Jerome is quite abrupt. The day we went, weather was really gray with fog, so it added some "ambiance" when we visited the ghost town. Jerome was in the 40s and 50s, a town with several dozens of thousands peoples, but then population decreased rapidly when the mines closed. It's ... read more
Mr Clark
Railway museum, Clarksdale

North America » United States » Arizona » Jerome September 16th 2014

In the previous article I explained that Margo and I visited this famous mining town in 2011, and gave an idea of what life was like there during its prosperous and productive years. When the mine shut down in 1953, Jerome became a ghost town. Only 50 residents remained until it was rediscovered by artists, who flocked to the area for the scenery, laid-back atmosphere and cheap real estate. To encourage tourism, the town's leaders sought National Historic Landm... read more
It's a mighty precipitous road to get there !
arriving today
the resurrection of a ghost town

North America » United States » Arizona » Jerome September 14th 2014

This is the first of a two-part series giving the background of Jerome, “the wickedest town in America” in its heyday a century ago. Thus it sets the stage for a subsequent one with photos from our 2011 visit showing how it has risen phoenix-like from the ashes of its unsavory past. Founded in 1876 on the slope of Mingus Mountain, this mining camp soon became Arizona’s fourth largest settlement, with a population once estimated at 15,000. What a place it was --- a wide open gambling town complete with some 3,000 hard working, hard drinking, brawling miners, plus lusty “ladies” who provided occasional moments of warmth and relaxation for a price. By 1900 Jerome’s miles of underground tunnels were producing some three million pounds of copper per month, plus some gold and other minerals. Some ... read more
'Twas a Wild West town of 15,000 a century ago, sitting on dozens of miles of mining tunnels.
Town Hall plaque
Three fires destroyed much of the town.

North America » United States » Arizona » Jerome November 18th 2011

We've been to different terrain around Cottonwood for some interesting hikes w/o red dirt and rocks! Up to the town of Jerome which is built on the side of Mingus Mtn - a funky little hippie town with cute shops and local characters. Then we drove up 12 miles on a winding road to a trail on Mingus Mtn. with views of Verde Valley and Sedona - beautiful. Next day to Oak Creek Canyon for a hike which was part of 145 miles of Hopi trail used for 1200 years from Camp Verde to the Hopi reservation. Then it became a wagon train route - up 1000 ft. in a mile and lots of loose rocks - Ernie loves any hike! ... read more
Trail above Jerome

North America » United States » Arizona » Jerome November 29th 2010

Ein Tief zog über den Südwesten und brachte Schnee in die höheren Lagen um Sedona. Wir beschlossen, eine Autotour Richtung Prescott zu machen und blieben wieder einmal in Jerome hängen... Ein verführerisches Schild hatte die Aufschrift "Ghost Town and Gold King Mine"... Don Robinson, dem die "Ghost Town" gehört über sich selbst: "Sie schrieben ein Lied über mich und erzählten, ich sei ein Kind. Ja, ich bin noch ein Kind. Aber ist es nicht vielleicht gut, im Leben ein bisschen Kind zu bleiben?" Don, 68 Jahre alt, Mechaniker, hat in seinem Leben viel an Kränen (u. a. Liebherr aus Deutschland!) herumgeschraubt, wie er sagt viel Geld gemacht, bis er sich seinen Traum erfüllte und Land auf der stillgelegten Gold King Mine erwarb. Ein Sammler von allem, was sich irgendwie bewegt. Manches fährt noch. So auch sein ... read more
Die alte King Gold Mine
Ghost Town

North America » United States » Arizona » Jerome November 25th 2010

Kühl ist es geworden. Mittlerweile schläft "Mann" (oder Frau) in der Daunenjacke und in Zusatzdecke eingehüllt. Morgens wird es dann spannend - ist die Scheibe dick mit Eis bedeckt oder nicht? Der Tagesrhythmus verschiebt sich. Hans liest bis in die Puppen und will morgens dann erst später aufstehen. Und so schließe ich Frühschläfertyp mich dem notgedrungen an. Hat den Vorteil, dass man dann bei entsprechendem Sonnenschein frühstücken kann... Vor einer Woche waren wir noch so quirlig und sportfreudig. Und jetzt hat sich irgendwie temperaturbedingt ein Überwinterungstrieb eingestellt. Sollten wir zu wechselwarmen Lebewesen mutieren? Nachdem wir uns gestern auf einer 5 Meilen Rundtour abgehechelt haben, war heute eher Sightseeing angesagt. Wir hatten den Tipp bekommen, Jerome, etwa 15 Meilen von Sedona entfernt, zu besuchen. Das sei sehr speziell... Ein paar historische Daten: Jerom... read more
Die Feuerwache Jeromes
Nur noch Ausstellungsstück
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North America » United States » Arizona » Jerome February 20th 2009

Okay, maybe you don't need to walk on fire to live here, but if you're my crazy family you do it for fun. When the weather is cold. Over a bonfire. We drove north to stay with family in Paulden, a place a couple hours north of the Phoenix area, that is pretty much in the middle of nowhere but allows for a bonfire & a large group of people without fear of neighbors complaining of noise. Jeff joined all of my mom's cousins as they took their turn at tempting the flames as they hastily walked across the fire numerous times. Crazy if you ask me. I'd rather sit on the sidelines, letting the hot heat lapping at my cold toes and enjoy the calming sounds of the crackling logs. There were quite a few ... read more
drive to Jerome

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