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North America » United States » Alaska » Skagway June 26th 2017

Started the day doing laundry. Met a couple there from Crosby which is 30 miles from Outing. Small world. They were celebrating their 50th anniversary here. Spent the rest of the day exploring Skagway Went out for pizza. Then walked the Broadway and did some shopping. Found some pieces for our mantle. Ended the night at Skagway Brewery.... read more

North America » United States » Alaska » Skagway June 26th 2017

Took a train ride to a summit of mountain. So much fun and great scenery. Came home had leftovers pizza. Went to the Brewery to get a growler filled and have a couple and met a very nice young man from Mankato!!! Pretty amazing. Another gorgeous day !! Marine Hwy to Juneau tomorrow. This trip is going way to fast!! ... read more

North America » United States » Alaska » Skagway June 24th 2017

The scenery and vastness of this state is unbelievable!! Another gorgeous drive thru Alaska, Yukon, British Columbia and back to Alaska. WOW! Skagway is charming, quaint and beautiful. After checking in to our room at Sgt Preston's Lodge we went to the Skagway Brewery for supper. Their spruce tip blonde ale was very good. What a great day. Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.... read more

North America » United States » Alaska » Skagway June 1st 2017

Just past the halfway point of this cruise, we felt entitled to sleeping in. With the blackout drape closed no daylight filters in from the morning sun. As I write this, it is already the next day, and I just had one of those Ground Hog Day moments as the elevator carpeting reminded me that it is still “Thursday”, the same day that we arrived in Skagway. It’s déjà vu all over again. I urged Sharon to go to the dining room for breakfast because I wanted the spinach/mushroom eggs benedict. Sharon was fine having French Toast. I picked up the “Times Digest” upon entering the dining room, a paper that provides a synopsis of what’s going on in the world, and there are often flavors for different nationalities (such as a Canadian edition), mainly to ... read more
Some of the Painted Ship signs on the rocks by the dock
The Ryndam was Sharon's first HAL cruise in Alaska in 1996 (She had been there in 1986 on the Regent Sea)
Skagway Harbor

North America » United States » Alaska » Skagway May 29th 2017

The day didn't start well - the formal dining had closed early and we were forced to use the self service cafeteria for our breakfast. To add to this the sky was slightly overcast - a change from the bright blue skies of recent days. Parts of Skagway are quaint. The town has retained many of its original 1890's buildings, great for the wandering tourist like ourselves!! We opted not to trek to the cemetery to see Soapy Joe's grave, and instead opted for a walk around an adjoining headland that, shock/horror, offered spectacular views. We got back early afternoon and sat out on our balcony enjoying the scenery. The evening was spent looking for John's lost glasses, John having one of the ship's photographer explain how he should change a camera lens and catching up ... read more

North America » United States » Alaska » Skagway May 28th 2017

Up at 3:45am, 50deg. Worked on catching up on blog. Breakfast, & then moved RVs to ferry line for scheduled 3:30 pm ferry to Haines, AK later today. Strolled thru Skagway, shopped, had lunch & then mailed package with gifts to Naples. Celebrity Cruise ship in town, so shops were somewhat crowded. Skagway is a quaint town and owes its birth to the Klondike Gold Rush. It boomed as thousands of gold seekers arrived to follow the White Pass and Chilkoot trails to the Yukon goldfields. In July 1897 the first boatloads of stampeders bound for the Klondike landed at Skagway. I think they're still coming but they are only getting as far as the top of the main street where busses from the cruise lines drop its passengers so they have to walk the 1/2 ... read more
Downtown Skagway

North America » United States » Alaska » Skagway September 8th 2016

Given the limited internet in these parts, this travel blog will have only a few entries, so sorry if they are a bit long! Arrived in Juneau, Alaska on Wednesday, August 31 and was met by old friend Denny Bousson who immediately popped me into his single engine plane for the 100 mile flight up the Lynn Canal to Skagway. In spite of a low-level wind shear alert and a tricky head wind, we made great time and landed softer than any commercial flight I have ever been on. Having traveled all day to get here, we made a short trip through town, where ever we went meeting friends of Denny. Met his wife, Lara, who runs the docks in Skagway, had my first of many Halibut sandwiches, and then headed out to Dyea where Denny ... read more
Coming in for a Landing
Glacier Faceplant
Atlin Cabin

North America » United States » Alaska » Skagway September 4th 2016

4 Sep 2016: Imagine this: The year is 1896 and you are a Tlingit native on Skaguay (Trans, Where the wind blow hard) inlet collecting fish oil, ivory, shells and dried fish to trade with the Athabascans in the interior for their furs and meat. Suddenly, ships appear on the horizon and sail right into the deep water harbor where you are preparing your trade goods. Hundreds, then thousands of men disembark, shoulder you aside and begin building shops, saloons, hardware stores, wharves, stables, brothels and dumping tons of supplies where you used to prepare your fish. They call themselves "Stampeders" and they are here to get to the gold fields in the Yukon, 1200 miles away. 1200 miles away and you come here? How does that make any sense? Nevertheless, they're here and put you ... read more
Cruise ship 1
Skagway tour bus
Skagway Depot

North America » United States » Alaska » Skagway August 13th 2016

Saturday, August 13th, 2016 Day 11: Skagway, Alaska – Who let the Dogs Out and Just Deserts! Today we stopped in Skagway, Alaska the gateway to the Yukon. Skagway, sprang to life in 1897 during the Klondike gold rush. The famous White Pass and Yukon route railway was built in 1900 to move gold and supplies between Skagway and Whitehorse, Yukon and beyond. The train today is used as a seasonal attraction for visitors providing the history of the gold rush between Skagway, Alaska and Bennet, British Columbia. Since the train ride is quite expensive, Renata and I decided to take a coach tour instead. We traveled along the scenic Klondike Highway to the Yukon, passing several waterfalls, the White Pass summit, and picturesque lakes. In the Yukon at Caribou Crossing, we had a delicious BBQ ... read more
The Klondike Highway
The White Pass

North America » United States » Alaska » Skagway July 29th 2016

Skagway 29 July 2016 Skagway was made up of a seven-block corridor along Broadway Street, featuring historic false-front shops and restaurants, wooden footpaths, locals in period costumes and restored buildings, many of which are part of the National Park Service-managed Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park. Beginning in 1897, Skagway and nearby ghost town of Dyea was the starting place for more than 40,000 gold-rush stampeders who headed to the Yukon primarily by way of the Chilkoot Trail. The main points of interest in and around Skagway was the White Pass & Yukon Route Railway which we went on, the Red Onion Saloon which we visited and the town in general. We loved the town as it was so quaint and well restored and geared for tourists….and many of them. We did the funniest tour, the ... read more
Good Time Girls & Ghosts Tour (3)
Suspension Bridge Yukon (36)
Skagway (6)

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