Alaska Cruisetour - Day 8

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September 1st 2018
Published: January 4th 2020
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The cruise reached the southern city around the nauseating early hour of 6:00 AM. We had an excursion planned for 8:30 that day, so we hastily woke up around 7:00 to get ready and had a brief breakfast. The weather that day was nice; just the proper temperature for a light jacket and a hat. Getting of the boat, what hit us first was the abundance of green. We were straddled by deep emerald trees with only a couple of bare brown buildings in sight. We were only a bit always from downtown Skagway and yet we felt as if were in a different world altogether. Humbled and in awe, we made our way to meet up point for our excursion with time to spare. Joining us was three couples and our tour guide, surprisingly wearing sandals, named Eren. Eren gave a brief tour of the city while driving us to the Chilkoot trail, stopping at a scenic point to allow us to take a couple of pictures. Along the way, we also learned about Skagway’s history as a booming town amidst the Alaskan gold rush of 1887. Gold miners hiked the total 33 miles of the Chilkoot trail as well as floated 600 miles of water just to get to the mining site. Although our excursion was focused on the arduous expedition, our plan was to only hike 2 miles of Chilkoot trail and float on back for some hot chocolate and cookies.

Trail-hiking was a welcome reprieve from being on the ship for so long. As we walked, we came across a variety of flora and fauna, the most spectacular being brightly-colored mushrooms of different shapes and sizes. Despite seeing scat all along the trail and even some dens, no bears made their appearance.

After hiking the 2 miles and making our way to a clearing in the trees, we came onto the second part of our trip. Eren provided us clunky boots and oversized orange vests for our safety and comfort and we boarded the bright yellow raft to float down the river. Eren graciously provided more commentary about Skagway as well as pointed out any eagle nests along the river. With the exception of a little white water and reaching branches, the float was smooth and relaxing end to our excursion.

After munching of some cookies, we headed back to cruise ship to freshen up and eat lunch. Pranav diverted from the group at the juncture, meeting up with a long-time friend who a barista in one of the local coffee shops.

Around 3, we were all finally on the ship, lazy after the events early that morning. After taking a brief siesta, Appa, Amma, and I went back into Skagway while Pranav stayed back to work out. Around 7 we convened again and went to eat out hearts out at Bordeaux. That evening’s entertainment was “Laugh it up” with Noodles Levenstein. That was an hour of comedy. Amma decided to skip as she wanted to read a book. Appa, Pranav and I went for the show. It was funny! After that we retired to our quarters, watched some tv, and went to sleep.


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