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North America » United States » Alaska » Kenai August 17th 2018

It’s August 13, and we’re “boondocking” at Denali National Park. Outside, the wind has dropped to a breeze from the 70+ mph gusts we had yesterday, but it’s in the mid-fifties and it’s COLD out there. “Boondocking” means that we’re camping without “conveniences” – we’re not linked to water, electricity, or sewer – but modern times are with us. We can carry 45 gallons of fresh water and have two waste tanks: a gray tank for kitchen, sink and shower water, and a black tank for toilet waste. We have a generator (fueled by the truck’s gas tank) and two solar panels for electricity. A propane furnace heats us fast, the refrigerator and stovetop run on propane, and, if we run the generator, I can even bake in the convection oven. We have no cell phone ... read more
King for a Day Campground
The Beautiful Klutina River
King Salmon

North America » United States » Alaska » Kenai July 14th 2017

Bonjour à tous, Je vais commencer par la mésaventure du jour. Ce matin nous n'étions pas pressés, je consulte ma banque sur le net, et je vois une transaction sur mon relevé Mastercard de 798 $ canadien au profit du Cirque du Soleil. J'appelle Mastercard, de la voiture, car l'attente est assez longue, je demande des explications, la personne me donne le n° de tel du bénéficiaire, le Cirque du Soleil, qui me confirme l'achat de 6 billets le 6/7 pour un spectacle à Montréal le 8. Pour faire court, ma carte est annulée, je vais obtenir le remboursement. Je vais obligé d'utiliser ma carte Française pendant quelques jours, ce qui n'est pas dans mes plans, et de calculer où je peux m'en faire envoyer une nouvelle. pour tout ça plus de 2heures de téléphone, et ... read more
Oskolkof Dolchnock Housse
resto Veronica's
table à repasser

North America » United States » Alaska » Kenai May 31st 2017

Up at 6 a.m.,temp. 31deg & clear. Today, plan is to head further south and onto the Kenai peninsula to Homer, AK, the furthest point south that we will be traveling in Alaska. No rush in morning today as trip today only 178 miles to Homer. After leisurely breakfast, we unhooked and headed over to Portage information center for info on nearby glaciers we could visit. Tom & Peggy went to visit a wildlife center instead of the glacier. Dorrie, I, Al & Sue decided on Byron Glacier Trail which is a .8 mile hike up to the Byron Glacier. Hike was moderate "walk thru the woods" to the glacier. Not all snow is melted so we had to trunch through some soft snow to get close to the base of the glacier. There's a small ... read more
Homer fishing fleet
Halibut hook monument-Homer, world capitol Halibut fishing
sea otter basking at Homer Marina

North America » United States » Alaska » Kenai May 31st 2017

Wednesday, we picked up our rental car in preparation for our drive around the Kenai Peninsula. The car rental place was a very tiny "off brand" outfit that was pretty difficult to find. After passing the address at least once, we texted him from the hotel courtesy van and finally located him standing by the curb at an unmarked commercial driveway. His office was around the back of the building, in a small camper/mobile home that he apparently lived in. The price was right and the vehicle turned out to be fine, though an older and very basic model. Before leaving Anchorage, we drove to the Alaska Native Medical Center, which has some incredible displays of Native American art. We spent quite a while there and were treated to a variety of art displays. Our first ... read more
Seafarer Memorial on Homer Spit.
View from our deck at Ocean Shores Motel
Gull Island

North America » United States » Alaska » Kenai July 12th 2013

Laundry, oh how I hate doing it in a laundry mat.. I really do miss having my own washer and dryer… It's funny the things you miss when you don't have it for a long time.. While the laundry was going I went for a 2 mile walk around the park. The park we are staying in is on 75 acres and they have trails everywhere. We girls went shopping this afternoon and we found a few nice things. We were given two large halibut by some folks who were staying next to us, so we grilled them this evening. It made Joe and Ron even more anxious to get to Homer and do some halibut fishing. It was very yummy. We had such a big dinner Joe and I decided we needed to take a ... read more

North America » United States » Alaska » Kenai July 11th 2013

Today was spent doing chores around the campsite and enjoying the great 74 degree weather. We also tried to figure out our fish storage plan. The guys are halibut fishing while we are in Homer, so it looks like we will be shipping fish home. Now we need to figure out who we can trust to ship it to. Not sure about our four kids, they all like both salmon and halibut....Dilemma..... read more

North America » United States » Alaska » Kenai July 10th 2013

Joe and Ron went fishing in a couple of local places, but brought home nothing for dinner. I spent most of the day going through and editing the 553 pictures we took yesterday. Then I had to narrow them down to the final ones I posted on the blog. That part was really hard for me.... read more

North America » United States » Alaska » Kenai July 9th 2013

Words can not begin to describe the events of today. Pictures will tell the story much better. In a nutshell - Float plane trip to Big Lake, boat ride to inlet fishing site, mega fun salmon fishing, BEARS and more bears, boat ride around lake, float plane over Double Glacier. Day started at 6 am, but we all would do it all over again in a heartbeat... In total we caught 11 salmon which netted us 26 pounds of salmon filets... WOW. We had an absolutely wonderful dinner of FRESH salmon.... read more
Bear view from plane 1
Bear view from the place 2
Big Lake Lodge

North America » United States » Alaska » Kenai July 9th 2013

Today we took a float plane to fish for salmon and watch bears! Up at 4:30 to make flight at 7 a.m. Four fisher-people and one (Jon) bear-watcher. Actually, as soon as the bears hit the water, we were ALL bear-watchers while they were in the water, with our fishing lines reeled in! A dream come true to see bears up so close. We and the bears fished together very peacefully. 12 bears, including two moms, each with triplet cubs. We caught our limit of 3 salmon each; and Ron and Cindy grilled two wonderful filets for supper!... read more
Suiting and booting up for fishing.
Carolyn's first salmon!
This is a big rock to climb.

North America » United States » Alaska » Kenai July 8th 2013

It was a beautiful drive from Anchorage to Kenai. During the 158 mile trip we went from being at sea level to high in the mountains with glaciers. It's funny to see a mountain tree line at 2,300 feet. The views were simply spectacular all day. I was snapping pictures left and right. We were surprised we did not see any wildlife, but the scenery made up for it. To show Alaskans have good taste we traveled behind a Bronco fan driving an F150 Ford truck. After we got settled into camp we headed up to a small town called Nisiki to check on our fishing charter trip for tomorrow. On the way we spotted a moose, in of all places, beside the parking lot of the local hardware store. She just stood their as if ... read more
Glacier cradle
Glacier 1
Glacier 2

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