Day 19-Wednesday-May 31, 2017-Portage, AK to Homer, AK on Kenai Penninsula

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May 31st 2017
Published: June 1st 2017
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Up at 6 a.m.,temp. 31deg & clear. Today, plan is to head further south and onto the Kenai peninsula to Homer, AK, the furthest point south that we will be traveling in Alaska. No rush in morning today as trip today only 178 miles to Homer. After leisurely breakfast, we unhooked and headed over to Portage information center for info on nearby glaciers we could visit. Tom & Peggy went to visit a wildlife center instead of the glacier. Dorrie, I, Al & Sue decided on Byron Glacier Trail which is a .8 mile hike up to the Byron Glacier. Hike was moderate "walk thru the woods" to the glacier. Not all snow is melted so we had to trunch through some soft snow to get close to the base of the glacier. There's a small brook running straight down from the glacier caused by the snow melt and it was rushing along side the trail. How do you capture the sound of a brook swollen by the snow melt from the Byron don't, except in your mind. I expected a grand show when we got to the glacier but was disappointed with pile of rocks and dirty snow about 300 yds from us...we decided not to go any further to "touch the glacier"...not sure what that experience would have done for us, so after pics, we headed back down the trail to the RV. Met up with Tom & Peggy, and caravan was on its way to Homer. First town we hit was Cooper Landing which appeared just to be a few motels/campsites and gas station sporadically laced on either side of the road. Looked for turnoff to visit a campsite we're considering on return trip as we leave Kenai Penninsula, but there didn't seem to be any interest by crew, so we moved on. Highway narrowed considerably, with challenge to keep from drifting into close, oncoming traffic...don't think Dorrie would enjoy this challenge. When we reached Soldatna, we turned south with about 75the miles to go to Homer, our destination for the day. We passed several turnouts with spectacular views of the Cook Inlet and mountain range on the other side, which included 2 volcanoes, one of which had erupted less than 10 yrs. ago. I took some pictures with my iPhone which may or may not transfer easily to blog...I'm sure you'll miss those if I can't include....not! Arrived Homer around 4 p.m...found our fellow travelers Ray, Sandy, John, & Diane already here and set up. The Heritage RV Park is set up on a long, narrow spit of land that must extend out from the mainland for at least 3 miles.Later, we talk a walk to set up the charter for tomorrow's planned halibut fishing epedition and I thought we'd never get there as what we thought was only 1/2 mile walk turned out to be more than a mile. Ray had gone fishing here 2 years ago and was happy with the charter company he used then so, we located the storefront and booked our charter for tomorrow. We'll go out at 1:30 p.m. for 4 hours of fishing to hunt "...the great white halibut..." ,,,hope we are successful as we haven't planned anything else but halibut for tomorrow's dinner. Only Ray, myself, Al, Tom & Peggy have any interest in going fishing, so the rest of the crew will stay back and "...hunt the great white tee shirt..."

I guess you've probably had enough of this blog for the day...if you read this far, so "...back to the RV for dinner, cards, shower and to bed..."


p.s. Having problem with sporadic internet connection and some difficulty downloading pictures from iPhone, so pics may be very limited on the post...I know you'll miss them! Goodnight.

Miles today-193


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