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North America » Mexico » San Luis Potosí » Xilitla » Las Pozas September 19th 2011

Because Independence Day is an important day in Mexico Abraham, Monika & I decided to go to the main plaza in San Pedro. We agreed to go there because it was traditional but also safe. To me it seemed like a fair without rides. It had stands to play games and tons of stands with different food. We tasted our way through the fair; from Flautas to potato chips on a stick. At 11 o’clock the governor of San Pedro appeared on the balcony of the official offices. The yelled something in Spanish and the Mexican people shouted “Viva” and waved their flags – including myself. :) We didn’t go to a big Independence Day party because the following morning we planned to leave for Xilitla at 6.30. We could have just as well left two ... read more
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North America » Mexico » San Luis Potosí » Xilitla » Las Pozas April 28th 2010

Again we rise at the crack of dawn, on our way to our next new adventure. Funny how the adventuring spirit wanes at the hour appropriately named 'stupid o‘clock'. We called a taxi and then found out that all the streets were closed for some reason, so of course the driver charged a kings ransom knowing that we could not get another cab (I exaggerate a little, the price was still less then 10 bucks). On the bus and on our way to Xilitla and the famous house and gardens of the surreallist millionaire Edward james, ¨Las Pozas¨ (¨The Pools¨ in English). We were curious why the bus took 10 hours when the distance appeared so short on the map. We soon had our answer, the road was the windiest road I have ever been on. ... read more
Las Posas
Las Posas
Las Posas

North America » Mexico » San Luis Potosí » Xilitla » Las Pozas March 10th 2009

Nous n'avons toujours pas bouge...Rodolfo nous avait prevenu que cet endroit est comme un vortex qui attire hors du temps tout ceux qui y penetrent et il semble qu'il aie raison car notre sejour a Las Pozas ne fait que s'allonger....Nous nous laissons vivre calmement au rythme du soleil. Nous etions cependant decide a quitte la beaute de Las Pozas dimanche dernier, mais une nouvelle rencontre nous a une fois de plus retarde. Nous avons fait la connaissance de 2 artistes Anglais, etudiants de l'ecole d'art de Sir Edward james, venus a Xilitla pour mettre leur art a l'epreuve. Johnny est la pour construire une maison dans les arbres...le mot est bien choisi car ce n'est pas seulement une petite cabane perchee sur un arbres qu'il envisage, mais bien une maison de la forme d'un oiseau ... read more
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Git under his writing tree
Teepee vision

North America » Mexico » San Luis Potosí » Xilitla » Las Pozas March 5th 2009

Abbiamo lasciato Zacatecas da quasi 2 settimane...e ci troviamo a Xilitla nello stato di San Luis Potosi' Nella prima parte del nostro tragitto verso Xilitla abbiamo sperimentato l'autostop in Messico...e a dir la verita' ci e' andata piuttosto bene, infatti un signore Messicano ci ha portati da Zacatecas direttamente a San Luis Potosi' ma non voleva che proseguissimo facendo l'autostop...cosi' ci ha direttamente lasciati alla stazione degli autobus....aggiungerei fortunatamente...dato che da San Luis Potosi' ci volevano ancora 5 ore di autobus sino a Ciudad de Valles dove abbiamo preso un altro autobus per la nostra destinazione finale....Xilitla.... Una volta a Xilitla abbiamo incontrato il primo dei personaggi surreali che popolano questo villaggio....Silvestro....un uomo di 60 anni che ci ha semplicemente chiesto :"cosa cercate?".....gli abbiamo spiegato che volevamo un campegg... read more
the beauty of waterfall
lost in the jungle
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North America » Mexico » San Luis Potosí » Xilitla » Las Pozas October 9th 2008

Driving through fog on an already brosk morning is enough to chill you to your bones, add to this a blast of air conditioning, an open window and not enough warm clothes and you have one cold Zoe. My legs were so cold that I took the seat covers off the chairs infront and draped them over myself and tried to hibernate under my rucksack. This is why most people travel with large fluffy blankets, the QVC sort with pictures of wolves or a Disney princesses on. Once the sun started to burn through the cloud the Sierra Gorda began to reveal itself, like a crumpled duvet stretched out as far as the eye can see. Pricked with cacti and shrubs, it certainly made for good 'staring out of window' opportunities as we twisted our way ... read more
Lotus flower
The garden is set next to a waterfall

North America » Mexico » San Luis Potosí » Xilitla » Las Pozas September 12th 2005

p(re).s: spank you guys and gals so much for the pequieno(little) comments, after all it's the little things that count. (simon you were on a roll weren't cha ;)) Yes although we headed to San Louis Porto Si, last weekend, it didn’t stop me heading back to the state, though I travelled to the South East side of it this week, Real de Catorce was on the West side. Las Pozas - a secret garden (non-tourist) in the town of Xilita, Edward James, a surrealist architecture artist built his sense of paradise in, around and through this paradise that had already existed. He married for a few years, though his wife married for the money and was afraid of sex, so it was a lose-lose situation for him, so some suspect it was out of sexual ... read more
Edward Jame's House
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