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September 12th 2005
Published: September 20th 2005
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Speaks for itselfSpeaks for itselfSpeaks for itself

Las Pozas - just in case ;)
p(re).s: spank you guys and gals so much for the pequieno(little) comments, after all it's the little things that count. (simon you were on a roll weren't cha 😉)

Yes although we headed to San Louis Porto Si, last weekend, it didn’t stop me heading back to the state, though I travelled to the South East side of it this week, Real de Catorce was on the West side.

Las Pozas - a secret garden (non-tourist) in the town of Xilita, Edward James, a surrealist architecture artist built his sense of paradise in, around and through this paradise that had already existed. He married for a few years, though his wife married for the money and was afraid of sex, so it was a lose-lose situation for him, so some suspect it was out of sexual frustration, not just pure creativity... no.... that’ll never happen. Every positive has to be created, concluded and/ or balanced with a negative, it’s about the yin, the yan, and the person the was bored enough to come up with this ... profound theory

After 10 hours drive, it was another worthwhile majestic weekend away, so contrasting from last weekends’, but loved
Edward Jame's HouseEdward Jame's HouseEdward Jame's House

anya, pirosh, and i (ooh and xilitla locals in the background)
it none-the-less. From the secret garden, to secret symbolisms within the architecture and secret waterfall locations, these ‘secrets’, won’t stay a secret anymore. (woah, too many ‘secrets’ in one sentence)

With an ‘awesome, life-drawing professor - Sergio’. An even more ‘awesome-r’ groupo, and the ‘awesome-st’ secrets... this country has to offer... so far it was better than awesome.

Anyways, say no more, I’ll let the photos speak for themselves,

ciao ciao
love you all,
love that you’re loving this... (you are, right?)
much love

jade 😊xo

p.s Happy Birthday Melanie Wheaton ..... FOR NOVEMBER... OF COURSE
p.p.s I’m not sure if you read this, but I’m sure people that do,… will kindly pass the message on, right guys? … gracias
p.p.p.s ann na: jose sandoval??? sounds fimiliar, but ??? i don't know, could be my fob-ness again

Additional photos below
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the lovely driversthe lovely drivers
the lovely drivers

of the 12 hour bus ride
Las PozasLas Pozas
Las Pozas

one of the many water features
Las PozasLas Pozas
Las Pozas

one of the many water features 2
Las PozasLas Pozas
Las Pozas

from one architecture building to the entrance of another
Las PozasLas Pozas
Las Pozas

from one architecture building to the entrance of another
Las PozasLas Pozas
Las Pozas

surreal fauna
Las PozasLas Pozas
Las Pozas

spooky secrets
the clanthe clan
the clan

most of them anyways & the tourist guy, in frontin the blue (the one that 'kidnapped' me, oh whoops did i say that out loud... ask ann na)
Las PozasLas Pozas
Las Pozas

arquitectura 3

not the only ones, beleive me
Las PozasLas Pozas
Las Pozas

water feature 3 or 4... i forget
Las PozasLas Pozas
Las Pozas

water feature 4 or 5... i forget
The professor and the girlsThe professor and the girls
The professor and the girls

noooooo.... not pimping it
good nightgood night
good night

from on top of the building 1
good morninggood morning
good morning

from on top of the building, & NO.... no one rolled off and died...

12th September 2005

another quality entry from the jade, good work :D that place looks magic~
15th September 2005

So Desu Ka...
oh hooo hooo....i see architecture like that only in computer games! I wanna come!!! Honestly...i do...looks so beautiful. and full of beauty. like a flower...which is beautiful. unless its not alive... ... So, i hope you have access to a tape player Jade! Coz you got 1 heck of an amazing new album coming your way! it's called: "Martin, play us your songs"...thought of it myself (^U^) hehe, but honestly, it's on the way.
16th September 2005

very wicked
Nice. Las Pozas looks incredible! Yea i was on a roll lol. Umm.. actually nah my geography sucks b4 btw - its all Mexico so.. yea. Have funnn!
16th September 2005

nothing to do with the journal..
how funky is your chicken how funky is your chicken how loose is your goose how loose is your goose!!!
18th September 2005

likin it j
hey j, looks like ur havin a gud time girl,dont forget about us back home tho k. we miss u PEACE!!
22nd September 2005

ohhhhhh yeah!
Yo! OK. NOW it's on the way...damn post office. me added some Xtra gifts in ma lil parcel too...not really a parcel. more an envelope of love...or...yeah. Once you get it you'll understand: next time i'll send all ma songs!!! go the MP3!!! hey jade; hi!
22nd September 2005

Are you safe from that hurricane oi?
5th March 2006

I was born 20 miles from there..now i live in the STATES. ISNT THAT SHITTY?????????????????? GRACIAS GOOGLE!!!!!!
8th April 2006

Thank you for the great photos!
I jsut found out about this place and started googlling and lo and behold I stumbled on your site. GREAT pictures and all big enough to use for my assignment in Multimedia class. I hope you don't mind if I use about five or six of them. What a wonderful trip and what a good eye you have for photos! I'm a student in graphic design in Seattle and I understand it's okay to use other people's phots as long as I'm a student and I give you credit. Would you like to give me your name?
8th April 2006

I forgot to add that I won't use any of the pictures of your group--just the scenery. So fabulous!

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