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April 28th 2010
Published: June 15th 2010
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Las PosasLas PosasLas Posas

Engagement spot
Again we rise at the crack of dawn, on our way to our next new adventure. Funny how the adventuring spirit wanes at the hour appropriately named 'stupid o‘clock'. We called a taxi and then found out that all the streets were closed for some reason, so of course the driver charged a kings ransom knowing that we could not get another cab (I exaggerate a little, the price was still less then 10 bucks).

On the bus and on our way to Xilitla and the famous house and gardens of the surreallist millionaire Edward james, ¨Las Pozas¨ (¨The Pools¨ in English). We were curious why the bus took 10 hours when the distance appeared so short on the map. We soon had our answer, the road was the windiest road I have ever been on. Winding it´s way through desert and arid canyons, all of a sudden the landscape would change and we were in a conifer forest, then again we were sub tropical, then again arid canyons. We changed landscapes about 10 times as we came in and out of micro climates in the canyons. As we started to reach the end of our bus trip school children
Las PosasLas PosasLas Posas

Engagement spot
boarded the bus. All were amazed at the big white folk riding on there bus, we realised from the stares and giggles that we finally had left the gringo trail.

Xilitla is a small town more used to Mexican tourist trade rather then gringo´s, luckily our Español has improved in the last couple of months. We managed to find our hotel with not much fuss, everyone in town knew ¨El Castillo¨ (¨The Castle¨). In Australia before our trip we decided on a splurge, a little luxury amidst our budget travelling. We had decided on El Castillo at Xilitla. We arrived and were let in by our gracious hostess who gave us a tour of the hotel that was once the residence of Edward James while he built Las Pozas. The building was amazing, he had Cathedral windows on one half of the house, a spiral staircase going from the bottom to the top of his viewing tower that has to be seen to be believed, including a fire pole to get back down. We made new discoveries of sculptures and hidden artwork the whole time we were there. have a look at the photo´s, when it comes to El Castillo and Las Pozas the photo´s are definately worth more then a thousand words. (see the link to see pictures).

We were shown to our room, our eyes lit up as we walked through the door. The room was so spacious, to 2 backpackers that have been sleeping in 12 bed dorm rooms this was paradise. We had 2 queen size beds, antique furniture, surrealist art on the walls, 180 degree balcony overlooking the town all the way into the valley, our own walk-in wardrobe as well as a marbled floor bathroom with sunken bath. Bliss…

The next morning we woke to birds singing and the fresh sun rays poking there fingers around our curtains. This was a very important day for me, I was looking forward to seeing Las Pozas but even more importantly this day was the day I was to ask Nicole to marry me. I was nervous and excited at the same time. Our wardrobe was part of the bathroom, so i snuck away leaving Nicole in her half drowsy state to retrieve the ring. I wanted to ask her when we got to Las Pozas, when we found the perfect spot. Ruby
Las PosasLas PosasLas Posas

the jumping board?
helped me design the perfect ring for Nicole. I had planned the event for many months, and now the time had arrived. I opened the secret compartment where I had the ring stowed away, I pulled the case out of the cardboard box that held it, I opened the ring case so that i could see the ring and know that this ring was meant for my beautiful girlfriend. The case was empty, I felt as though my heart fell to the floor bounced back and socked me one right on the nose. All colour drained from my face, I searched the whole bag, nothing. At that moment Coley knocked on the door saying she needed the bathroom. What was I to do? Do I wait, it´s a possibillity I left the ring in Australia, or do I go ahead ringless with nothing to offer my amazing girfriend. I decided to go ahead as planned.

We walked down to Las Pozas, on the way I tried to be my normal cheery self but found this hard, I still couldn’t believe the ring was not in the box. Bad thoughts constantly filled my head, however when I looked across at
Las PosasLas PosasLas Posas

the grand entrance
Nicole I knew that today was the day. This thought picked me up and gave me a special spring to my step.

We arrived at Las Pozas and immediately saw the house of Edward James. It was brilliant, a mass of spiral stairs, a multitude of fleur de lis, concrete animal sculptures and other things I can’t even describe. Nicole and I wove through this invention of surrealist mind come jungle take over coup, we were blown away by the imagination of the man. My mind was still extremely occupied and I kept my eye open for the perfect spot. We came across an open area shaded by tall old growth trees, behind the moss coated wall was a garden of birds of paradise and elephant ears. Across from the spot was an enormous exaggerated red and white concrete flower and in the background was the sound of the waterfall crashing into the rocks below. Perfect.
I asked Nicole to join me, she was not to sure why I stopped as she was still staring in wonder at the gardens around us. I pulled her close to me and gave her a big kiss. Nicole, still occupied with her
Las PosasLas PosasLas Posas

Waterfall pools
surroundings thought nothing special of the kiss and asked “Do you want to go this way?” I ignored the question and replied with my own “Do you want to marry me?” Coley’s shock and joy was evident in her response “What! Yes! What! Really? You Serious? Yes!” I was so happy, SHE SAID YES!!! I explained to her about the ring but she didn’t care that I had nothing to offer. She loves me. I really hope that ring is at home.

As you can imagine we spent the rest of the day in a kind of dreamy haze. The gardens were beautiful and exceeded our expectations, The perfect place to begin the rest of our life together. We wandered down to the waterfall and saw that Edward James had even tamed the waterfall and turned it into a sculpture of it’s very own. We jumped into the pools and swam around happy and in love.
We uploaded a few photo’s of Las Pozas, unfortunately we don’t have our photo’s but you really need to see this place with your own eyes to appreciate it’s beauty. To describe the gardens without using a collection of clichéd adjectives is impossible.
Las Pozas, Xilitla, and Mexico will always have a special place in our heart. It is the most amazing place i have ever been and the most beautiful person i have ever met said yes to sharing her life with me. Thankyou Edward James for your gift to the world.

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15th June 2010

What a lovely entry!!!
Yay, I am so happy for you guys and what an awesome place to do it. Well done Aaron!!! I hope the ring is in Australia - will keep everything crossed until you get back and find the ring
15th June 2010

Beautiful place
I have been following your blog since MachuPicchu and got impress by Las Pozas, I wonder if you can send me some pictures, well, I say some but actually I like them all. If you want me to pick I would say from 3 to 11 and 18. I must also say that I enjoy your style of writing, makes the reading nice, interesting and entertaining. Thanks for share those experiences and also show place where I would like to know some day and places where I won't such as Amazona's I hate mosquitoes. Looking forward for your next entry and of course, if it is not much to ask, for the pictures of las pozas. Enrique

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