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North America » Mexico » Oaxaca » Puerto Escondido April 17th 2018

Flying into Mexico City, Izchel’s joy was infectious, we were all very looking forward to being here.....Alexandra taking to everything Mexican like a pescado to agua! Having this time with the kids taking care of me with so much love it brings tears to my eyes.....thank you! Some reflections on the shimmering surfaces of Mexico.....and wondering just how superficial my observations are and what’s really going on? V difficult to glean in a short time. Mexico is colour.....brilliant, clashing, shades you would never contemplate painting your house in are everywhere, and seem to work. Interlaid with brilliant tiles, designs from Aztec, Mixtec, Incan, Outcan and contemporary.....vast walls overlaid in ceramic, Arabian origin blues and whites to tiny isolated single pieces that have to be sought out to be appreciated. Mural tile pictures in a similar style ... read more
Ben and the boys at the gym
Tulum ruinas

North America » Mexico » Oaxaca » Puerto Escondido October 6th 2016

If I had one word to describe Puerto Escondido it would be magical! I didn't really know what to expect from Puerto Escondido, it looked nice so we made it a stop on our itinerary - and I'm extremely glad we did! We've met a number of people who have told us to skip it, and go to Mazunte up the road, but I'm so glad we didn't listen! After an overnight bus and a quick nap we headed down to check out the beach. We're staying at Playa Carrizalillo, which is a beginners surfing beach so much nicer for swimming than some of the other beaches in town. It's a beautiful beach, the only problem is the 186 stairs to get off the beach! It's keeping us fit though. Whilst on the beach we met ... read more
Coco loco

North America » Mexico » Oaxaca » Puerto Escondido November 21st 2015

Bad news.. it appears that all the pictures on my camera are now blurry.. it had been happening on and off for a while but its got to the point i am no longer using it :( i cant transfer pics from my phone to the computer without a bit of hassle so for the moment its blurry pics.. should hopefully just be for this post though I hadnt sunbathed since northern colombia (5 weeks ago maybe?) so I was delighted to hit the beach for the first time in ages. From Oaxaca we took a 7 hour mini bus over the hills in a very windy journey in order to reach the pacific coast, also deceptively the furthest south in mexico that we will go. (carribean is higher north interestingly). For once, we were arriving ... read more

North America » Mexico » Oaxaca » Puerto Escondido September 21st 2015

We made it through our last major border crossing in Central America back into Mexico. None of the borders were difficult to cross, maybe just a little hot and stuffy while we waited for our passports to be stamped. We made our way back to San Cristobal for a short visit because we really enjoyed it the first time around. While there, we ate delicious tacos at the market, made fresh guacamole from market ingredients and visited Vina de Bacco a cute downtown wine bar that has a glass of wine and a tapa for the equivalent of CAD1.80. The excitement of our time in town was the twister that hit in the shanty town just north of the hostel. From the roof we could see winds picking up corrugated tin walls from the houses, that ... read more
Dan is loco for Coco Locos

North America » Mexico » Oaxaca » Puerto Escondido April 26th 2015

At this moment I lay on a wooden bench, on a large rooftop, under a straw roof with the sounds of birds (mostly chickens), dogs and unknown to me insects surrounding me. It’s another gorgeous day in paradise for me :) I’m finally starting to descend from the surreal cloud nine I’ve been walking on the past several days, this new reality of mine is just that, reality, now! And it’s been friggen fantastic, I feel like too much has happened in the 5½ days I’ve been in Mexico to only be that amount of time! I’ve encountered more stimulation in these few days than I have in years it seems. The wanderlust has captured me indefinitely this early on! The biggest thing I’m grateful for in this new way of existing is not having to ... read more
Ma Girlies:)
The ferocious Waves!
Zicatela gettin washed out from monster waves!

North America » Mexico » Oaxaca » Puerto Escondido March 18th 2014

Tuesday, March 18, 2014 Our last full day here in Puerto Escondido. You know that old Jimmy Durante song (well, some of you might know it) "Did you ever have the feeling that you wanted to go, and then you had the feeling that you wanted to stay?" That about sums up my feelings right now. I'm ready to go home, but want to stay here, too. But I think I'm leaning more towards wanting to go home. We had breakfast at Dan's Cafe, then friend Gay gave us a tour of Dan's nice compound where she is staying. Looks like a fun place to live. Joe and I both had hour long massages at the Healing Hands. It wasn't marketed as a "couples massage" but we were in the same room with a curtain between ... read more
Healing Hands
Healing Hands
Healing Hands

North America » Mexico » Oaxaca » Puerto Escondido March 17th 2014

Monday, March 17, 2014 Not much exciting to tell except that TODAY is son DAVE's birthday and we wish he could be here with us to celebrate. I haven't seen anything in Puerto advertising green beer tonight, so St. Patricks Day will come and go for us with no fanfare. Yesterday we went to town to the mercado one last time. We took our time and bought our produce and even looked at the clothes, decorative items, and junk. We thought it was the busiest we've ever seen it, Sunday is no day of rest for this town. Joe walked to the Point and we ate at another highly recommended restaurant, Bananas. Joe had the shrimp kabobs and I had traditional chili rellanos and we give the place five stars. The singer there was great, but ... read more

North America » Mexico » Oaxaca » Puerto Escondido March 13th 2014

Thursday and Friday, March 13-14, 2014 The days sort of melt together. We eat our melon and mango, we sit on the beach and watch the surfers with the gang in the morning, Joe takes a walk to the Point and back, we swim in the afternoon, and go to Playa Zicatela for the sunset aways running into people we know. Friday night we finally ate at the Hotel Santa Fe, so many have suggested we go there. We had the chili rellanos which were made with raisins and almonds and some other spices. Very different than any other rellanos we've ever had, but they were quite good. We walked up the lookout on the beach and then had a drink at the Split Coconut. Walking home, we ran into four different couples that we knew ... read more
Playa Zicatela Sunset
Playa Zicatela Sunset
Dos Palmas at Night

North America » Mexico » Oaxaca » Puerto Escondido March 9th 2014

Sunday, March 9, 2014 Easy day to write about because we didn't do much. Ping the cat woke us up prematurely so we ate an early breakfast at Cafecito. We swam. Joe went shopping for fruit and coffee. I read a book. Joe cooked dinner...great quesadillas and rice and replicated that wonderfully refreshing limonada I had last night at the Pescador. He picked the limes from the tree in the yard where we swim in the pool. Joe did his laundry and I had great intentions of doing mine. And as every day, we met more Canadians. Joe just now jokingly told me he needs to get to bed early because he has a horseshoe tournament tomorrow. Life is tough. He's been reading about how to throw horseshoes on the internet. We'll see if it does ... read more
Playa Manzanillo
Playa Manzanillo
Red Snapper Feast

North America » Mexico » Oaxaca » Puerto Escondido March 8th 2014

Sat., March 8, 2014 It was another early morning wake up alarm for us. We slathered on the sunscreen, walked up to the highway and waved down a colectivo that took us a few miles west where we got off to walk about a mile and a half to La Barre #1 where a surfing competition was being held. Our friend David told us the winners would be going on to compete in Ecuador. We were hoping to cheer for him but David wasn't there as he had to go meet with the city to fight them about the legality of him putting tables on the sidewalk in front of his cafe. The waves weren't exactly cooperating but we did see some pretty good surfers. We also liked seeing the bird life in the estuary there. ... read more
La Barre
La Barre
La Barre

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