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North America » Mexico » Nayarit » Bucerias February 10th 2010

I had been grumbling about the stupid noisy roosters, but then Steve figured out what they are really saying. "Put me in the soup!" We laughed till we cried! Ever since then, we giggle thinking about it whenever we hear them. In truth, you get used to it too. Here are some pictures of the wildlife around Bucerias.... read more
2010-02-11-IMG 4152

North America » Mexico » Nayarit » Bucerias February 9th 2010

It's been over a week since I have updated the blog. We have been keeping very busy going places and seeing things. I will post lots of pictures in the next day or two. We have decided that we need to take a day to rest from our vacation! First, here are some pictures that we have taken around the town of Bucerias. I have mentioned that it is a smaller town than Puerto Vallarta. The "downtown" area and a few of the main streets - mostly where the shops are - are paved with cobblestone. The rest of the town has dirt roads which get pretty rutted when there is rain or if someone has a water leak - this has happened in the street by our place and the water running down the road ... read more
View over the town
Fixing some of the downed wires from the storm
You see laundry hanging eveywhere

North America » Mexico » Nayarit » Bucerias February 6th 2010

Saturday we rode the bus up to the top of the Bay of Banderas, to Punta de Mita. It used to be a beautiful beach, like Bucerias, but we were told that the last few storms have washed away all the sand and washed up a lot of rocks. We found a restaurant with lounges in the sand, and had a bucket of beer while we watched the ocean and chatted with other people there doing the same. A bucket of Coronas - 6 beers - was 90 pesos - about $8 US. We had a nice fish dinner as well, then caught the bus to La Cruz - about half way between Puna de Mita and Bucerias. They have a fancy new marina there, with lots of boats in the harbour. There are nice beaches ... read more
Rocky beach at Punta de Mita
Good way to spend an afternoon
Marina at La Cruz

North America » Mexico » Nayarit » Sayulita January 23rd 2010

We have found waves, finally.... one problem, they are a bit big for us. Were still going out and paddleing around tho! Sayulita is really nice, a bit touristy, but everyone is super friendly. Were free camping, moving the RV from the beach during the day to the street at night. There are many roosters living in Sayulita.... makes it difficult to sleep in the morining. Also there is some sort of cart guy selling somthing, and on the cart is a very high pitched whistle noise that goes off every 15 minutes... he stays out very late at night. oh, there are also a couple of discos in town that like to blast their music. I guess were used to the RV parks (where old people stay) and our bed time is in sync with ... read more
olas muy grande
watching the waves
pinas preparadas

North America » Mexico » Nayarit » Rincon de Guayabitos January 20th 2010

We are in Mexico still and spent a couple of nights at a wonderful RV park Celestino, cheap, nice, relaxing. We drove further after that, and spent a night in Teacupland wich was free, and beautiful, but buggy. We had a wonderful idea of going to check the waves in the morning at a beach down the road. Unforutunatly we drove a bit to close to the beach, where we thought was grass, and sank into the sand...... yep we were stuck. We happened to see a bc plate truck drive by and asked if he could help. He got a local farmer to come and tow us out of the sand........ for a low price of 200 pesos. If the farmer had not come, we would definatly still be there. Last night we got another ... read more
more celistino
after sunset
trying to get trooper to swim in teacupan

North America » Mexico » Nayarit » Sayulita January 15th 2010

Independent travel is often much more expensive than following the masses into all inclusive hotels. Our dream vacation was to rent a hut on the beaches of Sayalita where we would spend the days surfing and the nights revelling with vegetarian locals. However, after an extensive search, it became apparent that given flight prices, such a trip was not within our budget. However, as the minus 40 weather raged on in Regina, the allure of affordable last minute package holidays became more and more attractive. And so, we hopped on a plane and headed for the massive strip of destructive development known as Nuevo Vallarta. If this blog had readers, I would expect angry letters in droves resulting from our decision to stay at an all inclusive. And while I agree with the fact that all ... read more
Cerveza en la playa
late night frivolity
bay watch babes

North America » Mexico » Nayarit » Rincon de Guayabitos November 28th 2009

It's been awhile! We are doing our usual lazy wintering in LaPenita. Had a great trip down with the caravan. Larry and I were Leaders of a group of about 5 rigs. A hard job. Going to slow for some, going too fast for others, lots of Mexican sign posts either gone or overgrown with weeds. Anyway, we made it with just a couple of group turn arounds. Our longest rig was I guess about 60 feet including tow car so no mean feat!! The weather has been hot and humid everyday. Around 30 - 32 C everyday and might drop to 25 at night. Humidity around 75 - 95 lots of days. We certainly don't have to work in this weather so how bad can it be. Sit on our deck reading with a huge ... read more
Mexico trip 2009 010
No margin for error here
Brady's 2nd BD card from Poppa and Leta

North America » Mexico » Nayarit » Bucerias August 14th 2009

It must be the top of summer because it has been boiling hot here in Bucerias. That kind of heat where you get out of the shower and even though you use a towel, you just never dry off. The kind of heat where you walk around outside for about ten minutes and then you start to sweat. Not glisten...drip sweat all over. Ronnie and I have been hiding out in the sanctuary of our condo dodging the rays of sun. Even our pool is too hot to swim in. We thought perhaps Rigo, our gardener/pool guy, had the heater on still and when I asked him to turn it off, he smiled and said it was the sun. So much for a refreshing dip. Something that was very refreshing however, was a visit from my ... read more
Mexican Train Dominoes
We all love to read
Dad with corn ice cream

North America » Mexico » Nayarit » Bucerias August 6th 2009

The days here in Bucerias have become very very repetitive and so I was very happy to be invited to help paint a children's home in Bucerias. Some call it an orphanage, but all of the kids there have families, the families just can't afford to house them. Sue, a woman we have befriended, picked me up very early in the morning so we could get to work before the sun got too intense. We drove for a bit and then turned away from the ocean and headed into farmland. I hadn't realized how far off the highway the houses went! We finally made it to a large, newly constructed building that was partially painted white. The kids were running around and playing as walked inside and gathered painting materials. I met the other volunteers, Harold, ... read more
Cute Kids!
What a cutie!
Maria taking our picture

North America » Mexico » Nayarit » Bucerias July 22nd 2009

It was time for another visit from the parents that call New Jersey home. Being from California myself, I love having them as guests. They always crack me up with their stories and competitiveness while playing any kind of game be it water volleyball, Mexican Train Dominoes or Up and Down the Ladder (a card game). This visit marked a first for us as well. We had Ron and Janice stay with us in our condo for five of the seven days. Usually when they visit, we don't have the room for them and so they find a hotel. I have to say it was really charming to wake up in the morning to find Ronnie's mom was making us coffee or that Ron and Ronnie were already out at the beach walking Byron. Our first ... read more
Ronnie and his Dad
Byron found an iguana in the pool
Up Close and Personal

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