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February 6th 2010
Published: February 9th 2010
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Saturday we rode the bus up to the top of the Bay of Banderas, to Punta de Mita. It used to be a beautiful beach, like Bucerias, but we were told that the last few storms have washed away all the sand and washed up a lot of rocks. We found a restaurant with lounges in the sand, and had a bucket of beer while we watched the ocean and chatted with other people there doing the same. A bucket of Coronas - 6 beers - was 90 pesos - about $8 US. We had a nice fish dinner as well, then caught the bus to La Cruz - about half way between Puna de Mita and Bucerias. They have a fancy new marina there, with lots of boats in the harbour. There are nice beaches both north and south of the marina, but by this time we were too hot and tired to check them out. We will come back and do that another day.

Sunday morning they have an open market where you can find all kinds of things, from food to clothing to shoes to kitchen wares……and probably much more. We bought the biggest, juiciest pineapple for about $1.50. Being Sunday, there was lots of tripe available (intestine). We saw it in soups, and being fried for tacos. It seems like Sunday is intestine day. I didn’t try it. But we did enjoy a great drink that they serve from big plastic jugs with ice called aguas frescas. Usually they are a fruit juice that is watered down a bit. Sounds strange, but every one I have tried is delicious! We had one on Sunday that was strawberry with rice (not chunks) - somehow it makes it kind of milky looking and it tastes like a strawberry shake, but not thick.

Trying new foods is fun though, although we try to find out what we are eating before we order it. Take a look at this menu that we ordered lunch from. Steve had a burrito, which is pretty safe - we had to ask what pierna was - it means "leg" but of what? Turns out to be pork, so that is OK. I wanted a torta - a sandwich on a crusty bun. The lady said "pollo?", assuming I, the gringa would want chicken. I asked what res was, and she said "res". OK, I will have that. I am stubborn. I was somewhat apprehensive though, as it could turn out to be anything. It was all good though - res is beef, and it was a thin, pounded beef steak in a wonderfully crusty bun with lettuce, tomato, avacado and red onion. We really do enjoy the food in Mexico!

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28th December 2010

great read! nice pictures too! hoping to go there too! will recommend your pics to my friends. this might interest you!

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