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20th December 2016

So much to see and not enough time....isn't that the way it always seems to be? But I think it's important to enjoy the things you got to see, and not worry about those that are still to be seen. Glad you had a good time!
From Blog: Vienna, Austria
21st December 2016

Colleen, you are so right ... as usual! lol! Yes, I do enjoy what I am able to see and do. Despite the pain slowing me down, I am thankful for all the things that i AM able to see and do. Life is good!
From Blog: Vienna, Austria
6th December 2016

Looks cool (literally and figuratively). Hope you are having an awesome time.
From Blog: Nuremberg
2nd December 2016

Beauty of Prague
I love travelling too and enjoying the scenery but without forgetting my exercise routine to keep fit.
From Blog: Prague Day 1
2nd December 2016

Beauty of Prague
John, I've been getting plenty of exercise tromping around on the cobblestone streets here! But, what you say is true. Enjoy the photos.
From Blog: Prague Day 1
23rd October 2016

Good times
It was fun to spend a couple of days showing you around Myrtle Beach. I'm not sure how it happened that we spent so little time on the beautiful beach...guess it just means you will have to come back again some time!
29th October 2016

I think it should become part of our yearly travel plans! Plus, I would know then, that I get to see you more often, which is always a good thing in my books! Thanks again for hosting us. Hopefully we can do the same for you sometime in the future.
25th October 2015

So Sad
We spent 10 winters in Bucerias at the Fred & Mayo's Trailer park south of town. We loved our "little" town , and we hope you are taking of it. It is a magic place.
11th September 2012
Fancy houses at Akumal

verry nice
From Blog: Akumal
17th April 2012

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31st December 2010
Fancy houses at Akumal

looks wind and very breth taking
From Blog: Akumal
28th December 2010

great read! nice pictures too! hoping to go there too! will recommend your pics to my friends. this might interest you! http://cut.gd/Z9On
30th May 2010

We are planning a trip next Apr so I was very interested in your comments. Where did you stay? We are considering Wavecrest or Paniolo. Thanks again
From Blog: Molokai
20th April 2010

I really like the coconut that you sent in the mail. Thank you very much. My dad wants know if it fell out of the tree in the picture that says to watch out for falling coconuts? I have just built a robot named Dr Pepper because he is made out of a can of Dr. Pepper. He can walk on his own power with a little motor and a AA battery. He is so cute, My dad says he will take a picture and send it to you soon. Love you. - Sequoia Hi pops - I like your Thinker pose, it appeals to the philsopher in me. I am glad you are having lots of fun, and I really enjoy the pictures. I love to read about your adventures; but I love to put the pictures in the slid show - Popman. Hi Grandpa - Momster.
17th April 2010

Rainy alright...
Hi, I really enjoyed your blog. So funny that every single time I was in Hilo, it would rain. I thought i only happened to me. Nice to know that I am not alone... I once biked to the waterfalls; you can imagine I was soaking wet when we arrived... By the way, I just started a travel blog, where I have posted some hawaii trips. thewanderlife.com I will be coming back for more! cheers, V
5th April 2010

Love Bucerias
I love Bucerias (bestofbucerias.com), but I will have to visit Melaque.
29th March 2010

Nice blog and trip, Sure you had fun, thanks for sharing
19th March 2010

great post thank you!
From Blog: On to Hawaii
9th February 2010

glad you have some good weather to enjoy. The pics are fun keep them coming. All is well here at home i have the kids and a couple days off for Valentines and we going to the movies. have fun. love Chrissy
1st February 2010

Looks so nice
Great entries -- I am green with envy. I so want to go to California now. Have a great time!
From Blog: Los Angeles Area
31st January 2010

re: Crooked Police
We have heard stories like this more than once, so we stick to public transit rather than renting a car. Most of the police are honest I think - too bad that some of the bad ones make visitors like us afraid.
From Blog: Playa del Carmen
27th January 2010

Great to see a blog entry with commentary and pics! I get to live vicariously through you guys since it will be a couple of years before I get to do something similar -- I hope! I had no idea Reno was like that. I think we will try to mimic your trip when the family and I go to San Francisco maybe next year. Hopefully in the summer so we will miss snow in Donner Pass and the chains. Have a great time, take care and please post more!
11th December 2009

Crooked Police! Travelers Beware
After a great weekend in Akumal 8 of us departed in 2 cars for the Cancun airport. The first car left 45 minutes ahead of us. We were stopped by the police about 30 miles from the airport, they said we were speeding, which we weren't. We were told they were taking Marc's drivers license and we would have to go back to Playa del Carmen and pay a $150 fine unless we gave him $100 right then. We told him we didn't have any money, take us to jail...he said forget it....drive slow. When we got to the airport we found out that the same guy stopped our 1st car and had extorted 800 pesos from them...all the cash they had left! We have visited this area at least once a year since 1986 without incident. We are aware of the speed traps in Playa and are always careful to stay under the speed limits. These corrupt individuals are doing great harm to the hard working locals who are trying so hard to bring the tourist dollars to the area. Bottom line, we will probably find a new vacation spot until this corruption and highway robbery is stopped!
From Blog: Playa del Carmen
18th February 2009

mmmm Tequila
thanks for posying all the pics and you funny with a snorkle mask! All is well here...and cold. See you soon. Love Chrissy
From Blog: Playa del Carmen
18th February 2009

Ugh...playa...ugh too many tourists, but yes the water is beautiful and there are quite a few cool things to do
From Blog: Playa del Carmen

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