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18th February 2009

Your guys trip looks excellent!! I'm jealous you got to go to Palenque, one of the few places I wish I had made it to. Isn't the poverty astounding? And Mexico is considered 2nd world! Have fun!!!
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4th September 2008

Kailee and Riley are loving the photo gallery and we are all learning about the minerals too. It's cold and rainy here too, gonna start making tomatoe sauce with garden stuff, I save you some! Now don't hurt yourselves. Love Chrissy
4th September 2008

Looks like fun!!
Hey Dawn and Steve, Rob here...looks like you are having a great time, i'm following along! The moose was cool, i didn't know there was so much to see down there! Might have to go on a roadtrip :P Save travels!
2nd September 2008

hi back
This is like a post card! Having a great time. Wish you were here. Love Mom
1st September 2008

all this talk about bread and custard, think I'll make some bread pudding! Looks like fun keep the picture rollin.
29th August 2008

say hi to boo-boo too!
Have a good road trip you two and we'll have a bb-q at your house to see all pictures and stories when you get back! If you find a pic-a-nic basket, bring it home for us! Love from, Chrissy
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