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February 5th 2010
Published: February 8th 2010
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Bucerias BeachBucerias BeachBucerias Beach

Where we are going...
Well, we are getting a feel for the place now. We finally have some nice sunshine, and wow, it is hot and humid! Most days, we have to make our way home by 4 o’clock or so because we are so worn out from walking, and hot and sweaty. A jump in the pool at our vacation home is a nice way to end the day.

The beach at Bucerias is absolutely gorgeous - just like you see in the travel brochures - and practically deserted during the week. On the weekends, Mexican families come and enjoy the beach too, and it is a bit busier, but still far from crowded. We walked one morning as far as we could one way, then found a place on the beach and bought a beer and sat in the sand to rest our weary feet a while. Then we walked as far as we could the other way, finally stopping at a different restaurant on the beach for lunch. The first two pictures you see in the blog today are from our walk, where were going, and where we came from.

Bucerias is a typical small town in Mexico, which makes
Bucerias Beach 2Bucerias Beach 2Bucerias Beach 2

Where we just came from....
it somewhat similar to Tulum where we stayed last year. We are coming to realize that it isn’t unusual for little concrete block homes to be right next to larger and newer homes. Many places here don’t have glass in their windows - but they may have sheets hanging across the opening for privacy. Others are designed more like buildings at home - it turns out that these are usually the ones where the non-Mexican families live. Dogs roam around the streets, and so do chickens and roosters. The dogs bark at night, and the roosters crow the whole day long….I am starting to recognize their individual voices. Oh yes, and we can’t forget the cats that yowl at night too. Ah, the peace and quiet of a small town.

Water washes out rivulets in the roads, and sometimes they throw in a load of broken bricks to fill in the bigger holes. The main highway is paved, and the main roads in the “downtown” tourist area are cobblestone. That sounds so quaint - cobblestone. It is amazing how hard that is to walk on though! Our ankles and legs are really feeling the strain - but we get stronger every day. And of course, there are the ever-present big resorts that take up the best locations on the best beaches, with the people laying on their lounges or floating in their pools behind their walls and roped-off areas. So, you have the option of experiencing the place in whatever way suits you best.

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Hill in BuceriasHill in Bucerias
Hill in Bucerias

They have paved over the dirt to prevent erosion

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