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North America » Mexico » Chiapas » Tapachula October 16th 2015

South of the Border It was a hard couple of days ring in the heat after leaving String in Fort Pierce to get the repair sorted on his BMW as it turned out to be a faulty fuel pump, but the guys at Treasure Coast Motorcycles fitted a get you to Texas pump off a Buick car. I was chased out of Florida by a huge thunderstorm that forced me to put on my wet riding gear for the second time since I left home. It was all over in ten minutes and I had to take it off again. The run down to Curtis and Janet's was a uneventful apart from dodging all the bloody trucks going or coming from Mexico. I arrived at Curtis and Janet's to find Trevor and Kim already settled in. ... read more
Mini me!!
Trev, our main tire man.
Curtis lending a hand

North America » Mexico » Chiapas » Tapachula January 5th 2014

This is just a quick post with pictures from Mexico. Most are from Tonala, the city we stayed in the night before we went to the beach. I can't remember the name of the beach we were at (I'm sorry!), but it was near Boca del Cielo. The beach was just gorgeous and we were practically the only people on it! ALSO - I'm not sure how to take my pictures from InstaGram and upload them to the blog, but if you really want to see the picture of the lizard poop on the soap (and plenty of other good ones from daily life down here!) the link to my InstaGram is here: Besos amigos!!! xxoo... read more
City of Tonala
Waiting for Roger
Juan and Cross

North America » Mexico » Chiapas » Tapachula February 26th 2011

... in einem kleinen Pueblo im Sueden von Chiapas. Izmael, ein Freund aus San Cristóbal hat mich zu seiner Familie eingeladen. Seine Eltern besitzen einen Bauernhof mit allen moeglichen Viechern (Kuehe, Pferde, Huehner, Iguanas, ...) und Mangos soweit das Auge reicht. Unter Tags habe ich etwas bei der Arbeit geholfen - heuen, Kuehe fuettern. Zudem durfte ich auf einem Pferd reiten. Zu Mittag gab's dann eine nette Grillerei bei der noch mehr Verwandte vorbeischauten. Am Abend ging's dann auf die Feria in Tapachula. Bei einem Onkel von Izmael hatte ich vor der Abreise noch die Moeglichkeit Iguana (Leguan) zu essen - schmeckt ganz gut, so aehnlich wie Huehnchen.... read more
Es wird Wasser fuer die Pferde benoetigt

North America » Mexico » Chiapas » Tapachula July 25th 2009

Oh, never in my travels has a day started so normally and ended with so many 'memorable moments'. Quick run down and then the story. 1. Protests / Riots in Western Guatemala block the roads 2. Justin decides to check out one of the protests, and our bus takes off leaving him there 3. Our bags get stolen 4. I realize that Justin left his passport on the bus, thereby limiting my options to go tho the airport without him 5. I wait at the border crossing hoping that Justin can make it in time 6. Justin shows up, we have 45 minutes to cross the border and get to the airport before our flight leaves 7. We get to the airport with 15 minutes before takeoff, but...our airline is grounded. Justin and I left our ... read more
Police ready to break up the protest
Airline check in counter "We are grounded"
Waiting at the border

North America » Mexico » Chiapas » Tapachula June 20th 2009

Well we are now officially one full day behind schedule and I fear that there is no way I can make it to Costa Rica on time. That's okay though, right? The journey is the thing, right? I am now almost fully caught up with my posts. June 19th is day 7. Day 6 (yesterday) Today Justin and I decided that even though we were behind schedule we, we had to stop and visit the ruins of Monte Alban. They were just a stone throw from our highway, and we really needed to stretch our legs. It turned out to be a terrific decision. The ruins are perched on top of a hill overlooking the city of Oaxaca, which is the capital city of the state of Oaxaca. They date back to around 500BC and ... read more

North America » Mexico » Chiapas » Tapachula June 19th 2009

Hey everyone! Well Justin and I are still running late, and we are just now crossing into Guatemala. We are excited to do so but I am growing increasingly worried about the stability in Nicaragua. Recent reports in the region are not good. But I'm sure everything will be fine. Correction for last blog: I mistakenly wrote that we stayed the night in Los Mochis, which is where we stayed for night two. If you caught this error, give yourself two points and consider a profession as a newspaper editor, if not, well nobody's perfect. The actual location for night three was Tepic. Day 5 We crossed through Mexico City today. And it is now one of my proudest accomplishments. A lot of things in this world get hyped up but the difficulty in navigating through ... read more

North America » Mexico » Chiapas » Tapachula March 7th 2009

So..... About four days ago, I spent an hour (which is $6 US on my internet card) writing this LONG update, and then the server went out and I lost everything. I called Mom and complained, but I only just got over the incident today, so I thought I'd try again. If it gives out again, however, I'm quitting Travel Blogging forever. With that being said, a whole lot has happened since we last chatted. So let's recap, shall we? Day one, we left San Diego, in Code Red after having 140 or so people infected with the virus. Days two and three we were at sea, and Day Four was our first port, Puerto Vallarta. (This is the same port that I went Bungy Jumping). Right at about this time, I developed a cough that ... read more

North America » Mexico » Chiapas » Tapachula August 12th 2008

Los Lagos De Montebello, 01-02-1990. Together with our canadian lady-friend Anne, we visited another indigena village called Chamula. we had to pay 1000 Peso to be allowed into the local church, funny i always thought the housae of God is open to any-one who cares to enter! Still the money was well spent! Allthough the church's interior had the appearance of a normal catholic church i could see huge differences like no benches to sit on but a concrete floor covered in lush green grass. Obviously freshly cut. I could see some loclas, mostly young women sitting around in what seemed private contemplation. Some crucifified Jesus images, nailed to a huge cross hanging over the middle of the curch was Jesus himself made of gipsen or whatever and black like a native papua from the former ... read more

North America » Mexico » Chiapas » Tapachula August 12th 2008

Mas Tarde. We decided to do auto-stop to Los Lagos De Montebello. Not really this time to save money but mostly for the sheer fun of it and the opportunity to meet the real locals. Drunk or sober they practice the male-macho way of driving a car. A flock of turkeys crossing the road in Mexico better does so when there are no caros around!!! Checking in at some obscure basic hotel with the crazy name Mama-Coco or something stupid like that, at least the place has a restaurant as well where Miss Mama-Coco does the cooking herself, we will find out exactly how good/bad her cooking will be tonight i guess. ... read more

North America » Mexico » Chiapas » Tapachula August 12th 2008

Por la noche del mismo dia. Close to home, that is Mama-Coco and her "good food" awaiting us. But first things first, right now we are sitting on top of this pyramith, unexcavated and covered in lush jungle trees and bushes, we can hear birds all over preparing for the fast approaching evening and with it, DARKNESS!!! Now, we both had a trying day getting from San Cristobal to hear and then all the hiking through these pine forests. Still, we know Mama-Coco is close, she and her danrned food she sdo bragged about this morning when we checked in. Sure as hell we could do with some food now!!! " Yeah man, that is the way so let's go, just need a quick pee-pee". "Not really sure if the spirit of this pyramith is ... read more

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