The black Jesus Christ.

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August 12th 2008
Published: August 12th 2008
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Los Lagos De Montebello, 01-02-1990. Together with our canadian lady-friend Anne, we visited another indigena village called Chamula. we had to pay 1000 Peso to be allowed into the local church, funny i always thought the housae of God is open to any-one who cares to enter! Still the money was well spent! Allthough the church's interior had the appearance of a normal catholic church i could see huge differences like no benches to sit on but a concrete floor covered in lush green grass. Obviously freshly cut. I could see some loclas, mostly young women sitting around in what seemed private contemplation. Some crucifified Jesus images, nailed to a huge cross hanging over the middle of the curch was Jesus himself made of gipsen or whatever and black like a native papua from the former dutch Indies. The black Jesus Crist worshipped in some small indigena village somewhere in Mexico. If God only knew!!!


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