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North America » United States » Alaska » Juneau June 22nd 2010

Don't have a lot of time for this update, but I was so excited to hear that my sound was fixed that I had to post something!! John, our sound tech, is a miracle worker and hooked me up so that I can actually hear my voice coming through the monitors!!!! My voice is saved! Tonight's show is You've Got A Friend, which is all my Carole King and James Taylor songs rolled into an hour show. However, since we don't disembark till 9pm tonight, I'm afraid that only a few people will show up. In my experience, the longer we are in port, the more tired the passengers get, thus sending them to bed earlier. No worries though. I have met about 6-8 people who have been to both my shows so far, and I'd ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Pacific June 20th 2010

Hello land lovers!! Today is day 2 of my first cruise to Alaska, and there is already so much to talk about. Not much time to talk about it, but I'll give you a quick rundown. We set sail from Seattle yesterday at about 16:00 (that's 4pm to you!) along side the Golden Princess. I went to a training/welcome meeting, then went to my room (bigger than my room on my last contract, and no bunk-beds!!) unpacked my gear, then headed to the Lido deck for a grilled ham and cheese and some chips. I was supposed to be assigned a buddy to show me around the ship and to answer all my questions, but for some reason that hasn't happened, so the past 24 hours has been interesting to say the least. And I have ... read more

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle » Ballard June 18th 2010

Hey friends! So I leave tomorrow for my Alaskan cruise experience and I'm more excited than ever!! My last contract was a 7-week dream cruise from San Diego, California to Rome, Italy and it was amazing! However, 50 days away from my friends and family was a bit trying at times, so I think this shorter contract will suite me better. Anywho, I thought I'd give you all the run down on what I'll be doing while I'm abroad (can I call it "abroad" even though I'm still visiting US ports? There are some Canadian ports too, so yes, I can say that) and what I've been doing thus far in preparing for this once in a lifetime adventure! First of all, my title on board is "Show Pianist". This means that at my bar (yes, ... read more

Europe » Portugal » Madeira » Madeira March 24th 2009

Hello all!!! I finally got off the ship!!! YAY!! After 7 very long sea days, yesterday I had the pleasure of disembarking on the Portugese island of Madeira. The name of the port was Funchal, and my friends and I left the gangway at noon and started my first European journey. The first thing we did was boarded a shuttle, which cost $5 US for passage to the city and back (a great deal, considering guests had to pay 10 euros for taxis). By the way, the current exchange rate for the US:Euro is 1.35:1....which isn't all that bad. The ten minute shuttle ride took us to the edge of town. Remember, Madeira is an island off the coast of mainland Portugal, and this particular island has all of the homes that people live in built ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic March 18th 2009

Put your finger on a map in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Go ahead, do it, I'll wait. K, did you find it? The farthest point from any piece of land that is around? Good. That's where I am right now. The middle of Nowhere. After three days at sea, I can safely say that I prefer land over water anyday. I look out the window and what do I see? Water. No coast. No other ships. No buildings. Nope. Just water. Because of this fact, I try to sleep as much as I can to help the hours click by faster. I found myself in my room thinking about home and missing everyone terribly. So today, I decided to change that. I woke up early, got breakfast, and began getting busy. I signed up ... read more

Hey all!!! While I only have been to a few countries in my life, I discovered my new favorite country a few days ago. Our port was in Guatemala, which didn't have any particularly high expectations attached to it, which might account for my appreciation for it. DJ Dan and I left the ship at around 12:30pm, and began walking through the many shops that are located just outside the gangway. There I bought some nice presents (you'll have to wait till I get back...I wanna see the looks on your faces myself :) ), and then Dan and I decided to go see the city. We jumped in a cab and the cabby asked us if we wanted the beach or the bar. We said "just take us to the middle of the city". We ... read more

North America » Mexico » Chiapas » Tapachula March 7th 2009

So..... About four days ago, I spent an hour (which is $6 US on my internet card) writing this LONG update, and then the server went out and I lost everything. I called Mom and complained, but I only just got over the incident today, so I thought I'd try again. If it gives out again, however, I'm quitting Travel Blogging forever. With that being said, a whole lot has happened since we last chatted. So let's recap, shall we? Day one, we left San Diego, in Code Red after having 140 or so people infected with the virus. Days two and three we were at sea, and Day Four was our first port, Puerto Vallarta. (This is the same port that I went Bungy Jumping). Right at about this time, I developed a cough that ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Pacific February 28th 2009

Just a quick update cuz I got lots to do: Tomorrow when I arrive in San Diego, I may not be allowed off the ship at all. Due to our Code Red status with the GI virus, I have to scrub down my entire rack and have it inspected by members of the CDC way early in the morning. Depending on when I'm cleared, I may only have a few hours off the ship, or it could work out that I'm not allowed off at all. If this is the case, I won't obviously be making my phone calls, so I appologize in advance if you all don't hear from me. The GI Virus has spread rapidly throughout the ship. The first day, we had a reported 10 passengers inflicted, and within 3 hours, the number ... read more

North America » Mexico » Sinaloa » Mazatlan February 24th 2009

Hey all!! Greetings from Mazatlan, Mexico. This week has had it's fair share of good news and bad news. Good news: Stiletto, the company that is responsible for maintaining all the equipment for the musicians on the ship, has sent a representative to cruise with us for 7 days. Ray is my new best friend because after we had a lunch meeting, he swapped out my sucky keyboard that has 8 broken keys with a new fully functioning keyboard that same day!!! Last night I actually got to play without having to lift up on the keys after I played them.....very exciting!!! Bad news: Our ship has just been set to code RED, which means that a highly contagious virus is sweeping across the entire ship. This particular virus causes extremely violent vomitting and diarrea for ... read more

North America » Mexico » Baja California Sur » Cabo San Lucas February 19th 2009

Well, believe it or not I began writing a very long update about 3 days ago, and in the middle of it my internet card ran out and I lost the entire entry :( So, I'll try to get everyone up to speed. After my first week of cruising, we arrived in San Diego to get rid of the old guests and pick up the new ones. While I was on shore, I went shopping and got some new clothes that fit my strict dress-code requirements (pair of nice khakis and three polo shirts--aeropostal). I then spent the afternoon walking around, stopping in different stores and coffee places to soak up the city. I wish I had more time in San Diego, cuz there seems to be a lot to do. But, after a few short ... read more

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