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March 7th 2009
Published: March 7th 2009
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About four days ago, I spent an hour (which is $6 US on my internet card) writing this LONG update, and then the server went out and I lost everything. I called Mom and complained, but I only just got over the incident today, so I thought I'd try again. If it gives out again, however, I'm quitting Travel Blogging forever.

With that being said, a whole lot has happened since we last chatted. So let's recap, shall we?

Day one, we left San Diego, in Code Red after having 140 or so people infected with the virus. Days two and three we were at sea, and Day Four was our first port, Puerto Vallarta. (This is the same port that I went Bungy Jumping). Right at about this time, I developed a cough that wouldn't go away. It was more of an annoyance than anything that really hurt, so I just kept on going about my days as normal. However, over the next several days, I started getting stuff to cough up, and a runny nose that would conquer all other runny noses. Finally, after taking all my airborne and vitamin c tablets, I came to the conclusion that I was sick. Day 6 (yesterday) we were in a port called Huatulco, Mexico. I didn't leave the ship. I felt so sick and I didn't have my doctor's appointment until 4. So I stayed in my cabin all day, blowing my nose on crappy toilet paper and coughing my lungs up every five seconds. I couldn't sleep due to the coughing, and I must say it was some of the worst cruising I've ever experienced 😉

I did go to the Infermary at 4 yesterday, and I saw the doctor, and she gave me some antibiotics, some cough syrup, and some throat spray. It is now Day 7, our port being Puerto Chiapas, almost 28 hours after my first pill, and I feel better already. Not 100% by any means, but definitely more than 60%. I'm hoping to be rid of symptoms by tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, that is another sea day, and the only responsibility I have is a 9:30am Traffic Director meeting, which should only last a half hour or so. Should be a good day.

BIG news on the GI Virus. 5 hours ago, we went from Code Red to Code Yellow, which means I don't have to serve food anymore on the Lido deck, and I don't have to have people hand me my food, I can just go up and grab it. I also am allowed to shake people's hands, even though I think I won't anyway, just to be safe. Living on a ship with Code Red for 10 days will make you a germafobe, which I now consider myself.

I was talking with the Captain the other day, and he said that when we go through the Panama Canal, we will only have 2 feet of clearance on each side of the ship. He calls is "Precise Parking" 😊

Today's Port was a mixed bag for me. Puerto Chiapas has a nice downtown, but you have to take a $10 forty minute bus ride there to find it, and I said no to that. Right off the ship, there was a little bar with a pool, so me and 4 of my friends went there for a bite. I had the worst Pina Colada of my life, and the chicken took 40 minutes to come out, and it was mediocre at best. Trying to salvage the day, I walked accross to the other hut, 5 minutes away, and took pictures of this amazing structure. It was a huge hut, and inside there was a large dance floor that sunk down about twenty feet in the middle. Along all the edges were shops, selling everything from little toys to jade/amber jewelry to shirts to postcards to....everything!! So, I decided to buy some little trinkets for some people I know. (HI PAPAYA and KATY MAC!!!! LOVE YOU GIRLS!!) I saw this good looking local there, so I followed her around for a quick bit then got back on the ship and took a nap. I find that since I've started taking my antibiotic, naps revive me more than anything else. I wake up feeling better than when I started, so I'm taking more now.

Tomorrow I'll be in Guatemala. None of the crew have been there before, so some friends and I will be exploring it together. I can't wait.

I got another contract offer from Holland America. They want to sign me up for 7-day Alaskan Cruises starting in June for another 8 weeks. I said no. I wanna be home longer than that!!

Miss you all tons. LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU!!!


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