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North America » Mexico » Baja California » Tijuana December 18th 2018

The Central American migrant caravan has been in the news for the last few months, and having a free day in San Diego yesterday, I decided to hop across the border and see for myself what all the fuss was about. Due to a bad experience of getting my car windows smashed many years ago in Tijuana, I decided not to risk it. I parked just before the border and walked across. One thing I noticed ywas that almost everyone crossing into Tijuana, at least on foot, looked Mexican and was speaking Spanish. I think many people have day passes, and others are dual citizens. Anyway, there wasn’t any wait at all to go into Mexico, and no immigration check whatsoever on the Mexican side, just an X-ray for those with bags. As soon as I ... read more

North America » Mexico » Baja California » Tijuana November 28th 2015 Entre les barreaux de la fenetre de notre chambre, je vois le soleil projeter ses premiers rayons sur les palissades de beton qui s’etendent le long de la frontiere, un peu plus au nord. Elles semblent avoir été dresse pour proteger le desert américain de l’expansion d’une ville Mexicaine. Les maisons s’etendent jusqu’à la frontiere. Elle défend l’originalite de deux peuples, de deux cultures, si differentes que leur melange serait un gachi. Une barriere physique qui maintien le contrôle social de l’un et la liberte d’entreprendre de l’autre. Du regard, j’inspecte la peinture monochrome qui recouvre les murs grossiers de la chambre, a la recherche d’insectes. J’en ai trouve un hier, une belle grosse blate. Elles doivent passer au travers du jour qu’il y a sous la porte. C’est le tour du sol. Ahhh, je ... read more
wall tijuana
wall tijuana 2

North America » Mexico » Baja California » Tijuana November 9th 2015

img= ... read more

North America » Mexico » Baja California » Tijuana January 4th 2015

We were looking for some unique fun to bring in the New Year. It had to be close, it had to be warm, and it had to offer plenty of variety. So we loaded up the SUV with friends and headed to Baja, California. There is nothing like the beach and the coastal waters to enjoy when you wish to take a break from work and other responsibilities. We stayed at the San Quintin hotel. It was very nice, but also very loud. Hard to get enough sleep there due to all of the people coming and going at all hours. I think the next time I visit here; I will get a rental home. It will be quieter so that when we are ready for our time to sleep, we can do so. I guess ... read more

North America » Mexico » Baja California » Tijuana December 22nd 2014

This trip we were able to visit the beach with clear waters and white sand that we had heard so much about. We decided to rent jet skies and try something new. It was a blast! On our way back to our hotel we stopped to visit the local shops to collect some souvenirs. We bought shirts, jewelry. We also ate lunch at one of the local restaurants. It was a family owned business, everything was homemade from the tortillas to the horchatas, a beverage that consisted of rice, cinnamon, and milk mainly. The foods there were very different, but good! The offered all kinds of meats. Pork, beef, chicken, tongue, brain, and all sorts of parts of the animal that you wouldn't normally eat. It was fun getting to try the local foods even if ... read more

North America » Mexico » Baja California » Tijuana December 13th 2010

Padraic's mother had a very serious talk with Padraic, older brother Kevin, and younger cousin Finn. "Things are different in Mexico. You must put your used toilet paper in a trashcan. Never flush it down the toilet." "Why?" asked Finn. "Because Mexican toilets are different." "Why?" "Because they have less money." Crossing the border from San Diego into Tijuana was easy enough. Huge concrete walls and men in camouflage impeded traffic from the other direction. A nearly-empty toll road ran from the outskirts of Tijuana to the beach resort. Intense sunlight lit the dust of the scrubland, empty except for thorny weeds and a car full of relatives driven by the venerable patriarch, GrandDude. On the beach a teenager tried to sell a brown-skinned, sombrero-wearing, ludicrously-happy, marionette to the three young Americanos. Twelve-year-old Kevin tried to ... read more

North America » Mexico » Baja California » Tijuana June 11th 2010

Esperanza celebrates 20 years of helping low-income families to build strong communities and construct houses! We had about 35 U.S. volunteers, 30+ families from our communities, government dignitaries, and lots of friends join us for a wonderful celebration. There were videos, slideshows, kids jumping on the blow up bouncy thing, mechanical bull, speeches, delicious food, dancing. There just aren't words to describe how much this organization has done over 20 years and how much is has grown in the process. As always, I invite anyone who wants to experience it to come down and visit :) ... read more
First time on a mechanical bull!
Long-term volunteers

North America » Mexico » Baja California » Tijuana May 26th 2010

**** THIS POST IS A "CATCH-UP" POST, from the Summer of 2010, the first in a series of posts bringing my blog up to the present day ***** Wake Up I rubbed my eyes and literally slapped myself in the face. That’s something I do occasionally, mimicking cartoons I’d watched as a child, when I need to wake up. It was three in the morning, and there were probably 150 cars in front of me. I had another half an hour until I reached the checkpoint, but this was just another Tuesday. I did wonder however, if the air quality of living in Tijuana would impact my health if I did this long enough. What was I doing commuting daily across the busiest border in the whole world, and running a national political campaign anyway? How ... read more
Suburban Playas
The beach and islands
Playas beach

North America » Mexico » Baja California » Tijuana May 23rd 2010

SUNDAY 23 May this was Tijuana day. So walked down the end of 6th Ave to where the tram had ended last night. The tram went to a junction with the blue line down to San Ysidro/Tijuana but I coudl see where and wandered around the resticted area until someone took me in hand and pointed me in the right direction. Then its abt 10 stop or so and 4omins down to the border at San Ysidro. There - as the DoH had run out of combo vaccine at work and later scheduled after I had left, decided to avail myself of the San Diego free H1N1 vaccination in a tent - as you do on a Sunday at the Mexican border! Going across the border involves a lot of along ramps and over the highway. ... read more
pimped up Caddy in Tijuana
some of it is right
vintage record shop - Tijuana

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