Daisy Sotelo

Daisy Sotelo

Daisy Sotelo

Costa Rica's trip had to have been the most adventurous yet and the most memorable. Not only did we try new foods and experienced interacting with new people of different culture, but we were able to try hiking in Costa Rica and whitewater rafting. We went to Pacuare River in San Jose. We heard it was a great place to go whitewater rafting, and it was. Even if we weren't the best it was still the most fun trip yet. We also went to the San Jose Zoo. Everything was so beautiful, the animals, buildings, and nature. The they incorporated a historical type architecture in all the building. They had so many animals, and a large variety of birds. All so colorful too. Completely different from the seagulls, pigeons, and crows in the city.... read more

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Panamá January 12th 2015

We stayed at resort this time, it beautiful! The sunsets in Panama were amazing. Our second day there we started our sight seeing and wow was it different. The architecture was something completely different then what our norm is. Many of the were colorful, made of brick or just had a gorgeous historic look to them. We even got to see ruins of a church. We also tour the local markets. They had a large a variety of fish and seafood.... read more

South America » Colombia January 9th 2015

Our first day there and wow, I was taking aback. The scenery was breathe taking. Plants, trees, insects and nature were everywhere. It was definitely a change from the norm, the fast pace city. Calming and relaxing in fact. The local food were delicious too, a lot less processed. Most dishes had a combination of meats, fish, beans, rice, and fresh produce. Colombia had very family friendly atmosphere. The people were incredibly kind and welcoming. It felt like I were back at home, I would miss Colombia and the memories made that week.... read more

South America » Brazil January 8th 2015

The airplane ride seemed like a life time, I was so excited to land and see Rio. I heard their beaches were beautiful and was eager to see it in person. After arriving and checking into out hotel (conveniently close to the beach) my family and I raced to the beach with out beach umbrellas towel. We managed to get a good spot. Our first day started out great and would only continue from there though it was a short trip we managed to tour the local shops and restaurants and local attractions as well. It was an amazing trip that I wouldn't forget.... read more

Nature, the Caribbean Coast was surrounded by it, and I mean surrounded. Cliffs, rivers, trees, plants, insects and more. We met locals and they were all so kind. We also got to watch some of the locals "put on a show" playing instruments in the streets. Mainly drums and dancing too. The water there was so clear, and completely different from the cities water and a beautiful sight. It looked like paradise. We rented a boat and went out to experience the clear waters. It was so calming and gave you a chance to get in touch with the nature and get away from the noisy city. One of the most spiritual experiences yet.... read more

North America » Mexico » Baja California » Tijuana December 22nd 2014

This trip we were able to visit the beach with clear waters and white sand that we had heard so much about. We decided to rent jet skies and try something new. It was a blast! On our way back to our hotel we stopped to visit the local shops to collect some souvenirs. We bought shirts, jewelry. We also ate lunch at one of the local restaurants. It was a family owned business, everything was homemade from the tortillas to the horchatas, a beverage that consisted of rice, cinnamon, and milk mainly. The foods there were very different, but good! The offered all kinds of meats. Pork, beef, chicken, tongue, brain, and all sorts of parts of the animal that you wouldn't normally eat. It was fun getting to try the local foods even if ... read more

North America » Mexico » Distrito Federal » Mexico City December 17th 2014

The buildings in Mexico City were gorgeous. They had a colonial look to them and I could understand why it was such an attraction for tourist in Mexico. Some of the buildings had paintings and murals on them, like the national palace. The murals were painted by a famous Mexican painter, who was also married to Frida Kahlo known for her self portraits. Or the paintings of a woman with a uni brow. Mexico City is a city full of heritage with places and attractions like museum, university, park, restaurants, and monuments.... read more

North America » Mexico » Aguascalientes December 8th 2014

We we able to visit the Regional Museum of History and see its 9 exhibition halls. And some pieces dating back to the as far as the Revolutionary Convention of 1914. And just learn about the history behind this city and nation as a whole. It was truly amazing to learn how this city came to be. We gathered souvenirs. We bought jewelry, a bag, trinkets and more. On our last day we visited the Museum of Death, yes the Museum of death. It sounded a little odd to me, but when we got there it was much more intersting then you would think. Their view on death is different, where we morn after a death, they celebrate it because they believe they will start their new life and be reincarnated as a new person instead ... read more

North America » Mexico » Chihuahua December 2nd 2014

Chihuahua had some of the most beautiful natural landscapes and a delicious cuisine. And such a rich history dating as far back as to the Spanish Intervention. We were able to see some of Chihuahua canyons and forest and caves. We were able to visit one of Chihuahua most popular caves, Nombre de Dios as well and try some of the local and traditinal cuisines. Caldo de Oso, fish soup and much more. It was different, but by far some of the best food yet. We also got the opportunity to try some outdoor activities in Chihuahua. Like exploring and discovering some of landscape. Chihuahua had so much beautiful landscape, we were surrounded by cliffs, caves, trees, plants, bodies of water and insects as well.... read more

North America » Mexico » Yucatán November 27th 2014

During our trip to the Yucatan Peninsula we were able to tour some of the Mayan ruins. It was amazing getting to experience this tour and see one of the remaining civilizations that created the beautiful structures and see how even as far as 200 AD they had an understanding of how to build structurally sound building and and an understanding of science and math to create a calendar and more. It was truly an amazing thing to see that stand till this day. We collected souvenirs from after the tour which included pictures and a blanket from the village shop. Mexico has such a rich history and it was amazing getting to experience it all.... read more

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