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North America » Canada » Ontario » Ottawa March 18th 2012

So... Surprise! I've been home about a week and back in Canada for about 2 weeks. Why is it so cold here!? The last 6 months almost seem unreal as I get back into the swing of things (i.e. job hunting like a crazy person, raiding the kitchen at every available opportunity, unpacking, repacking, unpacking, laundry, cleaning, lazing about, eating, dance parties, jet lag, paperwork). So what to say? The past 3 months were not easy, but they were amazing. I have stories about apples, goats, zims, rainstorms, soccer, food, bikes, revenants... The complete and utter disconnection from the familiar only to have the opportunity to completely and utterly lose yourself in new experiences... I think to pound home the lesson (or whatever it is) was going on a tangent about getting water from a well ... read more
Lac Toho
Obama Beach, Cotonou

North America » Canada » Ontario » Ottawa March 3rd 2012

Vanuit McDonalds Corners vertrokken we naar Ottawa. We hebben nog steeds contact met onze vorige WWOOF hosts en Ross heeft inmiddels weer een provinciale prijs in de wacht gesleept voor zijn werk als energie consultant. Ottawa is de hoofdstad van Canada en hier is ook de zetel van het parlement. Hier werd al een hoop Frans gesproken, omdat Canada volgens de wet tweetalig is en je bij de overheid dus altijd Frans óf Engels mag spreken. Ottawa ligt zoals veel grote steden in Canada bij een samenloop van rivieren en langs één van de oevers was Parliament Hill. Hier stonden de klassiek gebouwde overheidsgebouwen. Op sommige plekken waren nog muren met kanonnen te zien. Je had hier een ontzettend mooi uitzicht over de grotendeels bevroren rivieren. Daar zag je mensen ijsvissen en op een bijzondere plek ... read more
Rideau sluizen
Verboden het ijs te betreden
Salif, Judith en Ciarán

North America » Canada » Ontario » Ottawa February 10th 2012

Welcome to our Travel Blog - we hope you enjoy our trip along with us. Two sleeps and we are off - Ottawa to Chicago to San Francisco on Sunday - and Monday evening to Auckland - arriving on Feb 15th; with a day to sight see in San Francisco. We will miss Valentine's Day entirely due to crossing the International Date Line - did Dick have anything to do with this timing? After 2 - 3 days in Auckland to get acclimatized, buy stuff including bicycles, pick up our campervan we are off - with our first planned stop in Napier to take in an Art Deco summer festival. Our general intended destinations are the national parks throughout the country. We plan to cycle, hike, kayak, sight see, swim with dolpins, explore the Maori culture, ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Ottawa January 6th 2012

A little snow on the roads today but not to bad. About 20 minutes from hme to work. Arrived safely.... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Ottawa November 9th 2011

Hi all! Going to shorten up the blog a little by just entering photos with comments. I think the photos are probably the best part anyway. This way, hopefully I can update more often. Hank and I are really excited to be so close to home. Hoping we get a chance to see everyone soon! Hugs, Weedie and Jeepa xoxo... read more
Ottawa, On
Ottawa, On
Ottawa, On

North America » Canada » Ontario » Ottawa October 25th 2011

Less than a week to go. I think I have everything now, so just have to finish packing. Here's the map of the planned locations we will be going to: Rishikesh for the 11-11-11 Yoga Festival, Amritsar to visit the Golden Temple, Agra to visit the Taj Mahal, and New Delhi to visit Qutb Minar. Those are just the highlights. I hope to see more than that, but we'll see how the trip unfolds. My travel mates and I also discussed visiting Jaipur, but have left that as an option for now. Four weeks will go by fast.... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Ottawa October 23rd 2011

One week and counting before I leave for my journey to India. Very excited to be leaving soon and hope I have most things taken care of. Fun to write a blog about my journey and looking forward to additional entries.... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Ottawa September 15th 2011

Ok, so I've decided to start a travel blog for my trip to Greece. I haven't done this before so it's going to be a learning experience. If anyone has an pointers they can give me for how to format things on this site, feel free to drop me a note!!! ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Ottawa August 30th 2011

So I still can't find Kpovie on any map. And here I was thinking Google was omnipotent/omniscient. Lies. Bags are packed, paperwork is done, figuring out music & books to bring along, a quick jaunt to my second home this weekend annnndd..... I feel like I'm forgetting something. This time next week, I'll be off living somewhere I've never been, with a bunch of people I've never met, volunteering doing I don't know what. So a big thank you/merci to everyone who's shown support. In terms of adventures, it really doesn't get much better than this. Well, til next year that is. ;)... read more

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