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North America » Canada » Ontario » Guelph June 26th 2008

24th June 2008 Got up early (6am) mainly because it felt like midday. Amy went out for a run and left me talking to the neighbours at 6-30am in the morning. Mike and Sue had depleted the tea bag stock with their visit to Amy so have had to go to shops for essentials like tea bags, bread and milk. Dinah still feeling a bit delicate after her migraine of the last two days and so an easy day was called for. Amy went off to school and left Dinah and me with a list of jobs to do. Before the jobs were completed Amy was back at home on a morning break. After she went back to school we went for a walk into Guelph and stopped at the bakery for a delicious lunch. When ... read more
Cleaning the car for the journey
Lifting the boat
Ready to go

North America » Canada » Ontario » Guelph May 20th 2008

Hullo family! I've set up this blog so you guys can keep yourselves updated on my daily adventures while I'm in Scotland. I'll post up pictures of the sights where I can and I'll make an effort to stick to daily updates. Bon voyage! ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Guelph May 12th 2008

So the plan is now to leave july 20th and come back with Angelina August 30th.. So here is a quick run down of all the flights I have to make: toronto-philadelphia-madrid (stop in philly why?) madrid-barcelona(same day maybe...or next?) barcelona-madrid(meet up with ange in madrid) madrid-london(with ange to start tour!!) and then option to end the trip in amsterdam or finish in london so flights would be amsterdam - madrid or london-madrid and finally madrid-philadelphia-toronto (from 3pm-10pm in philly...thank god flying w ange!) two flights almost adding up to all those intermediate ones of about 2 hours or 4 hours of flying this summer cannot wait!!!! ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Guelph May 3rd 2008

Soo...the tour technically starts on the 31st departing from Canada. Angelina and I however will already be in Europe so we will be meeting our tourmates (ha such a weird thing to call people u dont even know yet) in London England August 2nd I believe. Checking in at our hotel at 2pm. The tour ends on the 26th of august, however Ange and I will be probably staying a few more days...give or take to take our flight back to Canada later on. Still unsure on when the flights will be and if I will be spending my 20th birthday in Europe or Canada. Hoping I can update the blog while Im on the trip, all depending on if I even feel like coming online and if we have access to it. I do not ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Guelph April 30th 2008

So the dates have yet to be totally confirmed for the flight. However, Angelina and I are taking a long month tour through Europe (yay!!!) We will be travelling through 11 countries during that month. This is just how the plans go....Cannot wait to put the pictures and blogs up!!! Paulina... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Guelph April 23rd 2008

Thanks for visiting the Global Vets 2008 Travel Blog! Our teams are currently preparing themselves for their summer expeditions. Stay tuned for future updates as our teams arrive at their destinations and begin their exciting work!... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Guelph April 6th 2008

So for those who already know, Katie and I are leaving you fine people and heading to the great continent of AFRICA!!! We are going to Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda! I think this is going to be the adventure of a life time, full of laughs, tears and probably some disturbances to the GI system!!!! Stay tuned for more details of our african adventure......... ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Guelph October 10th 2007

Just a quick entry to let everybody who bothers (takes the time) to read my travel blog. I'm back home in Guelph now, all safe and sound. After 38 hrs of sleepless travel, my Thailand adventure has come to a close. Nice place to visit, would definately go back, don't think I'd want to live there. Sorry Santollini, I didn't manage to bring back a giant zippo. They were everywhere, but as soon as you asked, I couldn't find one. Probably wouldn't have fit in my luggage anyway. So this concludes my travel blog. Thanks for reading. Goodnight.... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Guelph June 25th 2007

Well, only a few days and Hanmu & I are jetting off to China (via Chicago)! We leave this coming Sunday (July 1st) at 8am from Toronto!!! But before we head off, and being responsible students of medicine, we thought that it would be good to get ready for any disease that may be thrown at us! Therefore, we have taken (I'm quite sure) every vaccine and prophylactic available to us. Here is just a short list: Hep A Hep B Typhoid Tetanus + Diptheria (booster) Flu (unfortunately, not against avian flu :( ) Dukoral (cholera + ETEC) anti-malarial (lariam - who know you could take perscription haleucinogens...) And that is just perscribed drugs. If, and when, we get the plague we are bringing an assortment of "over the counter" pharmaceuticals: advil ibuprofen motrin tylenol cold ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Guelph June 1st 2007

This week has been pretty busy. I picked Jade up from the airport from India. She had spent a few weeks there and it looks like she had a phenomenal time! She also shared with me all of the things that she refrained from telling me when we briefly spoke throughout the trip! (i.e. getting stuck in the middle of a political protest etc). I really think that she has gained a huge perspective on the world now and what it is like to live in absolute poverty. That must be a fairly intense and eye-opening experience. After we dropped her off at the Airport to fly home the day after she came in to Toronto, Hanmu and I drove to Yorkville to pick up our Chinese Visas. Compared to my experiences at the US ... read more

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