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North America » Canada » Ontario » Guelph August 26th 2013

It is less than six days until we leave to start our big adventure to Calgary and beyond. This week is incredibly filled with things to do, goodbyes and excitement for the weeks to come. I thought maybe this would be a good way to keep in touch with everyone and to let it be known where our travels are taking us. I will try my best to update on a daily basis, however, I am hopeful that I won't have WiFi in the middle of Yellowstone...thankfully. Just so I get used to updating this blog, maybe Ill post some pictures of us getting ready, if only Loki knew what we had in store for her, she probably wouldnt look so happy!... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Guelph September 30th 2010

Dear Family and Friends Hopefully most of you know that I am leaving for Africa to volunteer this October. Over the past month I have been preparing for my trip, I have been inspected, detected, injected, and infected; and I am now ready to go abroad. This first blog post is to acquaint you guys with the rational and narrative that brought me to the position that I have decided to volunteer for six months in Senegal. The beginning of this story starts on the day I defended my masters. That morning I woke up feeling like I million bucks, I defended my masters with great success and it looked like my life was shaping up. I just successfully defended my masters and had two degrees a the young tender age of 23 and had the ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Guelph August 19th 2010

After three long days of riding, both Pat and I are feeling wiped out! The highways were especially treacherous around Montreal and it didn't help that we hit bad weather that had us taking our rain gear off and on continuously as the heat made it sweltering to wear. With Pat being an experienced and confident rider, I trusted him completely, but my stomach was in knots off and on with erratic drivers around us continuously. Would we return to Nfld? Absolutely! It would be nice to explore more around St Anthony (north part of the island near L'anse aux Meadows) and Labrador too. Avoiding bug season is essential so perhaps spring or fall might be better. We spent too little time around St John's - for the oldest city in North America, it has so ... read more
Tired but happy to be home!

North America » Canada » Ontario » Guelph July 23rd 2010

With such a beautiful backyard to enjoy and delight in, I am feeling somewhat torn about our adventure versus making the most of our lush, relaxing backyard. Carpe Diem I say, (or seize the day) because the factors that are enabling us to make the most of this trip may not be quite like this again. ... read more
relaxation central

North America » Canada » Ontario » Guelph July 19th 2010

This week is already hectic with trying to fit everything in that needs to get done before we leave. Just to confuse you, I have attached a picture of Pat and I leaving from near Edmonton last July when he was on his 60th birthday - Alaskan trip. I caught up with him in Alberta and we spent the last week together and celebrated both his birthday and our 25th anniversary. New year, new motorcycle! The 2000 Valkyrie is now gone and we now have a 96 Goldwing and trailer. We are grateful for family staying at home with our Petey - who I have also posted a picture of. ... read more
Sue and Pat July 2009

North America » Canada » Ontario » Guelph July 13th 2010

The hot water heater went on the fritz yesterday and Pat is still trying to finish painting the bedroom and fit in some golf. I took a few pics of the motorcycle and trailer to give you an idea of how we plan to get to Nfld and back (in one piece). ... read more
bikepicsJul10-10 003

North America » Canada » Ontario » Guelph July 10th 2010

I will take a picture of the bike and trailer in the garage so you can get an idea of our mode of transport. We are both making lists of what to bring, what to do before we go, what not to get the picture! Weather-wise we just came out of a very hot spell and enjoying some cooling and refreshing rain. Not sure what to expect in Nfld so we will include the works!... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Guelph May 17th 2010

Okay, so I know I am pretty behind in updating this blog regarding my second week in Ithaca, but before I catch up on that I want to "blog" about yesterday and today. Yesterday I woke up at 5 am to catch a 7am flight to Toronto. Got in at noon and went home to see family and re-pack for two months at Long Point Bird Observatory. Drove to Guelph to meet up with Drew, who was my ride to Long Point. Played a game of dreidel with Drew-made applesauce and Amish-made donuts. After we figured out that we had a dreidle "loaded" towards the letter "nun" we just started eating the food and stopped trying to spin the dreidel on to any other letter. Then we did errands and stopped by to visit my former ... read more
Best Friends Forever
Proud Chef #2
Matzah Ball Lasagna Close-up

North America » Canada » Ontario » Guelph April 13th 2010 Doesn't this sound incredible?? It sounds like so much fun to go to! You can take a five day course that certifies you in falconry! It costs 500 pounds though... and it's really far away from Aberdeen :S... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Guelph April 11th 2010

First Entry! :D Hmm so this seems interesting! I'm intrigued by this whole blogging concept... still haven't really decided which blog site I like better though. Any thoughts?... read more

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