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North America » Canada » Northwest Territories » Inuvik March 21st 2015

My VW camper, the Blue Amigo, had been oiled, lubed, scrubbed clean and packed. I had had a new windshield installed which had been cracked by rocks tossed up from careening lumber trucks heading southward through BC on my last visit up to the Northwest Territories several years earlier. Probably would be cracked again before I returned home. I was keyed to having an adventure up in Canada’s north country, been too long away. It was Monday, June 23, 2003 and I hit the road grooving to Big Bear Radio just past Grayling, Michigan as they spun CCR’s “Bad Moon Rising.” The first entry in the Blue Amigo log reads: “Left Marilyn at Kinko’s about 7:30 a.m. headed up 127, crossed Big Mac before noon. Caught some bad wind from Munising onward, lost $20 at the ... read more
Arctic Circle 2003
Arctic Circle 2003
 Arctic Circle 2003

North America » Canada » Northwest Territories » Inuvik October 2nd 2012

My inspiration for this blog entry came from a very interesting article I read on my flight into Inuvik. Inuvik sits right on the Arctic Circle and I will be doing a circuit with the Territorial Court here this week. The article is entitled, “My Conversation with Ezra” and it discusses some of the problems local aboriginal groups have when it comes to protecting their hunting rights with regard to environmentalist pressure. It is by Terry Audla. Some of the more interesting quotations from the article include: “ ‘Fight them with facts!’” That is exactly what Inuit have endeavored to do in our legal attempts to overturn a law banning the export of seal products to the European Union. And when it comes to firing back at jet-setting activists who fly into remote communities, destroying industries ... read more

North America » Canada » Northwest Territories » Inuvik August 31st 2012

Our last night, a little anxious to get going.Thanks to all the people who helped get us ready. A special thanks to Helen and Roger,we are better prepared than we could have ever been.... read more

North America » Canada » Northwest Territories » Inuvik August 30th 2012

Two more sleeps and snippity snap we're on our way!... read more

North America » Canada » Northwest Territories » Inuvik June 23rd 2012

I began my day quite late. I had intended on being up by 9 in the morning, but I set my alarm on my watch for 9. The problem was that it was still on Yukon time, which is Pacific Standard Time, while the Northwest Territories are on Mountain Standard Time. Oops. But that was okay. My plans for the day were nebulous. I had met some guys at the campground the "night" before. They were from Edmonton and had come up on motorbikes. They were quite nice. But they left early, about 7. I got up and headed back to the visitor centre to see what I could do for not much money. I was given a couple of ideas. I had already decided to walk around town and look at stuff, such as the ... read more
The MacKenzie River
Trans Canada Trail

North America » Canada » Northwest Territories » Inuvik June 22nd 2012

The perennial sunlight is wreaking havoc with my internal clock. It's really hard to tell what time it might be. So my sleeping time is moving gradually later and later. I ended up getting up around 9, but I really had no idea what time it was until I found my watch. The mozzies that had chased me into my tent the night before were still about and caused a hurried pack up and into the car. That accomplished, I headed down to the interpretive centre and had a look through the displays. It was quite intriguing. I heard a lot more from my friend in the centre. He told me more about the old days and how things had changed, mainly because the government had spoiled the people. The government gave the first peoples so ... read more
The McKenzie Ferry Dock
The McKenzie River Ferry
Campbell Lake

North America » Canada » Northwest Territories » Inuvik June 20th 2011

The Dempster Highway. That small sentence holds a huge amount of intrigue for me. It has been a destination that I have wanted to conquer for a few years now. It was 3 years ago that I decided that I would go up the Dempster, see the midnight sun and then take on the rest of Canada. Since deciding to do the Dempster I have spent time looking into the facts of the road, but more so seeking the experiences of those who have traveled her length. I came into this trip expecting flat tires, broken windshields, battered shocks and bruised body. The stories of others vary from one end of the spectrum to the next, some have made the trip and come off the road with just a rock chip, others have had multiple flat ... read more
The begining of the road
Beautiful Views

North America » Canada » Northwest Territories » Inuvik July 25th 2010

Ok..........Phew that was tough! Quite possibly the toughest ride I've ever had to do on a motorcycle. 380 kilometres of mud. It seems so easy to just type the word out....mud.....but it posed quite a few problems. Basicallly, Adam and I were the only 2 idiots on the Dempster over the last 2 days riding bikes north. In fact, we only counted a dozen cars or so over the entire 380 kms. But we made it after 81/2 hours of battling the elements to a hotel room and a hot shower. We had to stop at one point to unclog Adam's radiator. Basically his bike was no longer being cooled efficiently and so we used a camelbak bladder as a "pressure washer" (Nevil squeezing the bladder and Adam squirting water into the radiator) to clean everything ... read more
Drying out the gear in Inuvik
Heating pipes(?) between the houses in Inuvik.
Finally made it!

North America » Canada » Northwest Territories » Inuvik July 21st 2009

There are so many things that I will remember about the Great Northern Arts Festival. The art was varied and impressive. We were able to watch the native artists working on beadwork,yarn, painting and stenciling. There were carving tents to watch the stone, antler and bone carvers. We were able to see several pieces in differnet stages of the creative process. Friday night we attended the ArtCirq. It is a circus performed by members of a small communtiy in Igloolik. It was very entertaining! On Saturday I attended a workshop on Digital Photography. I look forward to doing some unique things with the pictures form our trip.... read more
Stone Carver
Stone Carver
Stone Carving

North America » Canada » Northwest Territories » Inuvik July 17th 2009

We made it back to Fairbanks for a couple days to recoup. We wanted to get to the Great Northern Arts Festival in Inuvik, so we drove like crazy to get here.... We went almost 400 miles the first day from Fairbanks to Tok, over the Top of the world Highway To Dawson City. Took the ferry across the river and spent a night in Dawson. We got on the Dempster highway, unsure of what to expect. After the experience on the Dalton Highway, we got new tires and hoped for the best on our next 500 mile dirt road. The roads were in very ggod shape and we made good time. We spent the night at almost the 1/2 way point in Eagle Plains. What a great surprise! The food was very good and the ... read more
Brown Bear

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