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North America » Canada » British Columbia » Stewart August 26th 2019

Hyder, Alaska We have arrived in Stewart, BC which is just outside the very southern tip of Alaska. This is the area of the Hyder Grizzly bears and the boardwalk where you can see the bears when they come to eat. Mom and Jake were here 6 years ago and it was great fun. We are going to be here for 4 days. I can’t see the bears because ”No food” is allowed on the boardwalk. We have been traveling for several days on a daily basis since we left Fairbanks. Some nights have been in pretty primitive RVSites with limited WiFi access. But aMom continues with picture taking. One site was last night at Watson Lake area where we were in a dry campground on the side of a pretty lake. They stayed there last ... read more
Women Bathroom

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Stewart July 18th 2016

Left Dease Lake early as we wanted to take 37a off to Hyder Alaska. Drive from Dease lake was lots more mountains trees and lakes. However the drive to Stewart BC/Hyder Alaska was incredible. Close up glaciers and waterfalls the likes I have not seen. Hyder is a very small town but people come here to see the bears come out in morn and eve to catch salmon. Was a very great day of driving and I will let the pictures do the talking. In Smithers BC for the night and I am really loving BC. Since my camera was broke and I have not found a new one yet all the snap shots are from my gopro mounted on my helmet.... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Stewart August 8th 2013

Es ist heute regnerisch, trotzdem fuhren wir um 9.30 los zum Salmon Glacier, der wieder in Alaska liegt. Schotterstraße, vorbei an einem Goldbergwerk (es lag nichts auf der Straße), bis hin zum Gletscher, der dann sogar teilweise unter uns lag. Man sieht deutlich an den Mittelmoränen, dass er aus mindestens 4 Gletschern zusammengesetzt ist. Auch er ist im Abschmelzen... Fotosession. Dann wieder zurück. Glück: sowohl bei der Hin- als auch bei der Rückfahrt regnetge es, aber nicht beim Gletscher oben selbst.... Nachmittag mit Berta putzen verbracht, Blog schreiben, mich ärgern, weil ich den geschriebenen Text immer wieder mal verliere.... der Rest des Tages war ein fauler Tag. Am Abend, nach dem Meetin um 19.00 fuhr ich nochmal zum Lachs und Baerenbach, eigentlich nur aus Trotz, denn inzwischen hatten alloe einen Baeren gesehen, ausser mir. Schon beim ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Stewart August 5th 2013

In our campground in Stewart, we met up with (for the second time; first met in Jade City) Dave and Sherry; and also with Bill and Shirley and the two boys Will and Henry (who we first met in Dawson Creek, and have met up with in Fort Nelson and Homer and now Stewart). So ... a potluck cookout was in order. During dinner, we discovered that Sherry and Bill (who live in Sarasota, FL) are close friends with friends and neighbors of Cindy and Joe (who live in San Antonio). Again, small world. Let the pictures do the talking.... read more
Will and Henry tried to carry the picnic table alone
Big guys to the rescue
Bill and Shirley, Will and Henry

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Stewart June 18th 2012

I decided that it might be possible to get to the Arctic and Inuvik for the summer solstice. I wasn't really sure about that, but I thought it might be possible. I am going to have to boot it though in order to make it in time. I got up and headed out from the campground and up the highway. My first stop was the local Gitwangak Battle Hill. A couple hundred years ago, there was a local native band. They were quite successful raiding other bands and at times had to defend themselves. It happened that in their territory was a marvelously defensible hill that was right beside a river. The made their homes on top and got logs ready with spikes that could be rolled down up on their enemies. The leader of the ... read more
Totem Pole
Totem Poles
The Stewart-Cassiar Highway

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Stewart August 24th 2011

Sunday August 21, 2011 Sun? I woke up late and dry. The sun looks like it want to make an appearance; but you never really know anymore. I was even going to stay put for the day and take a rest day to get laundry done. I heard (from inside the tent) the RV Park owner criticize the Austrian guy for wasting his day by getting up late. I could not help think that this might be an interesting day if I stayed around. When I finally emerged from my tent I asked the owner about whether he sold laundry detergent. Most camps that have laundry facilities sell little boxes of detergent for a buck. He gave me the craziest look and then looked at his watch telling me that checkout time was 11:00 am and ... read more
So That Is Why I Am Out Of Breath
Mountain Views
Mountain Views

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Stewart August 20th 2011

Tuesday August 16, 2011 Watson Lake A mostly uneventful day. I spent the better part of the day updating the blog. I woke up to rain and it rained on and off today. I was in no rush to leave my tent after such a long day yesterday. The campground is basically the only place in town that has free WI-FI. The Information Center does not because it is government run unlike most Information Centers; the library has free internet but not WI-FI. Anywhere else there is WI-FI they charge for it. So I updated my blog in the laundry room of the campground. They have no lounge and the tent is a little cramped. It is very cool today as it has been all week. Wednesday August 17, 2011 Trapped In Watson Lake I woke ... read more
Watson Lake, Yukon
Sign Post Forest
Sign Post Forest

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Stewart August 12th 2011

August 12 -13, 2011 Iskut & Stewart, BC Our night in Watson Lake was quite interesting as we met the owner and hostess of the RV Park in their Restaurant for a dinner together. She was born and raised in the Yukon and the family owned and operated a Jade mine. We learned a lot about Jade which is a very hard stone. Apparently they have a large piece of Jade in front of the Jade Gift shop with a sledge hammer for you to try to break it. So far, no one has been successful!! We were able to get some great pictures of a stone cutter working on the Jade with a large saw. Inside the store there was a lot available to buy – figurines, jewelry, carvings etc. That evening we also met ... read more
2011-08-12,13 - Iskut & Stewart - Jade City, Jade cutter
2011-08-12,13 - Iskut & Stewart - Jade City, rock of Jade
2011-08-12,13 - Iskut & Stewart - Early morning reflections behind campground

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Stewart August 3rd 2011

July 27, 2011 Wednesday. 55 degrees and raining. Starting mileage 13226. Left out of camp with Jim and Diane’s rig leading the way. Left camp at 9:30 to drive down route 37A to Stewart and Hyder. These two communities sit six miles apart, on the 90 mile long Portland Canal that leads directly to the Pacific Ocean. Stewart in BC and Hyder in Alaska. You have to drive through Stewart and then around a rocky point to get to Hyder. The US has no customs/border agent here, but Canada does. So residents go through customs to get into town to do any business or shop as most everything is in Stewart. Almost immediately, from the junction off the Cassiar Highway we started down a deep canyon with very steep mountain walls. Glaciers hang on the mountain ... read more
AK2 July27 A waterfall on 37A
AK3 July27 Bear Glacier
AK4 July27 Stewart Marsh with ore-loading dock in background

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Stewart August 9th 2010

Well i tried to go to Atlin but the road had just been gravelled and i was on road tires. It was like riding on Marbles so instead of risking a crash I chose to turn around and head back to Watson Lake instead. I'm a bit disappointed that I didn't get to see Atlin but there's always another time right? Watson Lake was interesting because although the forest fire was still burning they were "Piloting" us through it using a pick up truck as the pilot car for 75 kms. The area was devastated but sadly no photos as we were told there was no stopping. I'm now in Stewart BC again ....and damp...but moving on to Smithers this afternoon with a new goup of friends i met on the road at Dease Lake. Actually ... read more
Even the boats are drunk in Hyder AK
Here's a happy fellow!
waiting for the pilot car on the Cassiar highway

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