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North America » Canada » British Columbia » Smithers July 18th 2021

Smithers BC, is approximately halfway between Prince George & Prince Rupert in the Bulkley Valley, along the Yellowhead Highway and where we find Patrick today on his road trip. Founded in 1913, the community of Smithers over the last century has become one of the more iconic settlements in the area. There are few places in British Columbia that can boast the quality of life that Smithers has become known for. Smithers owes its name to the chairman of the board of directors of the Grand Truck Pacific Railway. Smithers requires all the businesses operating in the downtown core on Main Street to construct the buildings in such a way that the alpine theme of the area is maintained. We spotted “The Alpenman’ which serves as a representative of the town’s symbol and mascot. Wherever you ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Smithers July 21st 2016

Smithers BC. Great town with a great setting of mountains and a glacier in the backdrop. It is on Highway 16 and the plan was to go to Prince George and find another camera Breakfast at the hotel was great. Stayed at the Aspen Inn. Reasonable and comfortable. Started out sunny but within an hour clouded over and poured rain. We rode in rain for about 4 hours till we got to Fort Fraser. There was a terrible accident ahead and we sat for an hour and half till it was removed. Rained on and off till we got to Prince George. Then the sun came out and it was very hot. We pulled into Walmart parking lot and removed our rain gear. I managed to snag a new camera but will not be charged till ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Smithers May 11th 2016

So I've been to Homer (doh!) and now I've been to Smithers (excellent). I'm sure I passed through Bart but was not paying attention. Isn't there a song with the lyrics "I've never been to me"? Oh God, now this is going to drive me up the wall today trying to recall the song. Don't you hate it when I go off on a tangent? DON'T answer that. So hear I am after a not so restful sleep in Smithers. I arrived at Smithers around 10:30PM last night after a fairly mild round of DODGE THE WILDLIFE. Really it was a rather disappointing game this time. I had more problems during the day dodging porcupines (4 of them) than anything in the evening. I now understand a little more about how that couple clobbered the porcupine ... read more
Right before I started getting some snow
Grizzlies along CR 37
River Runs Through It

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Smithers July 25th 2013

Made it to Smithers on Wednesday and stayed at a lovely municipal campground right by the river. Meet some great people from West Kelowna and had an enjoyable night with them. Again a nice quiet campground and it is now starting to get darker in the night so we are able to get some sleep without waking up thinking it is time to get up! We are again going to leave early in the morning so that we can make it to Kamloops by Friday to spend some time with our good friends. Another long day of driving but will be able to rest for a few days once we get to Kamloops.... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Smithers July 3rd 2013

Geo: 54.7828, -127.168We were on the road again at 6:45 (it's become our usual takeoff time) and headed back to Quesnel for fuel, breakfast and to pick up Hwy 97 north to Prince George. It was a chilly 43 coming back down from Wells, and along the way we spotted our first "wildlife" - a large black bear crossing the road about 200 yards in front of us. In Quesnel we ate at Granvilles Coffee House and Restaurant on Reid St. Awesome baked goods, coffee, and great prices for breakfast. Plus, we could sit outside along the sidewalk and enjoy the morning sunshine! The temperature hit 70 as we made our way north under clear blue skies, following the Fraser River again. At Prince George we picked up the Yellowhead Hwy 16 for the last half ... read more
Hwy 97 to Prince George
Hwy 16 north of Houston
Approaching Smithers

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Smithers August 8th 2011

Sunday we left the ALCAN Highway and got on Hwy. 37 crossing from the Yukon in to British Columbia. Hwy 37 consists of many twists and turns and is literally in the middle of nowhere (this is coming from a Burke native). Most of it is paved, but we found some sections that were just dirt. While coming around a curve near the side of a mountain we saw 5 mountain goats hanging out by the side of the road. We stayed in our tent at Mountain Shadow RV Park in Iskut. It was such a pretty place with a lake and mountains towering above it. They had a nice trail down to the lake, so we took Duke for a walk. The fish were literally flipping and flying around the lake. The mosquitoes were terrible! ... read more
Photo 34
Photo 35
Photo 23

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Smithers July 18th 2010

Hello folks, Many apologies for the lack of blog yesterday, but I was out of cell reception in Jasper. We had a trouble free ride from Canmore to Jasper (Wabasso campground), where it promptly rained on us as we were attempting to put our tents up. A quick jaunt into Jasper for supper, saw the weather improve, and we came back to evening sunshine at the campground. A quick introduction to everybody on the trip: Adam… riding a KLR 650 of near antique qualities, has surprised me with how well his motorcycle has performed. Andréa and Penny… our new found friends on this trip, riding a Yamaha FJR 1300, strictly a road bike and therefore will probably not join us on some of the gravel roads. We awoke on Saturday morning to temperatures of zero degrees ... read more
Frosty morning in Jasper!
Mount Robson & friends
Adam Proudly applies the Grizzly Paw sticker!

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Smithers September 17th 2009

Today was primarily a travel day (375 miles) and I didn't take many photos or have any significant "adventures". The weather was cloudy all day but I did have some sun breaks periodically and was able to keep the top down on the Miata for most of the day (except for an hour of showers in the afternoon). Before leaving Dease Lake I had breakfast at the same restaurant where I had dinner last night. For dinner last night I listened to "Chicago's Greatest Hits" on the restaurant sound system and for breakfast this morning I listened to "Chicago's Greatest Hits". The restaurant has an interesting option for breakfast; you can pay your regular tab OR you have the option of flipping a coin and paying double or nothing (pay double if you lose the toss ... read more
along the Cassiar Highway
some local flavor
Bullwinkle, I hope that's not you!

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Smithers September 4th 2009

We four drove north from Smithers yesterday, First stop was Moricetown Canyon beside the fish-ladders. First Nations men, secured to the bank by ropes around their waists, were dip-fishing with nets on long poles in the fast-flowing currents, and hoisting out salmon by the score. The fish were carried to a holding tank, then measured and released upstream. A census-taker wrote down records of the fish caught. Dangerous work. But for the man with a chainsaw it was more dangerous yet, standing sometimes on the bank, sometimes on the wedged logs themselves, trying to free the jam thirty feet above the summer water level. A maze of tree trunks had become snarled in the narrowest part of the canyon. Earlier attempts to set fire to the tangle had resulted in blackened wood, nothing more. As we ... read more
Census-taking at Moricetown
Log jam at Moricetown BC

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Smithers September 2nd 2009

We are staying with son Matthew & wife Dawn (plus two sister cats) in the Old Ranger Station in Telkwa, 14 km south of Smithers. Open plan living in a gallery space is new to us but interesting. We were here in January with snow on the ground. Now with everything green and dry after a hot summer it's quite different. Matthew took us for a walk to their 300 foot-long Bulkley River waterfront property yesterday; they plan to build on its north end. We saw the havoc that first a winter flood then an ice-jam created on the river frontage. Giant tree trunks tossed into the bush above the shoreline, and scrapings on tree bark eight feet off the ground from ice-blocks breaking free, all attesting to the unrestrained power of a river in winter. ... read more

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