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Our last ferry ride was a doozy. We were picked up at 4:30 a.m. and delivered to the Ferry terminal for a 5:30 departure. We had booked a berth and headed straight for our ‘stateroom’ on the M.S.Taku- one of the oldest ships in the ferry fleet. Wow! Our room was twice the size of the last one and ‘Ta-Da!’, it even had a little red ladder that Val could use to get into the top bunk. While that was helpful, the 2 ½” of headroom didn’t make the task any easier for her. She’s a trouper! We both fell asleep for a few hours- me much longer than Val. I was awaken because cold breezes kept blowing across my head. I put my sweater over my head but the breezes were still freezing. Apparently, some ... read more

Divert to draw off to a different course, purpose. It's been a while since I wrote a blog. Sometimes we are not near a wireless connection, but more often than not, we are so enjoying our travels and the sights we are seeing it's hard to sit and write. I don't want to get behind though, so I better commit to wirting more often. Anyway we had planned to go straight from home to Alaska and be in Ketchikan Alaska for the 4th of July. Well that didn't happen. Instead we chose to divert to see the sights and sounds of the Queen Charolettte Islands. I guess this is certainly one of the perks of having no real timetable or travel itinerary. We can change our hearts and minds at will and go wherever we desire. ... read more

Ok, this is where we are going to be staying in Croatia: Another cloudy day here, we are off to Terrace to pick up a few last minute things. CK... read more

Just testing out how to create a blog entry. Soon enough we will be off on our grand adventure to Europe! This is going to be a very interesting trip! No real plans, just go and explore! I think that we are all looking forward to the nice weather. It has been extremely dull here, wet and cloudy! I look forward to blue sky and warm days. ... read more

OK, so the Inside Passage deserves its own entry. All the guidebooks, tourist information centres, etc. say that it is THE most spectacular ferry journey in the world: and you think "Yeah, Right", but in this case, they may have a point... It was an early old start yesterday. We had to be up at 05:00 to get to the ferry terminal for 05:30 (somewhat ridiculously they load the ferry at 06:00, but don't set off until 07:30... Mark Woods - how happy would you have been???...anyway...). The first couple of hours on the MV Northern Expedition were not that great as we bounced across the tempestuous maelstrom of the Pacific Ocean (Queen Charlotte's Sound) to get from Vancouver Island into the shelter of the coast islands. But once we made it across the sound, the ... read more
Humpback Whale
Humpback Whale
Humpback Whale

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Prince Rupert October 1st 2009

Well, here I am again... Somewhere new, with my backpack. Waw. I love it already. I left 2 days ago, drove down to Skagway with Harvey and it was just a perfect day. Nice and sunny, not a cloud in the sky. The Yukon Gold is not all in the river beds... It's also in the trees! It was so beautiful with the fresh snow on the mountain tops and the gold, green and red colors, fall at its best. The Carcross Road is just one of the most beautiful places in the north I think. We went for a walk while waiting for the ferry and then after yet another goodbye, I was on my way south. It was -8 when I woke up that day, good time to leave the Yukon! The first ferry ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Prince Rupert August 31st 2009

More perfect weather! Sunny all day with highs in the mid-70’s. I’m in Miata heaven! Left Smithers this morning and decided to stop again at the Moricetown Canyon where the native Indians fish with nets in the raging rapids (see yesterday’s blog). This visit was even more interesting than yesterday and I ended up staying for nearly two hours. There was only a single Indian fishing; a large, middle-aged man who immediately came up to me and introduced himself and shook my hand. He was very friendly and said that he’d lived there (and fished there) all his life. He always fishes early in the morning because he has the whole place to himself. He told me that it’s illegal for them to sell the fish they catch but they do it anyway. He estimated that ... read more
another visit to the Moricetown Canyon
the big Indian and his catch
I prefer to see them cooked

Travel guides tout Prince Rupert as Canada's gloomiest city and they weren't kidding. The sun failed to show all day, with a thick fog surrounding this town of around 15,000. No small wonder given it is so close to Alaska. We wandered around Cow Bay, a small historic shopping precinct near the wharves where we enjoyed our best coffee on the trip so far. Then Darren checked out the Museum of Northern British Columbia, that had another fine Indian display. Anna was over Museums at this point. There were also many totem poles throughout the town, which is only 105 years old. We figured that the weather here must affect locals' outlooks. The B & B host did not offer to pick us up from the ferry, which was five minutes' drive from his house, but ... read more

The NV Northern Explorer, run by BC ferries from Port Hardy to Prince Rupert is a comfortable way to travel through the Inner Passage on Canada's west coast over 15 hours. The trip is mostly through protected waters, sheltered by dozens of islands. We saw two humpback whales from a distance, and heard Captain alerts for orcas and porpoises but no success in spotting these. The weather was fine and the vistas terrific, but we would have liked more marine life. The ferry was quiet with only 200 or so passengers: about one third full. It was fun to visit the bridge and have a chat with the crew. The vessel is brand new, made in Germany. ... read more

Da isser wieder! Und jaaaaa, er lebt noch!!! Diesmal meld ich mich mal nich von Vancouver Island sondern bin schon weiter nach Norden gekommen...immer weiter Richtung Alaska! Hab leidder keinen Job im Strathcona Park gefunden und bin daher nach Port Hardy getrampt und hab da gestern die Faehre nach Prince Rupert genommen, wo ich grad inner Bib sitze und euch schreibe! Da auf dieser besch.... Buecherrei-Software meine Kamera nicht funktioniert muesst ihr euch wieder mal erstmal mit Text zufrieden geben! Aber irgendwann kommt der Tag, da ueberflute ich euch wieder mit Fotos! Finde gleich raus, ob ich heut weiter richtung Terrace und Stewart trampe oder noch kurz auf die Queen Charlotte Islands rueberfahre! Meld mich dann wieder!!! Liebste Gruesse!!!... read more

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