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Komadina Roadshow

Christine Komadina

This is the 2010 Komadina Roadshow! We are doing a tour of Europe this summer and we are looking forward to see the history, checking out the beaches and taste testing the ice cream!

Europe » Portugal » Algarve » Lagos August 21st 2010

August 21, 2010 When we arrived here in Portugal two weeks ago, we did not see the best side of the country. From the window of our train we seem a country side that was dry and in some parts a dust bowl. Where the only places where it was green was where there was a water source of some kind. But now, we have seen a different side of the country. Yes, it is very dry and dusty in parts, but there are many beautiful sites. There are many unusual plants and flowers here. I am amazed at the amount of bamboo there is. There are fields of it just growing wild, and then there are great big palm trees and catechus’! It is truly amazing. We have been to the Lagos Zoo, to the ... read more

Europe » Portugal » Algarve » Lagos August 15th 2010

Hi there, We have been busy this past week! It has been very hot here in Lagos, even hotter than normal according to the locals! At night they say the winds would cool things off, but the winds weren’t here for the first few nights, so sleeping was a bit difficult. The first few days that we were here we did not have a car, but that was ok, as we got to know the local area. To walk to the old town of Lagos it takes about 10 - 15 minutes, but on the way home it is up hill, so it took a lot longer. We got a car on Thursday morning and what a difference that has made! We have been to the beach a few times (Nick and the kids are not ... read more

Europe » Portugal » Algarve » Lagos August 8th 2010

August 8, 2010 We made it to Portugal!! And Roma was AMAZING! We had a world win tour of Rome, the sights were out of this world and we probably only seem a very small portion of the city. We did manage to get around without getting to “lost”. Nick and Marcus’ map reading skills were put to the test, while Hannah and my patents were put to the test as us princess had score feet and were thirsty most of the time. On our last day in Rome we were walking around this square with this magnificent church (which of course I have forgotten which one), but right beside it there was a cafe with the owner who worked the crowd! Come have a cold glass of wine on me, the children, they will get ... read more
Getting a French manicure
Marcus learning how to ride a segway

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome August 5th 2010

Hi there, Well after a two night ferry ride, a shuttle bus ride and taxi ride and then a four hour train ride we arrived in Rome about 2:30 on Wednesday afternoon. We were able to walk to our hotel from the train station and were very lucky and got a room that fits both ourselves and our bags. The only problem with the room is that there is no lock on the bathroom door, which bugs Hannah. We will have to get a guard for the door I think! Today we took one of those hop on/hop off bus for a tour of Rome! We seen so much, I am going to let the pictures tell the story. We then took the bus to the Piazza Venezia and walked around that and then it ... read more
Jack leading the tour group!
Roma, Roma,Roma!!!
If only he had a gladiator costume...

Europe » Croatia » Istria » Krk July 27th 2010

Hi there, Hope that everyone is having a good summer! We have been doing a lot of driving, the last time I wrote we were heading off to Pula. Pula was awesome. The coliseum was out of this world. To think that the place that we were standing on was once a place where gladiators fought and there were thousands of spectators watching! This month there is a film festive inside the walls of the coliseum so there was a giant screen set up. We did not see anyone famous, that is we did not see anyone that we recognized. Who knows maybe we did! We have also drive to the birth place of Nikola Tesla, which Nick was excited about. On that same trip we stopped by this old castle, I think that this one ... read more
The country side

Europe » Croatia » Istria » Rijeka July 24th 2010

Hope that all is well you guys. We are still all in one piece! Today it rained! Yes, it rained! We also had a major thunder and lightening storm last night and this morning. It was amazing to see. We drove to Pula yesterday and it was neat to walk around a Roman colosseum and how old it is! We also stopped at this old castle and there was a old olive oil mill and it was cool. Today we had to change our room, so how instead of 70 steps down to the beach we have have about 150 - 175 steps to the beach. So, now when we go to the beach, I will need a rest and then on the way back I might need a hospital after! Marcus figures that I will ... read more

Europe » Croatia » Istria » Rijeka July 22nd 2010

Hi there, Yesterday we went to the village of Prizid, which is the village where Nick’s mom was brought up. It was way up in the mountains, a very different country side than down in Rijeka. Prizid is very close to the Slovenia boarder. The country side reminds me of something a Switzerland would look like. The houses have stone foundations and then wood frames, where as on the coast the houses are made mostly of stone and brick. The drive up into the mountains was like driving on the old old road between Prince Rupert and Terrace, tresses on one side and cliff on the other and then add to that, switch backs . Yeah, my Auntie Barb would not have liked this drive at all! On the way back, I was sitting in the ... read more
On the road to Prezid
On the road to Prezid
Church in Prezid

Europe » Croatia » Istria » Crikvenica July 20th 2010

Hi there, Well, it has been hard to do all this vacationing! Nick is doing good with the relaxing and his driving is not to bad! Yesterday we went up into the mountains where the Komadina's lived in a stone house that was built in 1909. There is not much left of the house, but it was worth the dirve. The road to the house was as wide as the car! I am sure glad that we did not meet up with another car! The view from the top of the mountain was spectacular! The Croatian coast line from north to south. It was very windy up in the moutains, and so the tarrian was very barren. We went down to Crkvenica later for dinner with Nick's cousin and his wife. It was unreal to sit ... read more
What's left in Drsnik
The sheep and goats

Europe » Croatia » Istria » Rijeka July 18th 2010

Croatia has been more than I thought it would be. The heat here is definitely something to deal with, the other day in downtown Rijeka, it was 41 degrees! There was no just taking a shower because you were soaking wet again even before you finished drying your self off. But today, it has cooled off a lot and I think that we will have a great sleep this evening.p The country side here is very green and hilly. Everywhere you go, you are either going up a hill or coming down one. I am ok on the down hills, but it takes me a while to get up the hills. It is a good thing that I have my kids to encourage me along.p The highway system here is out of this world, the engineering ... read more
Lunch on the beach

Middle East July 9th 2010

We have made it through the first leg of our trip! Getting to Venice was very uneventful, with the expection of a delay leaving Vancouver, but we had lots of time to make our connection to Vince. When we arrived at our hotel, our reservations were there, way to go! Only we thought that breakfest was included with our room, but it was not. Awe, that is ok! On Wednesday, we headed off to the City of Venice by train. We arrived, got of the train and headed off into the city full of meandering allies and briges, just to name a few things! The weather was perfect, not to hot, clear and sunny, we walked and we walked and we walked! Marcus and Hannah had a hard time with the fact that we were ... read more

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